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2013 A-K Albums  (Click Here to Go To 2013 L-Z)
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2013-04-30 8th Period Daydream Artist homepage CD MP3 8th Period Daydream Prove It Music
2013-10-15 8x8 Artist homepage    MP3 Azalea's Room self
2013-09-10 56 Men Artist homepage   MP3 Landing Lights Zip Records
2013-10-27 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco, The Artist homepage     The Cruise Control EP self
2013-02-26 10,000 Maniacs Artist homepage CD MP3 Music from the Motion Picture Ruby Wrist Watch / ORG Records
2013-01-28 A Fragile Tomorrow Artist homepage   MP3 Be Nice Be Careful Piewillie Records
2013-09-10 Abad, Chris Artist homepage  CD MP3 Darling Dear self
2013-02-15 Above, The Artist homepage   MP3 Georgia Peach b/w Imprisoned (single) Boppa do Down
2013-06-04 Above, The Artist homepage   MP3 Flake Out b/w The Girl With The Peacock Tattoo (single) Castile
2013-08-27 Acapulco Lips Artist homepage     Acapulco Lips self
2013 Ace, The Artist homepage     Sonic Snapshots EP self
2013-09-03 Acoustic Syndicate Artist homepage CD MP3 Rooftop Garden Little King Records
2013-11-19 Action Andy and the Hi-Tones Artist homepage     High and Lonesome Relampago-go Records
2013-03-05 Aerolites, The Artist homepage     The Aerolites Harplemusic
2013-01-26 Agnew, Stevie Artist homepage CD MP3 Wreckin' Yard Skimmin' Stone Records
2013-11-12 Agony Aunts   CD MP3 Big Cinnamon Mystery Lawn Music
2013-04-22 Aiken, Mike Artist homepage CD MP3 Captains & Cowboys Northwind Records
2013-03-19 Alfa 9 Artist homepage  CD MP3 Gone to Ground Blow Up Records Ltd.
2013-09-10 Allchin, Jim Artist homepage   MP3 Q.E.D. self
2013-02-05 Allen, Terry Artist homepage CD MP3 Bottom of the World Redeye 
2013-06-25 Allman Brothers Band Artist homepage  CD MP3 Brothers and Sisters - 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition (partial) Mercury
2013-03-19 Allman, Duane Artist homepage CD   Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective [radio excerpts] Rounder Records
2013-10-29 Allrightniks, The   CD MP3 Three self
2013-02-25 Along Came Jones Artist homepage CD MP3 Along Came Jones Wisconsin Chair Company
2013-05-21 Alpine Artist homepage CD MP3 A Is For Alpine Votiv
2013-10-22 And The Professors Artist homepage    MP3 Our Postmortem Simon Recordings
2013-02-19 Anders & Kendall Artist homepage CD MP3 Wild Chorus Nine Mile Records
2013-09-17 Anderson, Pete Artist homepage CD   Birds Above Guitarland Little Dog Records
2013-01-17 Andy and Emily Artist homepage     The Autumn EP self
2013-03-15 Angotti, Phil Artist homepage CD MP3 Life and Rhymes Our House Records
2013-09-17 Anna, Star Artist homepage  CD MP3 Go to Hell Spark and Shine Records
2013-09-20 Any Version Of Me Artist homepage     We Are You self
2013-10-29 Arcade Fire Artist homepage CD MP3 Reflektor Merge Records 
2013-06-01 Ari & Mia Artist homepage CD MP3 Land on Shore self
2013-02-26 Armatrading, Joan Artist homepage CD MP3 Starlight 429 Records
2013-06-15 Arsement, Ganey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Le Forgeron Salty Bayou Music
2013-02-17 Ashley, Corin Artist homepage CD MP3 New Lion Terraces Murray Hill Records
2013-05-14 Assad, Badi Artist homepage CD MP3 Love and Luck QuatroVentos
2013-04-17 Atkins & The Honky Tonk Kind, Ken Artist homepage CD MP3 Everybody's Movin On Sound Job Austin
2013-05-21 Attic Lights Artist homepage CD MP3 Super De Luxe Elefant Spain
2013-10-26 August List, The Artist homepage    MP3 High Town Crow Ubiquity Project Records
2013-09-17 Auld, Audrey Artist homepage CD MP3 Tonk Reckless Records
2013-05-07 Austin Lounge Lizards Artist homepage CD MP3 Home and Deranged Blue Corn Music
2013-10-15 Avett Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Magpie and the Dandelion Republic Records
2013-04-02 Baby Scream Artist homepage     Baby Scream [Special Extended Edition] OK! Records
2013-12-07 Baby Scream Artist homepage   MP3 Greatest Failures self
2013-04-29 Backsliders, The Artist homepage      Hicktopia EP self
2013-10-29 Bad Religion Artist homepage CD MP3 Christmas Songs Epitaph
2013-08-27 Baker, Sam Artist homepage CD MP3 Say Grace self
2013-07-09 Ball, Earl Poole Artist homepage     Pianography self
2013-10-25 Ballantynes, The Artist homepage     Liquor Store Gun Store Pawn Shop Church La-Ti-Da Records
2013-01-01 Ballard Artist homepage     Little Rockets self
2013-08-03 Ballard Artist homepage     Pancho Got Soul! self
2013-10-24 Ballard Artist homepage     Monkey Business EP self
2013-09-17 Band, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Live at Academy of Music 1971 (Box Set) Capitol Records
2013-09-17 Band Of Heathens, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sunday Morning Record BoH
2013-05-20 Bang, Frank Artist homepage CD MP3 Double Dare Blue Hoss Records
2013 Bango, Frank Artist homepage    MP3 Touchy Feely The Sincere Recording Company
2013-03-12 Banhart, Devendra Artist homepage CD MP3 Mala Nonesuch
2013-09-24 Bankesters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Love Has Wheels Compass Records
2013-03-05 Barao, Eric Artist homepage CD MP3 Eric Barao self
2013-03-25 Barlow, Bob Artist homepage CD MP3 Where You Should Be self
2013-10-14 Barnett, Courtney Artist homepage    MP3 The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas House Anxiety
2013-11-11 Barnett, Mandy Artist homepage    MP3 I Can't Stop Loving You: The Songs of Don Gibson Cracker Barrell / Rounder
2013-10-01 Barton, Taylor Artist homepage CD MP3 Everybody Knows Green Mirror Corp
2013-06-25 Bass Drum Of Death Artist homepage CD MP3 Bass Drum Of Death Innovative Leisure
2013-12-05 Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash Artist homepage    MP3 New Old Story Randm Records
2013-06-18 Beach Day Artist homepage CD MP3 Trip Trap Attack Kanine Records 
2013-11-20 Beachwood Sparks Artist homepage CD MP3 Desert Skies Alive Records 
2013-11-19 Beady Eye Artist homepage  CD MP3 BE Harvest Records
2013-08-27 Bear's Den Artist homepage CD MP3 Agape Communion Records
2013-03-25 Beat Rats, The Artist homepage   MP3 Have Mersey! Cavern Records
2013-11-11 Beatles, The Artist homepage CD   Live at the BBC - The Collection (4 CD Box) Capitol Records
2013-01-14 Beautiful Loser Society Artist homepage CD   The Desperate Promenade self
2013-11-18 Beer & CrownVic, Fritz Artist homepage     She's Got Demons self
2013-08-27 Beethoven with Everydudes, Eddie Artist homepage   MP3 Blame It On The Wind Treehouse Productions
2013-08-17 Belda, Coke Artist homepage     Coke Belda I self
2013-08-27 Belle & Sebastian Artist homepage CD MP3 The Third Eye Centre Matador Records
2013-05-06 Belle Sounds, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Belle Sounds self
2013-12-10 Benson, Brendan Artist homepage CD MP3 You Were Right Readymade / Thirty Tigers
2013 Bergman, J Scott Artist homepage  CD MP3 Beautifulordinary self
2013-11-01 Bernardi, Max Artist homepage  CD MP3 Humble Beginnings Mama GoGo Records
2013-11-25 Berry, Jefferson Artist homepage     The UAC EP self
2013-11-25 Bertoldi, R.X. Artist homepage CD MP3 Step Up to the Present self
2013-10-22 Best Coast Artist homepage  CD MP3 Fade Away Jewel City
2013-05-08 Biagini, Laurie Artist homepage   MP3 Sanctuary of Sound self
2013-04-16 Biales, Lisa Artist homepage CD MP3 Singing in My Soul Big Song Music
2013-06-04 Big Deal Artist homepage CD MP3 June Gloom Mute
2013-06-04 Big Kettle Drum Artist homepage   MP3 Nantucket Circle Xander Music
2013-08-27 Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys Artist homepage CD MP3 What a Dream It's Been Cow Island Music
2013-06-25 Big Star Artist homepage CD MP3 Nothing Can Hurt Me Omnivore / Universal
2013-11-25 Billie Joe + Norah Artist homepage  CD MP3 Foreverly Reprise
2013-11-12 Bird, Andrew Artist homepage    MP3 I Want to See Pulaski at Night Grimsey Records
2013-03-19 Birds and Arrows Artist homepage CD MP3 Coyotes Redeye
2013-11-12 Birds and Arrows Artist homepage   MP3 Holiday Forever B&A Records
2013-04-16 Biv and the Mnemonics Artist homepage CD MP3 The Pace Moo Moo Records
2013-04-02 Black Angels, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Indigo Meadow Blue Horizon Ventures
2013-04-30 Black, Frances Artist homepage CD MP3 Stronger Compass Records
2013-08-06 Black & The Suicide Commandos, Frank / You Am I Artist homepage   MP3 Songs For Slim: The King & Queen / Ain't Exactly Love New West Records
2013-03-19 Black Lillies, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Runaway Freeway Blues North Knox Records 
2013 Black Lion Courtiers Artist homepage     Weep Willow Weep EP self
2013-02-19 Black Twig Pickers Artist homepage CD MP3 Rough Carpenter Thrill Jockey
2013-01-18 Blaschke, Amy Artist homepage CD MP3 Desert Varnish Bird on a Lyre Records
2013-04-02 Bleached Artist homepage CD MP3 Ride Your Heart Dead Oceans
2013-05-28 Bleeker and the Freaks, Alex Artist homepage  CD MP3 How Far Away Woodist
2013-09-30 Blind Boys of Alabama Artist homepage  CD MP3 I'll Find a Way Sony
2013-10-01 Blitzen Trapper Artist homepage CD MP3 VII Vagrant
2013-07-30 Block, Ron Artist homepage CD MP3 Walking Song Rounder Records
2013-01-15 Blue Cactus Choir Artist homepage CD MP3 Once in a Bluegrass Moon Porgy Records
2013-11-12 Blue Rodeo Artist homepage CD MP3 In Our Nature TeleSoul Records
2013-08-27 Bluhm and the Gramblers, Nicki Artist homepage CD MP3 Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers Little Sur
2013-09-23 BMX Bandits     MP3 Beautiful Friend Elefant Records
2013-11-12 Bo-Keys, The Artist homepage   MP3 I Need More Than One Lifetime Electraphonic Recording
2013-11-12 Bo-Keys, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Dark End Of The Street Electraphonic Recording
2013-05-14 Boland and The Stragglers, Jason Artist homepage CD MP3 Dark & Dirty Miles Proud Souls Entertainment
2013-01-27 Bombon Artist homepage     Las Chicas del Bombon self
2013-03-26 Bonamassa, Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House J&R Adventures
2013-10-15 Bonnell, Megan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hunt and Chase Ingrooves
2013-09-20 Bonner, Ryan Artist homepage   MP3 Only When It's Burning self
2013-06-14 Booker T & The MG's and The Mar-Keys Artist homepage   MP3 Memphis Soul Beat: Booker T & The MG's Meet The Mar-Keys Jasmine
2013-06-25 Booker T Artist homepage CD MP3 Sound The Alarm Stax
2013-12-10 Borges, Sarah Artist homepage  CD MP3 Radio Sweetheart Modern Trick
2013-04-09 Bottle Kids, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Such a Thrill self
2013-11-19 Bottle Rockets, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Bottle Rockets & The Brooklyn Side [expanded reissues] Bloodshot Records
2013-03-26 Bowersox, Crystal Artist homepage CD MP3 All That For This Shanachie
2013-03-12 Bowie, David Artist homepage CD MP3 The Next Day Columbia
2013-05-01 Boxcar Lilies, The Artist homepage     Sugar Shack self
2013-09-03 Boynton, Sandra Artist homepage CD MP3 Sandra Boynton's Frog Trouble WMN / Boynton
2013-04-23 Brace, Eric; Peter Cooper Artist homepage CD MP3 The Comeback Album Red Beet Records
2013-09-20 Braddock Station Garrison Artist homepage  CD MP3 High Water self
2013-04-02 Bradley, Charles Artist homepage CD MP3 Victim of Love Daptone
2013-03-19 Bragg, Billy Artist homepage CD MP3 Tooth and Nail Cooking Vinyl
2013-08-01 Braidwood Artist homepage  CD MP3 Almost Lost My Nerve self
2013-05-21 Bramblett, Randall Artist homepage CD MP3 Bright Spots New West Records
2013-04-23 Brass Bed, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Secret Will Keep You Crossbill Records
2013-12-06 Brazilian Johnsons, The     MP3 Howdy Duty self
2013-08-06 Breedings, The Artist homepage   MP3 Fayette self
2013-08-21 Brigadier, The Artist homepage   MP3 Suburban Incubation self
2013-02-01 Brodie, Dan Artist homepage    MP3 Deep Deep Love Fat Swine
2013-09-24 Bromberg, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Only Slightly Mad Appleseed Records 
2013-10-22 Brookings, David Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Maze Byar Records
2013-06-19 Brookman, Scott Artist homepage     Smellicopter self
2013-05-21 Brooks and the Uptown Sound, JC Artist homepage CD MP3 Howl Bloodshot Records
2013-10-15 Brooks, La La Artist homepage  CD MP3 All or Nothing Norton Records
2013-03-25 Brother Sun Artist homepage CD MP3 Some Part of the Truth self
2013-09-17 Brothers Lazaroff Artist homepage     Hope, Fear, Youth self
2013-02-25 Brown, Denny Artist homepage CD MP3 The San Francisco/Austin/Hollywood Sessions Avenue Communications
2013-10-08 Brun, Ane Artist homepage  CD MP3 Rarities Decca
2013-04-09 Bruntnell, Peter Artist homepage CD   Retrospective Blind Eye Records
2013-11-02 Brushfire Stankgrass Artist homepage CD MP3 Microclimates self
2013-05-05 Bryan, Doug Artist homepage CD MP3 Antique Future self
2013-08-27 Bubble Gum Orchestra Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Discovery self
2013-05-28 Bucaro, Clarence Artist homepage CD MP3 Dreaming From the Heart of New York Twenty Twenty Records
2013-09-03 Buckner, Richard Artist homepage CD MP3 Surrounded Merge Records
2013-10-29 Buffalo Springfield   CD MP3 Buffalo Springfield (Box Set) Atlantic
2013-04-09 Bugg, Jake Artist homepage CD MP3 Jake Bugg Mercury
2013-10-21 Bugg, Jake Artist homepage   MP3 Slumville Sunrise / What Doesn't Kill You Island Records
2013-11-19 Bugg, Jake Artist homepage CD MP3 Shangri La Island Records
2013-10-01 Bulat, Basia Artist homepage CD MP3 Tall Tall Shadow Secret City Records / Universal
2013 Bulat, Basia Artist homepage     World Cafe Session Noisetrade
2013-11-05 Burch, Paul Artist homepage CD MP3 Fevers Plowboy Records
2013-01-29 Burdon, Eric Artist homepage CD MP3 'Til Your River Runs Dry [U.S.] ABKCO Records
2013-10-22 Burn Antares Artist homepage    MP3 Burn Antares self
2013-06-01 Burning Bridget Cleary Artist homepage   MP3 Pressed for Time self
2013-09-16 Burning Ferns Artist homepage  CD MP3 See Saw Seen self
2013-04-02 Burns, Sean Artist homepage CD MP3 Cold Beans & Broken Eggs self
2013-10-08 Busch, Birdie Artist homepage CD MP3 Birdie Busch and the Greatest Night Maltese Rooster
2013-11-12 Bye Bye Blackbirds, The Artist homepage   MP3 We Need The Rain self
2013-12-05 Cactus Blossoms, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Live at The Turf Club self
2013-09-03 Califone Artist homepage CD MP3 Stitches Dead Oceans
2013-09-17 Callahan, Bill Artist homepage CD MP3 Dream River Drag City
2013-06-04 Camera Obscura Artist homepage CD MP3 Desire Lines [guests Neko Case & Jim James] 4AD
2013-01-22 Camper Van Beethoven Artist homepage CD MP3 La Costa Perdida 429 Records
2013-08-13 Campbell, Glen Artist homepage CD MP3 See You There Surfdog 
2013 Candy Strypers, The Artist homepage     The Candy Strypers self
2013-06-25 Canty, Caitlin Artist homepage CD MP3 Golden Hour Mishara
2013-07-22 Capaldi, Nick Artist homepage   MP3 The Golden Summer EP Moon Loof Recordings
2013-10-29 Capercaillie Artist homepage  CD MP3 At the Heart of it All Compass Records
2013-09-26 Car Talk Artist homepage    MP3 The Best of Car Talk, Volume One Dewey, Cheetham & Howe
2013-11-18 Carolina Story Artist homepage   MP3 Chapter One Stitched Together Music
2013-05-28 Carper Family, The Artist homepage     Old-Fashioned Gal self
2013-12-03 Carrack, Paul Artist homepage  CD MP3 Rain or Shine +180 Records
2013-09-17 Carroll, Tim Artist homepage     Opening Up Gulcher Records
2013-06-29 Casas y la Pistola de Papa, Jose Artist homepage     Canciones Kilometro Cero self
2013-06-14 Case, Glenn Artist homepage CD MP3 Throw Money self
2013-09-03 Case, Neko Artist homepage CD MP3 The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You ANTI
2013-03-12 Cash Box Kings, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Black Toppin' Blind Pig 
2013-05-06 Cassidy Band, Barbara Artist homepage   MP3 Fly Away Suspicious Motives Records
2013-07-09 Cassidy, Nancy Artist homepage CD   Memphis Twitter Twatter Music
2013-06-25 Castle, Jerry Artist homepage   MP3 Desperate Parade My World Records
2013-06-24 Cat Meat Artist homepage     Scarlet Belle EP self
2013-04-10 Cathy Artist homepage   MP3 Swimsuit Season self
2013-10-21 Catt, Willy Artist homepage     Pay Forward self
2013-02-19 Cave & The Bad Seeds, Nick Artist homepage CD MP3 Push the Sky Away 100 Beats
2013-03-05 Cave Singers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Naomi Jagjaguwar
2013 Cebar Tomorrow Sound, Paul Artist homepage     Fine Rude Thing  
2013-06-20 Cej Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sleepwalker in Paradise Gnosong
2013-06-03 Celsi, Anny Artist homepage CD MP3 January Ragazza Music
2013-01-07 Cevallos, Amanda Artist homepage CD MP3 I'll Never Honky Tonk You self
2013-03-26 Chacon, Thom Artist homepage CD MP3 Thom Chacon Pie Records
2013-02-05 Champion, Grady Artist homepage   MP3 Tough Times Don't Last Grady Shady Music
2013-06-24 Champs Artist homepage    MP3 Spirit Is Broken Play It Again Sam
2013-05-28 Chapin, Jen Artist homepage CD MP3 Reckoning Purple Chair Music
2013-05-28 Chapman, Marshall Artist homepage CD MP3 Blaze of Glory TallGirl Records
2013-09-17 Charlie Watts Riots, The Artist homepage   MP3 A Break In The Weather self
2013-11-27 Charlie Watts Riots, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Christmas Fit (single) McDman.com
2013-06-15 Charming, Vince Artist homepage CD MP3 Everything I Know About Love self
2013-11-01 Cheap Star Artist homepage CD MP3 Rosetta Stone EP Z and Zoe Records 
2013-08-13 Cherry Drops, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Everything's Groovy Musick Records
2013-10-27 Chesterman, Charlie Artist homepage    MP3 Solid Gold Electric Chestnut Dispenser Tin Whistle
2013-01-22 Chicago Farmer Artist homepage CD MP3 Backenforth, IL self
2013-10-08 Chilton, Alex Artist homepage  CD MP3 Electricity by Candlelight Bar None Records
2013-03-01 Civil Wars, The; T Bone Burnett Artist homepage CD MP3 A Place at the Table (soundtrack) Sensibility Music
2013-08-06 Civil Wars, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Civil Wars Sensibility / Columbia
2013-12-09 Civil Wars, The Artist homepage    MP3 Bare Bones EP Sensibility / Columbia
2013-03-12 Clapton, Eric Artist homepage CD MP3 Old Sock Bushbranch / Surfdog
2013-10-22 Clark, Brandy Artist homepage CD MP3 12 Stories Slate Creek Records
2013-02-27 Clark, Gene Artist homepage     Two Sides to Every Story High Moon Records
2013-03-26 Clark, Gene Artist homepage CD   Here Tonight: The White Light Demos Omnivore Recordings
2013-07-23 Clark, Guy Artist homepage CD MP3 My Favorite Picture of You Dualtone
2013-09-10 Clash, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sound System [ 11-CD Box Set] Sony Legacy
2013-10-01 Claudettes, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Infernal Piano Plot...Hatched! Yellow Dog Records
2013-04-23 Cleaves, Slaid Artist homepage   MP3 Still Fighting the War b/w Small Town Downfall [single] Music Road Records
2013-06-18 Cleaves, Slaid Artist homepage CD   Still Fighting The War Music Road Records
2013-08-01 Clocktower, The Artist homepage    MP3 Skip It Up Fandango self
2013-02-04 Co-Pilgrim Artist homepage  CD  MP3 A Fairer Sea Battle Worldwide
2013-08-05 Coal Men, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Escalator Aimless Records
2013-01-06 Coen, Davis Artist homepage CD MP3 Hard Luck Cafe Soundview
2013-10-18 Coen, Davis Artist homepage CD MP3 Get Back In Soundview
2013-07-22 Coke Weed Artist homepage CD MP3 Back to Soft self
2013-01-28 Cole, Brad Artist homepage CD MP3 Down the Line self
2013-10-13 Cole, Katharine Artist homepage   MP3 There Is No God self
2013-09-23 Como Brothers Band, The Artist homepage     Baby Steps self
2013-04-09 Conceptus Artist homepage     My Trebly Underground (single) self
2013-11-04 Conceptus Artist homepage     Blue Blood self
2013-07-06 Connection, The Artist homepage   MP3 Let It Rock! Collectors Club Records / King Yum
2013-10-19 Connection, The Artist homepage     First Time EP self
2013-10-19 Connection, The Artist homepage     Christmas Time Again self
2013-06-11 Connick Jr., Harry Artist homepage CD MP3 Every Man Should Know Columbia
2013-04-08 Connolly, Niall Artist homepage   MP3 Sound C.U.Records
2013-09-10 Cooder, Ry; Corridos Famosos Artist homepage CD MP3 Live in San Francisco Nonesuch
2013-07-30 Cook, Scott Artist homepage     One More Time Around self
2013-09-10 Cooper, Peter Artist homepage   MP3 Opening Day Red Beet Records
2013-02-05 Corbett, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Leaving Nothin' Behind Funbone Records
2013-10-21 Corbett, Nicky Artist homepage   MP3 To Lose a Girl self
2013-09-17 Costello and The Roots, Elvis Artist homepage CD MP3 Wise Up Ghost Blue Note / Universal
2013-05-07 Cotton, James Artist homepage CD MP3 Cotton Mouth Man Alligator Records
2013-09-03 Cotton Mather & Ian McLagan Artist homepage   MP3 Animal Show (single) Star Apple Kingdom
2013-07-16 Court Yard Hounds Artist homepage CD MP3 Amelita Columbia
2013-03-09 Coyote Kings w/ Mush Artist homepage CD MP3 Nasty Habits & Dirty Little Secrets Twin Lion
2013-02-19 Crain, Samantha Artist homepage CD MP3 Kid Face Ramseur Records
2013-02-05 Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders Artist homepage   MP3 What You Gonna Do? self
2013-10-12 Crawford, James Artist homepage     James Crawford Go It Alone Records
2013 Crenshaw, Marshall Artist homepage     Stranger and Stranger EP self
2013-09-10 Crimmins & the Hookers, Blair Artist homepage CD MP3 Sing-a-Longs New Rag Records
2013-08-20 Crocodiles Artist homepage CD MP3 Crimes of Passion Frenchkiss Records
2013-05-07 Cronin, Mikal Artist homepage CD MCII MC II Merge Records
2013-01-21 Cronin, Walt; Martin Beal Artist homepage   MP3 Gone So Long self
2013-01-14 Cross, Mary Beth Artist homepage     Beyond Good and Evil self
2013-04-01 Cross, Vincent Artist homepage CD MP3 A Town Called Normal self
2013-02-14 Crowe, Wendy Artist homepage CD MP3 The Way I Am Anteflow Records
2013-05-01 Crowne, J.J. Artist homepage CD MP3 J.J. Crowne self
2013-07-23 Crozer and The Rels, Mark Artist homepage   MP3 Backburner Pepperidge Road
2013-10-11 Cults Artist homepage CD MP3 Static Columbia
2013-04-02 Curren, Tom Artist homepage CD MP3 In Plain View Wolfbomb Productions
2013-05-07 Dailey & Vincent Artist homepage CD   Brothers of the Highway Rounder Records
2013-10-08 Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Speed of Things Warner Bros
2013-10-07 Daniels, Jason Artist homepage     Dashboard Visions & Rearview Reflections self
2013-09-24 Danny & The Champions of the World Artist homepage  CD   Stay True Loose Music / Silva Screen
2013-09-10 Davis, Guy Artist homepage CD MP3 Juba Dance MC Records
2013-09-10 Davis, Voo Artist homepage   MP3 Vicious Things Butter & Bacon Records
2013-04-09 Dawes Artist homepage CD MP3 Stories Don't End HUB Records
2013-02-01 Dead Girls, The Artist homepage     Fade In / Fade Out self
2013-05-01 Deadbeat Poets, The Artist homepage    MP3 Johnny Sincere (single) Pop Detective Records
2013-11-12 Deadfields, The Artist homepage   MP3 Often Wrong, Never In Doubt self
2013-07-09 Deadly Gentlemen, The Artist homepage CD   Roll Me, Tumble Me Rounder Records
2013-04-09 Deadstring Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Cannery Row Bloodshot Records
2013-02-26 Dee, Jesse Artist homepage CD MP3 On My Mind / In My Heart Alligator Records
2013-06-04 Dee and the Snakehandlers, Ruby Artist homepage     Rockabilly Playground Dionysus Records
2013-09-30 Deep Dark Woods, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Jubilee Sugar Hill
2013-09-24 Deer Tick Artist homepage CD MP3 Negativity Partisan Records
2013-05-07 Deerhunter Artist homepage CD MP3 Monomania 4AD Records
2013-09-09 Defibulators, The Artist homepage   MP3 Debt'll Get 'Em PigCow Records
2013-10-08 Dekker, Tony Artist homepage CD MP3 Prayer of the Woods Nettwerk
2013-08-20 Delaney, Andrew Artist homepage   MP3 Into the Setting Sun self
2013-06-18 Delbert & Glen Artist homepage CD MP3 Blind Crippled & Crazy New West Records
2013-05-14 Del-Lords Artist homepage CD MP3 Elvis Club GB Music / Lakeside Lounge
2013-05-28 Della Mae Artist homepage CD MP3 This World Oft Can Be Rounder Records
2013-03-12 Delran, Palmyra Artist homepage CD MP3 You Are What You Absorb self
2013-10-22 Dennen, Brett Artist homepage CD MP3 Smoke and Mirrors Atlantic / ADA
2013-10-29 Devil Makes Three, The Artist homepage  CD   I'm a Stranger Here New West
2013-08-20 DeWyze, Lee Artist homepage CD MP3 Silver Lining Sugar Hill / Vanguard
2013-09-24 Dexateens, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sunsphere Cornelius Chapel Records
2013-06-25 Diane, Alela Artist homepage CD MP3 About Farewell Rusted Blue Records
2013-03-29 Dickerson, Deke Artist homepage CD MP3 Echosonic Eldorado Major Label
2013-10-12 Dickerson, Deke; Nikki Hill w/ The Bo-Keys Artist homepage     Soul Meets Country Major Label Records
2013-03-19 Dinnerstein, Simone; Tift Merritt Artist homepage CD MP3 Night Sony
2013-07-09 Dirty Streets Artist homepage CD MP3 Blades of Grass Alive Records
2013-09-02 Disappear Fear Artist homepage     Broken Film self
2013-10-15 Dismemberment Plant, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Uncanney Valley Partisan Records
2013-07-23 Dixon, Don Artist homepage  CD MP3 High & Filthy & Borderline Dixon Archival Remnants
2013-09-27 Doc Vinegar Artist homepage     Tea Party F.F.Fascination
2013-08-27 Dodos, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Carrier Polyvinyl Records
2013-07-02 Doe, John; Deer Tick / Scott Lucas / Vanessa Carlton Artist homepage   MP3 Songs For Slim: Just For The Hell Of It / From The Git Go New West Records
2013-03-25 Dog Society Artist homepage CD MP3 Emerge self
2013-06-18 Doillon, Lou Artist homepage CD MP3 Places Verve
2013-01-22 Dolly Varden Artist homepage CD MP3 For A While Catapult
2013-06-18 Donna The Buffalo Artist homepage CD   Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday Sugar Hill
2013-06-20 Donnelly, Pete Artist homepage CD   Face the Bird self
2013-04-02 Donovans Brain Artist homepage   MP3 Turn Up Later Career Records
2013-11-11 Dos Ringos Artist homepage    MP3 Dos Ringos self
2013-08-14 Dot Dash Artist homepage  CD MP3 Half-Remembered Dream The Beautiful Music 
2013-12-03 Dott Artist homepage    MP3 Swoon Graveface Records & Curiosities
2013-07-16 Doughboys, The Artist homepage     Yo Yo (single) Ram Records
2013-10-22 Downchild Artist homepage CD MP3 Can You Hear the Music Linus Entertainment
2013-10-14 DownTown Mystic Artist homepage CD MP3  DownTown Mystic Sha-La Music
2013-10-01 Dr. Dog Artist homepage CD MP3 B-Room ANTI Records 
2013-09-02 Drabkin, Rob Artist homepage   MP3 Little Steps Rogue Island Entertainment
2013-09-17 Dreamboys Artist homepage     Dream Boys Art Fag
2013-07-15 Dreaming Spires, The Artist homepage   MP3 Brothers in Brooklyn - Single Clubhouse Records UK
2013-12-03 Driftwood Artist homepage     Driftwood self
2013-04-16 Drivin' N' Cryin' Artist homepage CD MP3 Songs from the Psychedelic Time Clock New! Records
2013-11-25 Dropkick Artist homepage    MP3 Style EP self
2013-01-29 Ducktails Artist homepage CD MP3 The Flower Lane Domino
2013-10-23 Ducktails Artist homepage   MP3 Wish Hotel Domino
2013-07-09 Duckworth Lewis Method, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sticky Wickets Divine Comedy Records
2013-12-01 Duffy & The Mayo Brothers, Adrian Artist homepage    MP3 Someone Like You Symphony Ray Records
2013-10-29 Duke, Doris Artist homepage CD MP3 I'm a Loser (Remastered) Alive Records
2013-07-30 Dumpstaphunk Artist homepage CD MP3 Dirty Word Louisiana Red Hot Records
2013-10-22 Durham, Lincoln Artist homepage  CD MP3 Exodus of the Deemed Unrighteous Droog Records
2013-07-15 Dyble, Judy Artist homepage   MP3 Flow and Change Gonzo Multimedia
2013-07-09 Dykes, Omar Artist homepage CD MP3 Runnin' with the Wolf Mascot Records
2013-08-27 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage CD MP3 The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) Columbia Records
2013-05-28 Dylan, Jakob; Joe Henry Artist homepage   MP3 Songs For Slim: Ain't No Fair (In A Rock 'N' Roll Love Affair) / Taken On The Chin New West Records
2013-03-01 Dynamo Bliss Artist homepage   MP3 Poplar Music self
2013-12-10 Eaglesmith, Fred Artist homepage CD MP3 Tambourine self
2013-04-16 Earle & The Dukes (and Duchesses), Steve Artist homepage CD MP3 The Low Highway New West Records
2013-04-23 Earle, Steve; Craig Finn Artist homepage   MP3 Songs For Slim: Times Like This / Isn't It New West Records
2013-09-24 Eastham, Stewart Artist homepage   MP3 The Man I Once Was Long Bar Music
2013-01-22 Easton, Tim Artist homepage CD MP3 Before the Revolution: The Best of (1998-2011) New West Records
2013-08-20 Easton, Tim Artist homepage CD MP3 Not Cool Campfire Propaganda / Thirty Tigers
2013-07-08 Ebsen, Kiki Artist homepage CD MP3 The Beauty Inside Painted Pony Media
2013-02-19 Edmunds, Dave   CD   Subtle as a Flying Mallet (Expanded Edition) RPM Records
2013-11-19 Edmunds, Dave Artist homepage CD MP3 Again Rpm Records
2013-07-23 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Artist homepage CD MP3 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Vagrant Records
2013-02-05 Eels Artist homepage CD MP3 Wonderful, Glorious Vagrant Records
2013-03-12 Ehrhardt, Sena Artist homepage CD MP3 All In Blind Pig Records
2013-06-28 Eleanor Rigby Artist homepage     I'm Not Like Everybody Else / Up The Junction Future Legend Records
2013-02-12 Electric Rag Band Artist homepage CD MP3 The Esoteric Ramblings of the Electric Rag Band ERB Records
2013-06-25 Electric Soft Parade Artist homepage  CD MP3 Idiots Universal UK
2013-09-03 Elephant Revival Artist homepage CD MP3 These Changing Skies Itz Evolving Records / Thirty Tigers
2013-02-05 Elephant Stone Artist homepage  CD MP3 Elephant Stone Hidden Pony
2013-06-18 Ellis, Betse Artist homepage CD MP3 High Moon Order Free Dirt Records
2013-04-01 Ellis, Dave Artist homepage  CD MP3  Everything in Between self
2013-03-19 Elmore & Hoodoo Witch, Jason Artist homepage CD MP3 Tell You What Underworld Records
2013-02-25 Emmett, Bobby Artist homepage    MP3 Brighter Days (mono edition) self
2013-04-20 Empty White Circles Artist homepage      Empty White Circles self
2013-10-20 Empty White Circles Artist homepage    MP3 Live EP self
2013-02-19 Endless Boogie Artist homepage   MP3 Long Island No Quarter
2013-11-19 Englishman Artist homepage     Unsafe & Sound  
2013-03-30 Enter The Haggis Artist homepage   MP3 The Modest Revolution Firebrand Entertainment
2013-01-21 Erez and the End Artist homepage CD MP3 Silent Mountains Vinyl Records
2013-04-09 Escondido Artist homepage CD MP3 The Ghost of Escondido Kill Canyon
2013-05-14 Esquela Artist homepage CD MP3 Are We Rolling? Livestock / Bovina
2013-03-01 Estepa, Bryan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Heart vs Mind Laughing Outlaw Records
2013-03-11 Et Tu Bruce Artist homepage   MP3 Pearly Et Tu Records
2013-08-27 Everlast Artist homepage CD MP3 The Life Acoustic Martyr Inc. Records
2013-01-22 Ex Cops Artist homepage CD MP3 True Hallucinations Fat Possum
2013-03-21 Ex Norwegian Artist homepage CD MP3 Crack Limited Fanfare
2013-03-19 Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Artist homepage CD MP3 On the Verge Severn Records
2013-04-30 Falco and the Unapproachable Panther Burns, Tav Artist homepage   MP3 Lore and Testament Vol. II: Sugar Ditch Revisited / Shake Rag / Live at Messepalast Stag-o-lee
2013-04-08 Fallen Leaves, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 If Only We'd Known Parliament
2013-08-05 Family Piano, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Family Piano self
2013-11-12 Fankhauser Cassidy Band Artist homepage CD   On The Blue Road Gonzo Multimedia
2013-10-15 Farewell Milwaukee Artist homepage CD MP3 Can't Please You, Can't Please Me Five Head Entertainment
2013-03-19 Farmington Hill Artist homepage CD MP3 Bridge to Nowhere self
2013-10-28 Fathom Lane Artist homepage   MP3 Fathom Lane Longplayer Records
2013-07-08 Faye, Charlie Artist homepage     You Were Fine, You Weren't Even Lonely Wine & Nut Records
2013-10-08 Feek, Heidi Artist homepage CD MP3 The Only Western Pin-Up Records
2013-02-18 Fellaheen Artist homepage CD MP3 Death & Frolic EGADS Music
2013-09-04 Felsen Artist homepage   MP3 I Don't Know How To Talk Anymore self
2013-06-04 Ferrick, Melissa Artist homepage CD MP3 The Truth Is MPress Records
2013-11-19 Ferris & The Wheels Artist homepage   MP3 Hollow Thundercove Records
2013-01-29 Fiction Family Artist homepage CD MP3 Fiction Family Reunion Rock Ridge Music
2013-01-22 Fidlar Artist homepage CD MP3 Fidlar Mom & Pop Music
2013-01-15 Figgs, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Figgs Anthology: 100 People Grinning Stompermusic
2013-01-15 Figgs, The Artist homepage     10-28-2006 Green Bay WI Mainstage Stompermusic
2013-03-22 Fights, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Fights EP self
2013-11-21 Finest Grain Artist homepage  CD MP3 Can't Control It self
2013-10-02 FinleyKnight Artist homepage    MP3 FinleyKnight self
2013-09-03 Finnders & Youngberg Artist homepage   MP3 I Don't Want Love You Won't Give Until I Cry Swingfingers Records
2013-07-23 Fino, RoseAnn Artist homepage   MP3 RoseAnn Fino Woodstock Records
2013-07-09 Flannel Attractions, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Flannel Attractions self
2013-01-29 Fleeting Ends, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Our Eyes Are Peeled self
2013-01-29 Fleetwood Mac Artist homepage CD MP3 Rumours: Deluxe Edition Warner Bros
2013-04-30 Fleetwood Mac Artist homepage     Extended Play Warner Bros
2013-10-01 Fleshtones featuring Mary Huff Artist homepage   MP3 For A Smile / Everywhere Is Nowhere Yep Roc Records
2013-10-01 Fleshtones, Southern Culture on The Skids, Los Straitjackets Artist homepage CD MP3 Mondo Zombie Boogaloo Yep Roc
2013-09-10 Floodwood Artist homepage CD MP3 This is Life self
2013-05-14 Flynn, Ashleigh Artist homepage CD MP3 A Million Stars Home Perm Records
2013-03-12 Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers, Kevin Artist homepage CD MP3 The Broken Pavement of Avondale Pop Goes the Vinyl Records
2013-04-13 FM Radio Artist homepage CD MP3 Out of the Blue Cassidy Barks/Palladium
2013-05-28 Fogerty, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Wrote a Song for Everyone Vanguard Records 
2013-02-19 Ford, Robben Artist homepage CD MP3 Bringing It Back Home Provogue
2013-02-19 Ford & The Sound Outside, Sallie Artist homepage CD MP3 Untamed Beast Partisan Records
2013-04-08 Fossil Collective Artist homepage   MP3 Tell Where I Lie Hit & Run UK
2013-10-28 Fossil Collective Artist homepage   MP3 The Water EP Dirty Hit 
2013-05-21 Foucault & Cold Satellite, Jeffrey Artist homepage CD MP3 Cavalcade Signature Sounds
2013-01-18 Foxygen Artist homepage CD MP3 We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic Jagjaguwar
2013-07-30 Franti, Michael Artist homepage CD MP3 All People Capitol Records
2013-10-08 Fratellis, The Artist homepage CD MP3 We Need Medicine BMG
2013-03-08 Frazier, Casey Artist homepage   MP3 Regal self
2013-05-28 Frazier, Rebecca Artist homepage CD MP3 When We Fall Amtoco Records
2013-01-15 Free Energy Artist homepage CD MP3 Love Sign self
2013-06-04 Friedberger, Eleanor Artist homepage CD MP3 Personal Record Merge Records 
2013-09-09 Friedman & The Texas Jewboys, Kinky Artist homepage CD MP3 Lost and Found: The Famous Living Room Tape Avenue A Records
2013 Friedman, Roger Street Artist homepage     The Waiting Sky self
2013-01-29 Frontier Ruckus Artist homepage CD  MP3 Eternity of Dimming Quite Scientific
2013-07-30 Fruition Artist homepage CD MP3 Just One Of Them Nights self
2013-08-27 Fulks, Robbie Artist homepage CD MP3 Gone Away Backward Bloodshot Records
2013-08-27 Funderburk, Wyatt Artist homepage   MP3 Novel and Profane Nebulon II
2013-06-17 Gaines, Greta Artist homepage   MP3 Lighthouse & The Impossible Love Big Air Records
2013-04-09 Garcia, Javi Artist homepage CD MP3 The Great Controversy Izzy Is Dead Records
2013-02-04 Gardner, Jacco Artist homepage CD MP3 Cabinet of Curiosities Trouble In Mind Records
2013-11-26 Garvey, Connor Artist homepage     Meteors and Beating Hearts Mishara Music
2013-02-07 Gauthier, Mary Artist homepage CD MP3 Live at Blue Rock In The Black
2013-11-05 Gelb, Howe Artist homepage CD   The Coincidentalist New West Records
2013-06-03 Gelman, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Undertow Incremental Music
2013-03-19 Gelman, Natalie Artist homepage CD   Streetlamp Musician self
2013-11-01 Gemma & the Travellers Artist homepage     Stay / Don't Look for Me (single) Lemoncake
2013-12-16 Gent, Mike Artist homepage  CD MP3  The Rapid Shave self
2013-03-25 Gentlemen Rogues Artist homepage     Gentlemen Rogues EP self
2013-07-16 Gerrard, Alice Artist homepage CD MP3 Bittersweet Spruce & Maple Music
2013-09-20 Ghost To Go Artist homepage     Small Victories self
2013-07-09 Gibson, Daughn Artist homepage CD MP3 Me Moan Sub Pop
2013-12-08 Giddings, Joe Artist homepage     All Themes Considered Vol. 3 self
2013-07-30 Gill, Vince; Paul Franklin Artist homepage CD MP3 Bakersfield MCA Nashville
2013-01-01 Gillard, Maria Artist homepage CD MP3 Mending self
2013-10-07 Gillam, Tom Artist homepage    MP3 Good for You Great Tone Records
2013-03-19 Glaze & The Hilonesome Band, Susie Artist homepage CD MP3 White Swan Hilonesome Music
2013-08-13 Gleeson Artist homepage    MP3 Gleeson II Almost There Records
2013-03-04 Goat Roper Rodeo Band, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hail The Remedy 101 Records
2013-01-29 Golden Bloom Artist homepage   MP3 No Day Like Today The Sleepy West
2013-08-20 Goldspot Artist homepage   MP3 Aerogramme Mt Hoboken / Nice Music
2013-01-22 Gomez, Max Artist homepage CD MP3 Rule the World New West Records
2013-08-15 Goodman, Michael Artist homepage CD MP3 Unbreakable Heart Mammer Jam Records
2013-03-01 Gordon, Martin Artist homepage CD MP3 Include Me Out Radiant Future Records
2013-09-24 Gov't Mule Artist homepage CD MP3 Shout! Blue Note / Universal
2013-11-12 Grace & Tony Artist homepage CD   November Rock Ridge Music
2013-09-03 Grahams, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Riverman's Daughter Walrus Records
2013-07-16 Grainger, Kara Artist homepage CD MP3 Shiver & Sigh Electo Groove Records
2013-03-19 Grapes of Wrath, The Artist homepage CD   High Road Aporia
2013-10-20 Graves, Steven Artist homepage CD MP3 Time Will Tell One Essence Music
2013-03-05 Great Peacock Artist homepage   MP3 Great Peacock EP This Is American Music
2013-07-01 Greek Theatre, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Lost Out At Sea self
2013-11-05 Green Corn Revival Artist homepage     Bound for Glory self
2013-03-12 Greenberger and A Strong Dog, David Artist homepage     So Tough Pel Pel Recordings
2013-09-17 Greenberger and Shaking Ray Levis, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Tramps That Go Think in the Night Pel Pel Recordings
2013-08-20 Greencards, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sweetheart of the Sun Darling Street Records
2013-06-04 Greene, Rian Artist homepage   MP3 Drown the Miller Post Oak Records
2013-03-25 Greener, Melissa Artist homepage CD MP3 Transistor Corazon Gumptionsong Productions
2013-06-04 Greezy Wheels Artist homepage   MP3 Kitty Cat Jesus MaHatMa Records
2013-10-22 Grenade, Crystal Artist homepage CD   Lo! and Behold Gonzo
2013-04-16 Grey & Mofro, JJ Artist homepage CD MP3 This River Alligator Records
2013-05-07 Griffin, Patty Artist homepage CD MP3 American Kid New West Records
2013-10-08 Griffin, Patty Artist homepage CD   Silver Bell A&M / Universal
2013-12-15 Grillo, Carmen Artist homepage   MP3 A Different World Big Surprise Music
2013-09-13 Grimm Generation, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Big Fame Drug Reaction Records
2013-11-19 Grip Weeds, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Inner Grooves Ground Up Records
2013-10-22 Grizzard, Jefferson Artist homepage   MP3 Learning How to Lie Back Porch Syndicate
2013-02-26 Gronemeyer, Herbert Artist homepage CD MP3 I Walk Groenland Records
2013-09-30 Groovy Uncle featuring Suzi Chunk Artist homepage  CD MP3 One Vowel Away From The Truth Trouserphonic
2013-01-22 Growlers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Hung at Heart Everloving
2013-10-08 Grushecky, Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Somewhere East of Eden Schoolhouse Records / Warner
2013-08-06 Guthrie, Sarah Lee; Johnny Irion Artist homepage CD MP3 Wassaic Way Rte 8 Records
2013-07-30 Guy, Buddy Artist homepage CD MP3 Rhythm & Blues RCA
2013-08-20 Gypsy Carns Artist homepage CD MP3 Tango Blues Trailer Trash Music
2013-09-24 Ha Ha Tonka Artist homepage CD MP3 Lessons Bloodshot Records
2013-10-08 Haerts Artist homepage    MP3 Hemiplegia Columbia
2013-05-20 HalleyAnna Artist homepage     HalleyAnna self
2013-06-04 Halverson, Josh Artist homepage CD MP3 One Shot self
2013-03-26 Hamblin & The Roustabouts, Chase Artist homepage CD MP3 Vaudeville Hamblin Records
2013-09-10 Hammond, David Allen Artist homepage     The Sapphire Sun self
2013-09-03 Hamner, Lowry Artist homepage CD MP3 American Dreaming self
2013-02-26 Hancock, Wayne Artist homepage CD MP3 Ride Bloodshot Records
2013-05-14 Handsome Family, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Wilderness Carrot Top Records
2013-05-12 Hanky Panky Artist homepage     A Precious Bitch self
2013-02-26 Hanvey, Steafan Artist homepage CD MP3 Nuclear Family Honeyworks
2014-01-21 Hard Working Americans Artist homepage    MP3 Hard Working Americans Melvin Records
2013-12-07 Harmalators, The Artist homepage    MP3 Sweet as a Flower Hitman Records
2013-10-29 Harmed Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Better Days Fluff & Gravy Records
2013-01-29 Harper, Ben; Charlie Musselwhite Artist homepage CD MP3 Get Up! Stax
2013-10-29 Harpeth Rising Artist homepage   MP3 Tales from Jackson Bridge self
2013-04-02 Harris Band, Brady Artist homepage CD   NoHo Confidential self
2013-02-26 Harris, Emmylou; Rodney Crowell Artist homepage CD MP3 Old Yellow Moon Nonesuch
2013-05-21 Hart, Beth; Joe Bonamassa Artist homepage CD MP3 Seesaw J&R Adventures
2013-12-17 Hart, Dave & Emma Artist homepage   MP3 Hold On Out of Town Records
2013-10-21 Haskard, Kathleen Artist homepage CD   Where the Land Meets the Sky self
2013-09-10 Have Gun, Will Travel Artist homepage CD MP3 Fiction, Fact or Folktale? This Is American Music
2013-03-05 Hazlewood, Lee     MP3 Trouble Is A Lonesome Town (expanded reissue) Light In The Attic
2013-11-26 Hazlewood Industries, Lee   CD   There's A Dream I've Been Saving 1966-1971 Light In The Attic
2013-04-22 He's My Brother She's My Sister Artist homepage CD MP3 Nobody Dances In This Town Park The Van
2013-10-15 Head And The Heart, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Let's Be Still Sub Pop
2013-05-06 Heath, Rob Artist homepage CD MP3 The Trick self
2013-10-02 Hector and The Leaves Artist homepage     Problems self
2013-03-01 Hellabama Honky Tonks Artist homepage CD   Bang Boom Jubilee Part Records
2013-04-02 Hem Artist homepage CD MP3 Departure and Farewell Waveland
2013-09-24 Hendrickson, Ernie Artist homepage   MP3 One for the Dreamers self
2013-03-05 Hendrix, Jimi Artist homepage CD MP3 People, Hell and Angels Legacy
2013 Henry, Chris Artist homepage     Making My Way to You self
2013-11-05 Henry Girls, The Artist homepage CD MP3 December Moon self
2013-08-06 Herfindal, Todd Artist homepage CD MP3 Right Here Now Single Recordings
2013-05-21 Herring, Emily Artist homepage CD MP3 Your Mistake self
2013-03-05 Hey Marseilles Artist homepage CD MP3 Lines We Trace ONTO / Thirty Tigers
2013-02-02 Hey Mavis Artist homepage CD MP3 Honey Man Stellada Music
2013-09-17 Heyman, Richard X. Artist homepage CD   X Turn-Up Records
2013-12-01 Heyman, Richard X. Artist homepage   MP3 I Can't Wait (Christmas single) Turn-Up Records
2013-06-11 Hicks and The Hot Licks, Dan Artist homepage