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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2017-06-30 Co-Pilgrim Artist homepage   MP3 Moon Lagoon Farm Music
2017-06-09 OHora with The 18 Wheelers, Zephaniah Artist homepage CD   This Highway MRI
2017-06-02 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 Mavis Staples I'll Take You There: An All-Star Concert Celebration Blackbird
2017-05-26 Tolman, Russ Artist homepage   MP3 Compass & Map Lost
2017-05-12 D'Addario, Ronnie Artist homepage LP   Best of 1976-1983 You Are The Cosmos
2017-05-12 D'Addario, Ronnie Artist homepage CD   First Years 1976-1983 You Are The Cosmos
2017-05-12 La Botz, Jake Artist homepage CD MP3 Sunnyside Hi-Style
2017-05-12 Modern Mal Artist homepage   MP3 The Misanthrope Family Album self
2017-05-12 Wall, Colter Artist homepage CD MP3 Colter Wall Young Mary's
2017-05-05 Childers, David Artist homepage   MP3 Run Skeleton Run Ramseur
2017-05-05 Mahal, Taj; Keb' Mo' Artist homepage CD MP3 TajMo Concord
2017-05-05 Steel Wheels, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Wild as We Came Here Big Ring
2017-05-01 Tandy, Larissa Artist homepage     The Grip Thalassophile
2017-04-28 George Band, Kenny Artist homepage CD MP3 Borrowed Trouble self
2017-04-28 Jeffreys, Garland Artist homepage CD MP3 14 Steps to Harlem Luna Park
2017-04-28 Old Crow Medicine Show Artist homepage CD MP3 50 Years of Blonde on Blonde OCMS / Columbia
2017-04-28 Robison & the Back Porch Band, Bruce Artist homepage   MP3 Bruce Robison & the Back Porch Band Motel Time
2017-04-28 Spicer, Amilia K Artist homepage     Wow and Flutter Free Range
2017-04-25 Pasadena '68 & Dakota Shakedown Artist homepage   MP3 Good Night Air self
2017-04-21 Eady, Jason Artist homepage CD MP3 Jason Eady Old Guitar
2017-04-21 Hitchcock, Robyn Artist homepage CD MP3 Robyn Hitchcock Yep Roc
2017-04-21 Hooten Hallers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Hooten Hallers Big Muddy
2017-04-21 Huber, Joseph Artist homepage   MP3 The Suffering Stage self
2017-04-21 I Draw Slow Artist homepage CD MP3 Turn Your Face to the Sun Compass
2017-04-21 May, Imelda Artist homepage CD MP3 Life Love Flesh Blood Verve
2017-04-21 Moreland, Gwyneth Artist homepage   MP3 Cider Blue Rose
2017-04-21 Presley, Angaleena Artist homepage CD MP3 Wrangled Mining Light / Thirty Tigers
2017-04-21 Radio Days Artist homepage   MP3 Haruka (single) Surfin' Ki / Varano
2017-04-21 Sexsmith, Ron Artist homepage CD   The Last Rider Compass
2017-04-21 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third Live...and More Concord
2017-04-21 Woods Artist homepage CD MP3 Love Is Love Woodsist
2017-04-20 Donkeys, The Artist homepage   MP3 Won't Let You Down (single) thing thing thing
2017-04-18 Dangtrippers   CD   Days Between Stations (expanded reissue) Zero Hour
2017-04-18 Pamina, Lia Artist homepage   MP3 Better Off Without You (single) Elefant
2017-04-14 Blackfoot Gypsies Artist homepage CD MP3 To The Top Plowboy
2017-04-14 Brinsley Schwarz H CD V It's All Over Now (reissue) Mega Dodo
2017-04-14 Jamison, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 Mindless Heart Future Spin
2017-04-14 Lillie Mae Artist homepage CD MP3 Forever and Then Some Third Man
2017-04-14 Outlaw, Sam Artist homepage CD MP3 Tenderheart Six Shooter
2017-04-14 String Cheese Incident, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Believe SCI Fidelity
2017-04-07 Anderson, Derrick Artist homepage CD MP3 A World Of My Own Omnivore
2017-04-07 Branan, Cory Artist homepage CD MP3 Adios Bloodshot
2017-04-07 Charles, Tanika Artist homepage CD   Soul Run Record Kicks
2017-04-07 Combs, Andrew Artist homepage CD MP3 Canyons of my Mind New West
2017-04-07 Cotton Mather Artist homepage CD MP3 Wild Kingdom Star Apple Kingdom
2017-04-07 Elson, Karen Artist homepage CD MP3 Double Roses Hot
2017-04-07 Father John Misty Artist homepage CD MP3 Pure Comedy Sub Pop
2017-04-07 Front Country Artist homepage CD MP3 Other Love Songs Organic
2017-04-07 Holcombe, Malcolm Artist homepage CD MP3 Pretty Little Troubles Gypsy Eyes
2017-04-07 Meltdown, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Meltdown Hope Street
2017-04-07 Mipso Artist homepage CD MP3 Coming Down The Mountain self
2017-04-07 Mulvey, Peter Artist homepage CD   Are You Listening? Righteous Babe
2017-04-07 New Pornographers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Whiteout Conditions Concord
2017-04-07 Stagger, Leeroy Artist homepage CD MP3 Love Versus True North
2017-04-07 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 Resistance Radio: The Man in the High Castle Album 30th Century / Columbia
2017-04-07 Weeks, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Easy Lightning Rod
2017-04-07 Whiskey Gentry, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Dead Ringer Pitch-a-Tent
2017-04-02 Ashley, Corin Artist homepage   MP3 Broken Biscuits Murray Hill
2017-03-31 Avett as Darling, Timothy Seth Artist homepage   MP3 IV Ramseur
2017-03-31 Buckner, Richard Artist homepage V   Impasse (reissue) Merge
2017-03-31 Crowell, Rodney Artist homepage CD MP3 Close Ties New West
2017-03-31 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage CD MP3 Triplicate Columbia
2017-03-31 Madcaps, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Slow Down Howlin' Banana Records
2017-03-31 Mann, Aimee Artist homepage CD MP3 Mental Illness Super Ego
2017-03-31 Mavericks, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Brand New Day Mono Mundo
2017-03-31 Nichols, Jeb Loy Artist homepage CD MP3 Country Hustle Inkind
2017-03-31 O'Brien, Tim Artist homepage CD   Where The River Meets The Road Howdy Skies
2017-03-31 Olney, David Artist homepage CD   Don't Try To Fight It Red Parlor
2017-03-31 Talley, James Artist homepage CD   Tryin' Like The Devil (reissue) Cimarron
2017-03-31 Urmy, Matt Artist homepage   MP3 Out of the Ashes Tritone Media
2017-03-30 Lawson & Williams Artist homepage CD MP3 Chapter 3 Mountain Home
2017-03-27 Captain Wilberforce Artist homepage CD   Black Sky Thinking Kool Kat Musik
2017-03-27 Greezy Wheels Artist homepage CD MP3 String Theory 2.0 Mahatma
2017-03-24 Cahoone, Sera Artist homepage CD MP3 From Where I Started Lady Muleskinner
2017-03-24 Crain, Samantha Artist homepage CD MP3 You Had Me At Goodbye Ramseur
2017-03-24 Davis, Guy; Fabrizio Poggi Artist homepage CD   Sonny & Brownie's Last Train M.C.
2017-03-24 Finn, Craig Artist homepage CD MP3 We All Want The Same Things PTKF
2017-03-24 Fish, Samantha Artist homepage CD MP3 Chills & Fever Ruf
2017-03-24 Foster, Ruthie Artist homepage CD MP3 Joy Comes Back Blue Corn Music
2017-03-24 Holcomb & The Neighbors, Drew Artist homepage CD MP3 Souvenir Magnolia Music
2017-03-24 Montoya, Coco Artist homepage CD MP3 Hard Truth Alligator
2017-03-24 Mychols, Lisa Artist homepage   MP3 He's Got Me Dreaming (single) No Deal
2017-03-22 Spirit Kid Artist homepage   MP3 To My Romeo (single) self
2017-03-20 Clarke and The Wooltones, Rob Artist homepage   MP3 Jump In My Igloo (single) self
2017-03-20 Honeydogs, The Artist homepage   MP3 Your Own Shadow (single) self

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
2017-04-14 Shiflett, Chris Artist homepage CD MP3 West Coast Town SideOneDummy
2017-04-21 Davies, Ray Artist homepage CD MP3 Americana Legacy
2017-04-28 Cray & Hi Rhythm, Robert Artist homepage CD MP3 Robert Cray & Hi Rhythm Jay-Vee
2017-04-28 Nelson, Willie Artist homepage CD MP3 God's Problem Child Legacy
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2017-05-05 Demarco, Mac Artist homepage CD MP3 This Old Dog Captured Tracks
2017-05-05 Moreland, John Artist homepage   MP3 Big Bad Luv 4AD
2017-05-05 Pierce, Allison Artist homepage CD MP3 Year of the Rabbit Masterworks
2017-05-12 Bryant, Don Artist homepage CD MP3 Don't Give Up On Love Fat Possum
2017-05-19 BMX Bandits Artist homepage CD MP3 BMX Bandits Forever Elefant
2017-05-19 Jackson, Jade Artist homepage CD MP3 Gilded Anti
2017-05-19 Jackson, Wade Artist homepage   MP3 Crown & Cathedral Grow Yourself Up
2017-05-19 LaFarge, Pokey Artist homepage CD MP3 Manic Revelations New Rounder
2017-05-19 Little Steven Artist homepage CD MP3 Soulfire Wicked Cool
2017-05-19 Los Straitjackets Artist homepage CD MP3 What's So Funny About Peace, Love And Los Straitjackets Yep Roc
2017-05-19 Low Cut Connie Artist homepage CD MP3 Dirty Pictures (part 1) Contender
2017-05-19 Romano, Daniel Artist homepage CD MP3 Modern Pressure New West
2017-05-26 Earle, Justin Townes Artist homepage CD MP3 Kids In The Street New West
2017-06-02 Black, Amy Artist homepage CD MP3 Memphis Reuben
2017-06-02 Finlin, Jeff Artist homepage CD   The Guru In The Girl Bent Wheel
2017-06-02 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 Mavis Staples, I'll Take You There: An All-Star Concert Celebration Blackbird
2017-06-09 Parson Red Heads, The Artist homepage     Blurred Harmony You Are The Cosmos
2017-06-16 GospelbeacH Artist homepage     Another Summer of Love Alive
2017-06-16 Isbell and the 400 Unit, Jason Artist homepage CD MP3 The Nashville Sound Southeastern
2017 DustbowlRevival, The Artist homepage     The Dustbowl Revival Signature Sounds
2017 Hangabouts, The Artist homepage     Kits and Cats and Saxon Wives  
2017 Jewell, Eilen Artist homepage     TBA (blues covers) Signature Sounds
2017 Motel Mirrors Artist homepage     TBA (EP) Wild Honey Records (Italy) 

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