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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2017-11-24 Bash & Pop featuring Nicole Atkins Artist homepage V MP3 Too Late / Saturday (single) Fat Possum
2017-10-30 Rymes, Jeff Artist homepage   MP3 Even If The Sun Don't Shine self
2017-10-27 Deep Dark Woods, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Yarrow Six Shooter
2017-10-27 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 The Life & Songs of Kris Kristofferson Blackbird
2017-10-27 Wailin' Jennys, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Fifteen self
2017-10-27 Womack, Lee Ann Artist homepage CD MP3 The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone ATO
2017-10-20 Buffalo Killers Artist homepage CD MP3 Alive and Well in Ohio Alive
2017-10-20 Fleck, Bela; Abigail Washburn Artist homepage CD MP3 Echo In the Valley New Rounder
2017-10-20 Freeman, Dori Artist homepage CD MP3 Letters Never Read Blue Hens Music
2017-10-20 Jocephus and The George Jonestown Massacre Artist homepage   MP3 5 Minutes to Live Saustex
2017-10-20 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage LP CD Party Of One (remastered) Yep Roc
2017-10-20 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage LP CD Pinker and Prouder Than Previous (remastered) Yep Roc
2017-10-20 Price, Margo Artist homepage CD MP3 All American Made Third Man
2017-10-20 Turnpike Troubadours Artist homepage CD MP3 A Long Way From Your Heart Bossier City
2017-10-20 Various Artists Artist homepage V CD Twelve String High, Vol. 2 You Are The Cosmos
2017-10-20 Wilson, Kim Artist homepage CD MP3 Blues and Boogie, Vol. 1 Severn
2017-10-13 Barnett, Courtney; Kurt Vile Artist homepage CD MP3 Lotta Sea Lice Matador
2017-10-13 Dials, The Artist homepage CD MP3 That Was The Future self
2017-10-13 Greene, Jackie Artist homepage CD MP3 The Modern Lives Vol. 1 Blue Rose Music
2017-10-13 Hoke, Derek Artist homepage CD MP3 Bring The Flood Little Hollywood
2017-10-13 King Khan Artist homepage   MP3 Murderburgers Ernest Jenning / Khannibalism
2017-10-13 Koenig, Ryan Artist homepage CD MP3 Two Different Worlds Big Muddy
2017-10-13 Loveless, Lydia Artist homepage CD MP3 Boy Crazy and Single(s) Bloodshot
2017-10-13 Martin, Jeffrey Artist homepage CD MP3 One Go Around Fluff and Gravy
2017-10-13 Meadows, Travis Artist homepage CD MP3 First Cigarette Blaster
2017-10-13 Mel-O-Madnezz Artist homepage V MP3 What You Getting High On (single) Tramp
2017-10-13 Sapin Artist homepage   MP3 Dark is the Night...On is the Party Howlin' Banana
2017-10-13 Struthers, Nora Jane Artist homepage   MP3 Champion Blue Pig Music
2017-10-10 Arvidson & Butterflies Artist homepage   MP3 Blank Season EP Ice Cream Man
2017-10-06 Carter, Bill Artist homepage CD MP3 Bill Carter Forty Below
2017-10-06 Childress, Joseph Artist homepage CD MP3 Joseph Childress Empty Cellar
2017-10-06 Flat Five, The Artist homepage V MP3 The Raven (single) Bloodshot
2017-10-06 Landry, Gill Artist homepage CD MP3 Love Rides A Dark Horse ATO
2017-10-06 McPherson, JD Artist homepage CD MP3 Undivided Heart & Soul New West
2017-10-06 Patershuk, Matt Artist homepage CD MP3 Same As I Ever Have Been Black Hen Music
2017-10-06 Replacements, The Artist homepage CD MP3 For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986 Rhino
2017-10-06 Rose, Whitney Artist homepage CD MP3 Rule 62 Six Shooter
2017-10-06 Silver Torches Artist homepage     Let It Be A Dream self
2017-10-06 Soap Opera, The Artist homepage   MP3 Eggs to Hatch and Cats to Kill (single) Howlin' Banana
2017-10-06 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 An American Troubadour: The Songs of Steve Forbert Blue Rose
2017-10-06 Weather Station, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Weather Station Paradise of Bachelors
2017-10-06 White Buffalo, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights Unison
2017-09-29 Action Skulls Artist homepage CD MP3 Angels Hear CMP
2017-09-29 B.B. & The Blues Shacks Artist homepage CD   Reservation Blues Rhythm Bomb
2017-09-29 Castro and The Painkillers, Tommy Artist homepage CD MP3 Stompin' Ground Alligator
2017-09-29 Connection, The Artist homepage   MP3 (It's A) Monsters' Holiday (single) Stop Talking
2017-09-29 First Aid Kit Artist homepage   MP3 It's A Shame (single) Columbia
2017-09-29 Groovy Movies Artist homepage   MP3 Groovy Movies Hidden Volume
2017-09-29 Lloyd, Lazer Artist homepage CD MP3 Freedom's Child Lots of Love
2017-09-29 Rolling Stones Artist homepage CD   Sticky Fingers: Live at the Fonda Theatre 2015 Eagle Rock
2017-09-29 Roseline, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Blood self
2017-09-29 Smith, Bette Artist homepage CD MP3 Jetlagger Big Legal Mess
2017-09-29 Wickham, Fred Artist homepage     Mariosa Delta self
2017-09-29 Williams, Lucinda Artist homepage CD MP3 This Sweet Old World Highway 20
2017-09-29 Woods, Mitch Artist homepage CD MP3 Friends Along The Way eOne
2017-09-25 Whitaker & The Shinebenders, Dan Artist homepage   MP3 Anything You Wanted To self
2017-09-24 Groovy Movies Artist homepage   MP3 Chasing The Sun (single) self
2017-09-22 Church, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 Limitations of Source Tape Spyderpop
2017-09-22 Flamin' Groovies, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Fantastic Plastic Severn
2017-09-22 Jewell, Eilen Artist homepage CD   Down Hearted Blues Signature Sounds
2017-09-22 Hillman, Chris Artist homepage CD MP3 Bidin' My Time Rounder
2017-09-22 Hiss Golden Messenger Artist homepage CD MP3 Hallelujah Anyhow Merge
2017-09-22 Langford, Jon Artist homepage CD MP3 Four Lost Souls Bloodshot
2017-09-22 Lopez, Christian Artist homepage CD MP3 Red Arrow Blaster
2017-09-22 Mayfield, Jessica Lea Artist homepage CD MP3 Sorry Is Gone ATO
2017-09-22 Morrison, Van Artist homepage CD MP3 Roll With The Punches Exile
2017-09-22 Price 3, The Len Artist homepage CD MP3 Kentish Longtails MRI
2017-09-22 Ray, Shilpa Artist homepage CD MP3 Door Girl Northern Spy
2017-09-22 Ritter, Josh Artist homepage CD MP3 Gathering Pytheas
2017-09-22 Russell, Leon Artist homepage CD MP3 On A Distant Shore Palmetto
2017-09-22 Sinha, Devin Artist homepage   MP3 Our Fathers Were Lions self
2017-09-22 Sounding Arrow Artist homepage CD MP3 Love is Breathing California Country
2017-09-21 Ultimate Painting Artist homepage   MP3 Dust On My Eyes b/w I Wish I Could Disappear (single) Trouble In Mind
2017-09-15 Allman, Gregg Artist homepage CD MP3 Southern Blood Rounder
2017-09-15 Calico The Band Artist homepage CD   Under Blue Skies California Country
2017-09-15 Campbell, Larry; Teresa Williams Artist homepage CD MP3 Contraband Love Red House
2017-09-15 Clarke and The Wooltones, Rob Artist homepage   MP3 Better Times (single) self
2017-09-15 Cockburn, Bruce Artist homepage CD MP3 Bone on Bone True North
2017-09-15 Deer Tick Artist homepage CD MP3 Deer Tick Vol. 1 PTKF
2017-09-15 Deer Tick Artist homepage CD MP3 Deer Tick Vol. 2 PTKF
2017-09-15 Elliott Brood Artist homepage CD MP3 Ghost Gardens Paper Bag
2017-09-15 Foster, Radney Artist homepage CD MP3 For You To See The Stars Devil's River
2017-09-15 Great Willow Artist homepage   MP3 Find Yourself In Los Angeles Sedan Zero
2017-09-15 Johnson & The Mississippi Ramblers, Dennis Artist homepage     Rhythmland Root Tone
2017-09-15 Pierce, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 You've Got To Feel It! Calabama
2017-09-15 Rawls, Johnny Artist homepage CD MP3 Waiting for the Train Catfood
2017-09-15 Reed, Lou; Kris Kristofferson Artist homepage CD MP3 The Bottom Line Archive: In Their Own Words with Vin Scelsa The Bottom Line
2017-09-15 Texas Gentlemen, The Artist homepage CD MP3 TX Jelly New West
2017-09-15 Watson, Willie Artist homepage CD MP3 Folksinger Vol. 2 Acony
2017-09-15 Young, Rusty Artist homepage CD MP3 Waitin' for the Sun Blue Elan
2017-09-13 Cobb, Brent Artist homepage   MP3 Ain't a Road Too Long (single) Low Country Sound
2017-09-09 Forty Nineteens, The Artist homepage   MP3 Good Fortune self
2017-09-09 Gent, Mike Artist homepage   MP3 Phillis The Tastemaker (early alt mix)(single) self
2017-09-08 Bash & Pop Artist homepage CD   Friday Night Is Killing Me (expanded edition) Omnivore
2017-09-08 Boyce, R.L. Artist homepage   MP3 Roll and Tumble Waxploitation
2017-09-08 Crockett, Charley Artist homepage   MP3 Lil G.L.'s Honky Tonk Jubilee Son of Davy
2017-09-08 El Goodo Artist homepage CD MP3 By Order of the Moose Strangetown
2017-09-08 High On Stress Artist homepage     Greatest Hits self
2017-09-08 Holland, Jolie; Samantha Parton Artist homepage CD MP3 Wildflower Blues Cinquefoil
2017-09-08 Irwin, Tom Artist homepage CD MP3 All That Love Clyded
2017-09-08 Lang, Jonny Artist homepage CD MP3 Signs Concord
2017-09-08 Legends Of Country Artist homepage   MP3 Anything But Country (single) self
2017-09-08 Parr, Charlie Artist homepage CD MP3 Dog Red House
2017-09-08 Ramirez, David Artist homepage CD MP3 We're Not Going Anywhere Sweetworld
2017-09-08 VanGaalen, Chad Artist homepage CD MP3 Light Information Sub Pop
2017-09-08 William, Van Artist homepage   MP3 The Revolution EP Fantasy

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
2017-10-20 King Leg Artist homepage   MP3 Meet King Leg Sire
2017-10-20 NRBQ Artist homepage CD   Happy Talk Omnivore
2017-10-20 Russell, Luther Artist homepage CD   Selective Memories: An Anthology  
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2017-10-27 Case, Peter Artist homepage CD   On The Way Downtown: Recorded Live on Folkscene Omnivore
2017-10-27 Henry, Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Thrum earMusic
2017-11-03 Fish, Samantha Artist homepage CD   Belle of the West Ruf
2017-11-10 Gun Outfit Artist homepage CD MP3 Out of Range Paradise of Bachelors
2017-11-10 Husker Du Artist homepage CD MP3 Savage Young Du Numero Group
2017-11-10 Langhorne Slim Artist homepage CD MP3 Lost at Last Vol. 1 Dualtone
2017-11-17 Jones & The Dap-Kings, Sharon Artist homepage CD MP3 Soul of a Woman Daptone
2017-11-17 Staples, Mavis Artist homepage CD MP3 If All I Was Was Black Anti
2017-11-24 Pugwash Artist homepage     Silverlake  
2017-12-01 Rolling Stones, The Artist homepage CD MP3 On Air UMe
2018-01-26 Calexico Artist homepage   MP3 The Thread That Keeps Us Anti
2018 Keith, John Paul Artist homepage     Heart Shaped Shadow  
2018 Motel Mirrors Artist homepage     In The Meantime Last Chance

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