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Welcome to RFA, where twang meets pop.  Free-form, commercial free radio featuring new releases of Americana/Alt. Country, Indie/College Rock, Power Pop, Blues/R&B/Soul, Roots Rock 'n Roll, Garage/Punk, Folk, Outsider, and more (or less)... From pure pop for now people to pure slop for cow people; from three chords and the truth to two chords and a sack of lies; non-discriminating free-form radio for the discriminating listener.

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Recent Additions to the Playlist
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2016-12-09 Thorn, Paul Artist homepage CD   Best of Paul Thorn Perpetual Obscurity
2016-12-02 Rolling Stones Artist homepage CD MP3 Blue & Lonesome Interscope
2016-11-25 Lee, Jack Artist homepage CD   Bigger Than Life Alive
2016-11-25 Pardekooper, Kelly Artist homepage   MP3 City at Night Leisure Time
2016-11-25 Perfect English Weather, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Isobar Blues Matinee
2016-11-25 Welch, Gillian Artist homepage CD MP3 Boots No. 1: The Official Revival Bootleg Acony
2016-11-23 Pasadena '68 Artist homepage   MP3 Peace Garden State (single) self
2016-11-22 Unswept, The Artist homepage   MP3 Fake It self
2016-11-19 Laissez Fairs, The Artist homepage   MP3 High Horse / Higher Than You'd Meant To Go (single) Autumn 66
2016-11-18 Block, Rory Artist homepage CD   Keepin' Outta Trouble: A Tribute to Bukka White Stony Plain
2016-11-18 Dryer Artist homepage   MP3 Bright Moon, Bright Sun EP self
2016-11-18 Keen, Robert Earl Artist homepage CD MP3 Live Dinner Reunion Dualtone
2016-11-18 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 Five Years of Gravy Fluff and Gravy
2016-11-18 Weeklings, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Studio 2 Jem
2016-11-12 Susan Constant, The Artist homepage   MP3 Wherever It Is You Are Now Tour de Stade
2016-11-11 Balsam Range Artist homepage CD MP3 Mountain Voodoo Mountain Home
2016-11-11 Blue Rodeo Artist homepage CD MP3 1000 Arms TeleSoul
2016-11-11 Candles, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Matter + Spirit The End
2016-11-11 Lettuce Artist homepage   MP3 Mt. Crushmore self
2016-11-11 NRBQ Artist homepage CD   High Noon: A 50-Year Retrospective Omnivore
2016-11-11 Various Artists Artist homepage CD MP3 The Life & Songs of Emmylou Harris: An All-Star Concert Celebration Rounder
2016-11-11 Voeks, Erik Artist homepage   MP3 So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away self
2016-11-09 Original Artyfacts Artist homepage   MP3 Sensation Cool Ghost
2016-11-09 Various Artists Artist homepage   MP3 Bo Gumbo: Stompin' Cajun, Zydeco, Blues & Country FOLC
2016-11-08 Midwest Beat, The Artist homepage   MP3 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (single) self
2016-11-04 Collins & The Beat, Paul H   MP3 One Night Frodis
2016-11-04 Lees Of Memory, The Artist homepage   MP3 Mountaintop (I'm A Goner) self
2016-11-04 Driftwood Artist homepage     City Lights self
2016-11-04 Fields & The Expressions, Lee Artist homepage CD MP3 Special Night Big Crown
2016-11-04 Gale, Mike; Ilona V Artist homepage   MP3 Dream Pool Battle Worldwide
2016-11-04 Girls Guns & Glory Artist homepage   MP3 Love And Protest self
2016-11-04 James, Jim Artist homepage CD MP3 Eternally Even ATO
2016-11-04 Kentucky Headhunters, The Artist homepage CD   On Safari Plowboy
2016-11-04 Lambchop Artist homepage CD MP3 Flotus Merge
2016-11-04 Lawn Chair Kings Artist homepage     Virtually Acoustic self
2016-11-04 McMurtry, James Artist homepage     Remembrance (single)  
2016-11-04 MFC Chicken Artist homepage   MP3 Goin' Chicken Crazy Dirty Water
2016-11-04 MonkeyJunk Artist homepage CD MP3 Time To Roll Stony Plain
2016-11-04 Pamina, Lia Artist homepage CD MP3 Love Is Enough Elefant
2016-11-04 Sistak, Tommy Artist homepage   MP3 A Good Hat Indeed self
2016-11-04 Wilkerson, Zac Artist homepage   MP3 Dustbowl Soul self
2016-11-01 Bell, Nathan Artist homepage CD MP3 I Don't Do This For Love, I Do This For Love Stone Barn
2016-11-01 Pill Friends Artist homepage   MP3 Holy Like You (single) File Under: Music
2016-11-01 Shake Some Action! Artist homepage   MP3 I Don't Think So (single) self
2016-10-31 Adrian + Meredith Artist homepage     More Than A Little self
2016-10-31 Young Scum Artist homepage   MP3 Zona Pretty Olivia
2016-10-29 Inbetween Days, The Artist homepage   MP3 Have You Seen Her? (single) self
2016-10-28 Baker Combo, Kurt Artist homepage CD MP3 In Orbit Wicked Cool
2016-10-28 Escovedo, Alejandro Artist homepage CD MP3 Burn Something Beautiful Fantasy
2016-10-28 Grelle, Jack Artist homepage CD MP3 Got Dressed Up To Be Let Down Big Muddy
2016-10-28 Hancock, Wayne Artist homepage CD MP3 Slingin' Rhythm Bloodshot
2016-10-28 Hoots & Hellmouth Artist homepage     In The Trees  
2016-10-28 Legal Matters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Conrad Omnivore 
2016-10-28 Olympians, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Olympians Daptone
2016-10-28 Shacks, The H   MP3 The Shacks EP Big Crown
2016-10-28 Tasjan, Aaron Lee Artist homepage CD MP3 Silver Tears New West
2016-10-28 Urges, The Artist homepage   MP3 Time Will Pass Mersol Music
2016-10-28 Various Artists H CD   Highway Prayer: A Tribute to Adam Carroll Eight 30

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Coming Soon

Release Date Artist


Title Label
2016-12-09 Young, Neil Artist homepage CD MP3 Peace Trail Reprise
Future Releases

Release Date



Title Label
2016 Hangabouts, The Artist homepage     Kits and Cats and Saxon Wives  
2016 Lane, Nikki Artist homepage     TBA  
2016 Motel Mirrors Artist homepage     TBA (EP) Wild Honey Records (Italy) 
2017-01-27 June, Valerie Artist homepage CD MP3 The Order of Time Concord

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