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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2017-10-20 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage LP CD Party Of One (remastered) Yep Roc
2017-10-20 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage LP CD Pinker and Prouder Than Previous (remastered) Yep Roc
2017-09-29 Roseline, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Blood self
2017-09-22 Jewell, Eilen Artist homepage CD   Down Hearted Blues Signature Sounds
2017-09-15 Calico The Band Artist homepage CD   Under Blue Skies California Country
2017-09-15 Cockburn, Bruce Artist homepage CD MP3 Bone on Bone True North
2017-09-08 High On Stress Artist homepage     Greatest Hits self
2017-09-08 Parr, Charlie Artist homepage CD MP3 Dog Red House
2017-09-01 Berman, Eddie Artist homepage CD MP3 Before The Bridge Nettwerk
2017-08-28 Actual Wolf Artist homepage   MP3 Faded Days Red House
2017-08-25 Aldridge, Hannah Artist homepage   MP3 Gold Rush self
2017-08-25 Blank Range Artist homepage CD MP3 Marooned with the Treasure Sturdy Girls
2017-08-25 Bronson, Eliot Artist homepage CD MP3 James Rock Ridge
2017-08-25 EmiSunshine Artist homepage   MP3 Ragged Dreams Little Blackbird
2017-08-25 Fairbanks & The Lonesome Light Artist homepage   MP3 Nothing To Escape self
2017-08-25 Hiatt, Lilly Artist homepage CD MP3 Trinity Lane New West
2017-08-25 Karen & The Sorrows Artist homepage   MP3 The Narrow Place self
2017-08-25 Legendary Shack Shakers Artist homepage     After You've Gone Last Chance
2017-08-25 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage LP CD Nick Lowe and his Cowboy Outfit (remastered) Yep Roc
2017-08-25 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage LP CD The Rose Of England (remastered) Yep Roc
2017-08-25 Sweetback Sisters, The Artist homepage CD   King of Killing Time Signature Sounds
2017-08-25 Wild Ponies Artist homepage CD MP3 Galax Gearbox
2017-08-22 Feldmann, Tom Artist homepage   MP3 Dyed In The Wool Magnolia Recording Co.
2017-08-21 Lisik and the Unfortunates, Brian Artist homepage     We're Sorry Cherokee Queen
2017-08-18 Accidentals, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Odyssey Sony
2017-08-18 Douglas Band, The Jerry Artist homepage CD MP3 What If New Rounder
2017-08-18 Estrin & The Nightcats, Rick Artist homepage CD MP3 Groovin' In Greaseland Alligator
2017-08-18 Hubbard, Ray Wylie Artist homepage CD MP3 Tell The Devil I'm Gettin' There As Fast As I Can Bordello
2017-08-18 Kacy & Clayton Artist homepage CD MP3 The Siren's Song New West
2017-08-18 Lynne, Shelby; Allison Moorer Artist homepage CD MP3 Not Dark Yet Silver Cross
2017-08-18 Williams, Chelsea Artist homepage CD MP3 Boomerang Blue Elan
2017-08-16 Eldred Trio, Mike Artist homepage CD   Elvis Unleaded Great Western
2017-08-15 Small Square, The Artist homepage   MP3 Open Up (single) self
2017-08-11 Azar & The Kings Men, Steve Artist homepage CD MP3 Down at the Liquor Store Ride
2017-08-11 Bob & Gene Artist homepage LP MP3 If This World Were Mine... Daptone
2017-08-11 Croce, AJ Artist homepage CD   Just Like Medicine Compass
2017-08-11 Gross & Los Federales, D. Artist homepage   MP3 Crooks self
2017-08-11 Hoge, Will Artist homepage CD MP3 Anchors Edlo
2017-08-11 Hope and The Ark-Tones, Lara Artist homepage   MP3 Love You to Life self
2017-08-11 Pinnell, Jeremy Artist homepage CD MP3 Ties Of Blood and Affection Sofaburn
2017-08-11 Rawlings, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Poor David's Almanac Acony
2017-08-11 Rockpile       Live at The Palladium Mega Dodo Vogon
2017-08-11 Whiskey Shivers Artist homepage CD MP3 Some Part of Something Rhyme and Reason
2017-08-11 Wilber, Jason Artist homepage   MP3 Reaction Time self
2017-08-11 Williams, Alex Artist homepage CD MP3 Better Than Myself Big Machine
2017-08-04 Cattaneo, Susan Artist homepage     The Hammer & The Heart Jerseygirl
2017-08-04 Childers, Tyler Artist homepage CD MP3 Purgatory Hickman Holler
2017-08-04 Hard Working Americans Artist homepage CD MP3 We're All In This Together Melvin
2017-08-04 Naturals, The Artist homepage CD MP3 We Are The Naturals Popboomerang
2017-08-04 Ocean, Elijah Artist homepage CD MP3 Elijah Ocean self
2017-08-04 Ramey, India Artist homepage CD   Snake Handler Little River
2017-08-04 Shepherd Band, Kenny Wayne Artist homepage CD MP3 Lay It On Down Concord
2017-08-04 Thorogood, George Artist homepage CD MP3 Party Of One New Rounder
2017-08-04 Various Artists Artist homepage CD   This Is Rock 'n' Roll Radio, Volume 4 Kool Kat Musik
2017-08-04 Wong, Ryan Artist homepage   MP3 More Milk Empty Cellar
2017-07-28 Fairport Convention Artist homepage CD   Come All Ye: The First Ten Years 1968 to 1978 (7-CD) UMC
2017-07-28 Isley Brothers & Santana Artist homepage CD MP3 Power of Peace Legacy
2017-07-28 Johnson, Jillette Artist homepage CD MP3 All I Ever See In You Is Me Rounder
2017-07-28 Radiophonic Tuckshop Artist homepage  


  Running Commentary EP Last Night From Glasgow
2017-07-28 Singles, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sweet Tooth Sound Artifacts
2017-07-28 Stein, Juanita Artist homepage CD MP3 America Hand Written
2017-07-28 Townson, Greg Artist homepage   MP3 Back To My Old Self Again (single) self
2017-07-21 Atkins, Nicole Artist homepage CD MP3 Goodnight Rhonda Lee Single Lock
2017-07-21 Cross, Amber Artist homepage     Savage on the Downhill self
2017-07-21 Holmes Project, The Sherman Artist homepage CD   The Richmond Sessions MC
2017-07-21 Moore, Stanton Artist homepage CD MP3 With You In Mind: The Songs of Allen Toussaint Mascot
2017-07-21 Younger, Mike Artist homepage   MP3 Little Folks Like You and Me self
2017-07-17 Davis, Moot Artist homepage     Hierarchy of Crows self
2017-07-17 Green Circles Artist homepage CD MP3 No Room For Squares Kool Kat Musik
2017-07-14 Americans, The Artist homepage CD   I'll Be Yours Loose
2017-07-14 Diesel Park West Artist homepage   MP3 Summer of Love EP Strataville
2017-07-14 Kraft Trio, The Robert Artist homepage     North Bishop Ave. Resistor
2017-07-14 Lenker, Korby Artist homepage CD MP3 Thousand Springs Soundly Music
2017-07-14 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage LP CD Nick The Knife (remastered) Yep Roc
2017-07-14 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage LP CD The Abominable Showman (remastered) Yep Roc
2017-07-14 Offa Rex Artist homepage CD MP3 The Queen of Hearts Nonesuch
2017-07-14 Saba Lou Artist homepage   MP3 Planet Enigma Ernest Jenning / Khannibalism
2017-07-14 Shoebox Letters Artist homepage   MP3 Keep It Simple self
2017-07-14 Twisted Pine Artist homepage CD MP3 Twisted Pine Signature Sounds

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
2017-08-04 Chisel, Cory; Adriel Denae Artist homepage   MP3 Tell Me True Refuge Foundation for the Arts
2017-08-25 Underhill Rose Artist homepage     Live self
2017-08-25 Bye Bye Blackbirds, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Take Out The Poison self
2017-08-25 Iron & Wine Artist homepage CD MP3 Beast Epic Sub Pop
2017-08-25 Nelson & Promise Of The Real, Lukas Artist homepage CD MP3 Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real Concord
2017-09-01 Berglund, Blake Artist homepage   MP3 Realms Oceanman
2017-09-01 Osborne, Joan Artist homepage CD MP3 Songs of Bob Dylan Womanly Hips
2017-09-08 Boyce, R.L. Artist homepage   MP3 Roll and Tumble Waxploitation
2017-09-08 Holland, Jolie; Samantha Parton Artist homepage CD MP3 Wildflower Blues Cinquefoil
2017-09-08 VanGaalen, Chad Artist homepage   MP3 Light Information Sub Pop
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2017-09-15 Allman, Greg Artist homepage     Southern Blood  
2017-09-15 Deer Tick Artist homepage CD MP3 Deer Tick Vol. 1 PTKF
2017-09-15 Deer Tick Artist homepage CD MP3 Deer Tick Vol. 2 PTKF
2017-09-15 Pierce, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 You've Got To Feel It! Calabama
2017-09-15 Texas Gentlemen, The Artist homepage   MP3 TX Jelly New West
2017-09-22 Morrison, Van Artist homepage CD MP3 Roll With The Punches Exile
2017-09-22 Ritter, Josh Artist homepage CD MP3 Gathering Pytheas
2017-09-29 Williams, Lucinda Artist homepage CD   This Sweet Old World Highway 20
2017-10-06 McPherson, JD Artist homepage     Undivided Heart & Soul New West
2017-10-20 NRBQ Artist homepage CD   Happy Talk Omnivore
2017 Barnett, Courtney; Kurt Vile Artist homepage     TBA Mom + Pop
2017 Motel Mirrors Artist homepage     In The Meantime self

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