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2013 L-Z Albums  (Click Here to Go To 2013 A-K)
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2013-04-01 Labrie, Shannon Artist homepage CD MP3 Just Be Honest Zodlounge Music
2013-06-11 LaFarge, Pokey Artist homepage     Pokey LaFarge Third Man Records
2012 Lake Street Dive Artist homepage CD   Fun Machine Signature Sounds
2013-04-15 Land, Arthur Lee Artist homepage   MP3 Cracked Open Perfect Groove Records
2013-05-28 Landry, Yvette Artist homepage CD MP3 No Man's Land self
2013-09-17 Lang, Jonny Artist homepage CD MP3 Fight for My Soul Concord
2013-04-03 Langston, Grant Artist homepage CD MP3 Working Until I Die MSG Records
2013-08-26 Lapointe, Lauren Artist homepage CD MP3 Superhero self
2013-09-24 Larkin, Patty Artist homepage CD MP3 Still Green Signature Sounds
2013-03-05 Last Bison, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Inheritance Universal Republic 
2013-04-30 Late Cambrian Artist homepage   MP3 Peach self
2013-10-29 Lauderdale, Jim Artist homepage CD MP3 Old Time Angels Sky Crunch / Smith
2013-11-19 Lauderdale, Jim Artist homepage  CD MP3 Black Roses Sky Crunch Records
2013-11-19 Lauderdale, Jim Artist homepage  CD MP3 Blue Moon Junction Sky Crunch Records
2013-11-22 Lawn Chair Kings Artist homepage  CD MP3 Zombies Wake! self
2013-01-18 Lawrenson, Stephen Artist homepage CD MP3 Obscuriosity Kool Kat
2013-03-19 Lawson, Kait Artist homepage CD MP3 Until We Drown Madjack Records
2013-11-12 Le Bon, Cate Artist homepage  CD MP3 Mug Museum Wichita
2013-02-05 Leady, Don Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hillbilly Boogie Surfin' Blues self
2013-10-08 Lee, Amos Artist homepage CD MP3 Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song Blue Note Records / Universal
2013-02-05 Lee & The Breakups, Beth Artist homepage CD MP3 One More Time Again self
2013-03-28 Lee & The Lovedaddies Artist homepage    MP3 Lee & The Lovedaddies Kinky Star Records
2013-04-23 Lee & The Kings, Kevin Artist homepage CD MP3 Breakout Sigus Records
2013-02-05 Lee, Phil Artist homepage CD MP3 The Fall and Further Decline of The Mighty King of Love Palookaville Records
2013-01-31 Lee 3, Tim Artist homepage  CD MP3  Devil's Rope Cool Dog Sound
2013-03-25 Left Arm Tan Artist homepage CD MP3 Alticana self
2013-02-19 Left Behind, The Artist homepage     Volume One: We're Already Gone self
2013-09-17 Left Lane Cruiser Artist homepage CD MP3 Rock Them Back To Hell Alive Records
2013-09-24 Leigh, Brennen; Noel McKay Artist homepage     Before the World Was Made self
2013-07-02 Leisure Society, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Alone Aboard the Ark Full Time Hobby
2013-09-02 lePercolateur Artist homepage CD MP3 Pop Manouche Chicago Sessions Ltd
2013-08-27 Lewis, Black Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Electric Slave Vagrant Records
2013-03-22 Liar's Club Artist homepage CD MP3 Come and Go Charlatan
2013-06-25 Lightnin' Slim Artist homepage CD   High & Low Down [Remastered] Alive Records
2013-11-18 Liminanas Artist homepage  CD MP3  Costa Blanca Trouble In Mind Records
2013-06-08 Lindsay, Mark Artist homepage  CD MP3 Life Out Loud Bongo Boy Records
2013-07-15 Lindsey, Lee Artist homepage     Flowers Tall Poppy Records
2013-10-15 Linq Artist homepage CD   Disconnect self
2013-03-26 Little Green Cars Artist homepage CD MP3 Absolute Zero Glassnote
2013-04-02 Littlejohn, Hartwell Artist homepage CD MP3  Hartwell Littlejohn self
2013-01-08 Living Sisters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Run for Cover EP Vanguard
2013-04-01 Livings, Frances Artist homepage   MP3 The World I Am Livings In Moontraxx Records
2013-02-16 Livingstone Daisies Artist homepage CD MP3 Don't Know What Happiness Is Popboomerang Records
2013-01-29 Local Natives Artist homepage CD MP3 Hummingbird Frenchkiss Records
2013-06-01 London Egg Artist homepage   MP3 If It Takes Forever self
2013-01-22 Lone Bellow, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Lone Bellow Descendant Records
2013-02-19 Long, Bobby Artist homepage CD MP3 Wishbone ATO Records
2013-04-16 Looking, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Songs For A Traveler Astraea Records
2013-08-19 Loomis, Hamilton Artist homepage   MP3 Give It Back Ham-Bone Records
2013-11-12 Los Campesinos! Artist homepage  CD MP3 No Blues Wichita Records
2013-10-29 Los Lobos Artist homepage CD MP3 Disconnected in New York City 429 Records
2013-07-23 Love Language, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Ruby Red Merge Records
2013-11-05 Loveless, Lydia Artist homepage    MP3 Boy Crazy Bloodshot Records
2013-10-29 Loves It Artist homepage   MP3 All We Are Team Austin
2013-03-19 Low Artist homepage CD MP3 The Invisible Way Sub Pop
2013-04-19 Low, Tony Artist homepage  CD MP3 Tone-Wah self
2013-06-20 Lowe, Jere Artist homepage CD MP3 Cars Trains and the Wind self
2013-10-29 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage CD MP3 Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection for All the Family Yep Roc
2013-08-27 Lucas, Austin Artist homepage CD MP3 Stay Reckless New West Records
2013-10-15 Lucius Artist homepage CD MP3 Wildewoman Mom & Pop Music
2013-08-20 Lumineers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Lumineers - Deluxe Edition Dualtone Music Group
2013-03-18 Luning, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Just Drop on By self
2013-11-27 Lunsford, Sam Artist homepage     Kangen self
2013-08-27 Luray Artist homepage CD MP3 The Wilder self
2013-05-28 Lynch, Claire Artist homepage CD MP3 Dear Sister Compass Records
2013-09-24 Lynn, Lera Artist homepage     Lying in the Sun EP self
2013-12-10 Lynne, Shelby Artist homepage CD MP3 Thanks Everso
2013-01-02 Mack, Lonnie Artist homepage   MP3 The Wham of that Memphis Man! Ace
2013-06-25 Mae, Kelcy Artist homepage   MP3 The Fire - EP Parish Road Music
2013-10-22 Magic Eight Ball Artist homepage    MP3 Russian Ballet (single) Magic Cat Records
2013-01-21 Mahan, Rich Artist homepage CD MP3 Blame Bobby Bare Snortin Horse Records
2013-05-07 Maines, Natalie Artist homepage CD MP3 Mother Columbia
2013-06-19 Makeouts Artist homepage    MP3 Hamburger Hill (single) Bachelor Records
2013-07-01 Makeouts Artist homepage    MP3 Bringin Out The Stars (single) Bachelor Records
2013-06-04 Malone, Michelle Artist homepage CD MP3 Day 2 SBS Records
2013-06-18 Malone, Tommy Artist homepage CD MP3 Natural Born Days M.C. Records
2013-03-12 Maloney, Heather Artist homepage CD MP3 Heather Maloney Signature Sounds
2013-01-04 Mandalele Artist homepage     Riddled in Rhyme self
2013-08-20 Mandolin Orange Artist homepage CD MP3 This Side of Jordan  Yep Roc Records 
2013-02-14 Maness, Jonathan Artist homepage CD MP3 Time, Love, and Money Anteflow Records
2013-06-18 Manzarek, Ray; Roy Rogers Artist homepage CD MP3 Twisted Tales CNC Records
2013-11-19 Marble, Leigh Artist homepage  CD MP3 Pony EP Laughing Stock Records
2013-06-24 Marcus And The Music Artist homepage CD MP3 Catch 22 Ex-tension Records
2013-03-04 Mariner's Children, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sycamore EP Ais
2013-05-28 Marling, Laura Artist homepage CD MP3 Once I Was An Eagle Ribbon Records
2013-02-26 Marr, Johnny Artist homepage CD MP3 The Messenger Sire / Ada
2013-02-12 Marshall, Bex Artist homepage CD MP3 The House of Mercy self
2013-01-22 Marshall / Peery Project Artist homepage   MP3 Life's Too Short self
2013-02-19 Martin, Daphne Lee Artist homepage CD MP3 Moxie The Telegraph Recording Company
2013-04-16 Martin, Steve; Edie Brickell Artist homepage CD MP3 Love Has Come For You Rounder
2013-02-19 Marxer, Marcy Artist homepage CD MP3 Things Are Coming My Way Community Music
2013-08-20 Mason, Willy Artist homepage CD MP3 Carry On Communion Records
2013-06-17 Mathur, Ajay Artist homepage   MP3 Come See Conquer Yaketeeyak Records
2013-01-22 Mathus & The Tri-State Coalition, Jimbo Artist homepage CD MP3 White Buffalo Fat Possum Records 
2013-08-29 Matt The Electrician Artist homepage   MP3 It's A Beacon It's A Bell self
2013-09-16 Maureens, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Maureens Dgr
2013-02-26 Mavericks, The Artist homepage CD MP3 In Time Valory
2013-02-19 May, Todd Artist homepage CD MP3 Rickenbacker Girls Redeye
2013-08-20 Mayer, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Paradise Valley Columbia
2013-04-15 Mayfield Parade, The David Artist homepage   MP3 Good Man Down Beautywood
2013-06-11 Mayfield, Matthew Artist homepage     Irons in the Fire self
2013-05-21 Maynard and The Musties Artist homepage     West self
2013-10-08 Mayock and The Homesteaders, John Artist homepage    MP3 John Mayock and The Homesteaders self
2013-09-24 Mazzy Star Artist homepage CD MP3 Seasons of Your Day Rhymes of an Hour Records
2013-02-19 McCarthy, Dawn; Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Artist homepage CD MP3 What The Brothers Sang Palace Records
2013-05-21 McCartney, James Artist homepage CD MP3 Me ECR Music Group
2013-10-15 McCartney, Paul Artist homepage CD MP3 New HBNT10 
2013-03-22 M'Carver, Kimberly Artist homepage   MP3 Hard Waltz Kocker Records
2013-10-15 McCombs, Cass Artist homepage  CD MP3 Big Wheel and Others Domino
2013-04-29 McCrary Sisters, The Artist homepage   MP3 All The Way self
2013-03-19 McCulley, Rich Artist homepage CD MP3 The Grand Design Rmc Records
2013-03-04 McFeron, Ian Artist homepage CD MP3 Time Will Take You self
2013-05-14 McFerrin, Bobby Artist homepage CD MP3 SpiritYouAll Sony
2013-08-12 McGraff, Tia Artist homepage     Break These Chains Bandana Records
2013-04-23 McKenna, Lori Artist homepage CD MP3 Massachusetts 1-2-3-4-Go!
2013-01-15 McKeown, Erin Artist homepage CD MP3 Manifestra TVP Records
2013-02-05 McKeown, Susan Artist homepage CD MP3 Belong Hibernian Music
2013-04-30 McNally, Shannon Artist homepage CD MP3 Small Town Talk Sacred Sumac Music
2013-09-17 McNally, Shannon Artist homepage     Small Town Talk - Acoustic EP self
2013-01-22 McNeill & Sea Monsters, Christian Artist homepage CD MP3 Everything's Up For Grabs Q-Dee Records
2013-04-16 Meat Puppets Artist homepage CD MP3 Rat Farm The Royal Potato Family
2013-05-06 Meech, Sarah Gayle Artist homepage CD MP3 One Good Thing self
2013-03-05 Men, The Artist homepage   MP3 New Moon Sacred Bones Records
2013-01-04 Mergers, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Monkey See, Monkey Do! Soundflat (Broken Silence)
2013-09-17 Merritt, Tift Artist homepage CD MP3 Traveling Companion Yep Roc Records
2013-07-03 Messano, Bobby Artist homepage  CD MP3 Welcome to Deltaville self
2013-09-05 Meyers, Augie Artist homepage  CD   Loves Lost and Found self
2013-09-17 MGMT Artist homepage CD   MGMT Columbia
2013-05-07 Mikey and the Drags Artist homepage CD MP3 Spill Your Guts / Solstice Ditto Music
2013-06-25 Milagro Saints Artist homepage     Play Mighty Road Songs: A Handful of Tunes by Woody Guthrie Moon Caravan
2013-03-03 Milford, Cameron Artist homepage CD MP3 Highway Wind Storybridge Sounds
2013-03-26 Milk Carton Kids, The Artist homepage CD   The Ash and Clay Anti 
2013-04-23 Miller, Jerry Artist homepage CD MP3 New Road Under My Wheels Signature Sounds
2013-10-08 Miller, Scott Artist homepage CD MP3 Big Big World F.A.Y. Recordings
2013-03-18 Millerschin, Olivia Artist homepage   MP3 Yes, No, Maybe So self
2013-09-09 Milton Artist homepage CD MP3 The Lady at the Bottom of the Hill self
2013-10-29 Minor Alps [J. Hatfield / M. Caws] Artist homepage CD MP3 Get There Barsuk
2013-07-23 Minus 5, The / Tim O'Reagan & Jim Boquist Artist homepage   MP3 Songs For Slim: Rockin' Here Tonight (feat. Curtiss A) / Cozy New West Records
2013-04-20 Miraldi, Dan Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Freewheelin' Dan Miraldi EP DM Experience this Music LLC
2013-09-10 Miraldi, Dan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Devil at Our Heels EP DM Experience this Music LLC
2013-10-15 Misner & Smith Artist homepage CD MP3 Seven Hour Storm self
2013-11-11 Miss Marcy and her Texas SugarDaddy's Artist homepage CD MP3 Miss Marcy CSP Records
2013-10-29 Miss Tess & The Talkbacks Artist homepage     The Love I Have For You Signature Sounds
2013-10-15 Mitchell and Friends, Elizabeth Artist homepage CD MP3 The Sounding Joy: Christmas Songs in and out of the Ruth Crawford Seeger Songbook Smithsonian Folkways
2013-12-10 Molland, Joey Artist homepage CD   Return to Memphis Gonzo Multimedia UK
2013-06-10 Mondlock, Buddy Artist homepage     The Memory Wall Sparking gap
2013-01-14 Mondrian Artist homepage     Isn't It Fun Without My Hat Records
2013-03-05 Monroe, Ashley Artist homepage CD MP3 Like a Rose Warner Music Nashville
2013-03-14 Moody, Keith Artist homepage CD MP3 Dreaming Out Loud self
2013-05-07 Moody, Ruth Artist homepage CD MP3 These Wilder Things Red House Records
2013-08-17 Mooner Artist homepage     Making Americans b/w Down On Marston Blues self
2013-04-26 Mop Tops, The Artist homepage  CD MP3  Got to Make Sunday Funky! self
2013-07-30 Moreland & Arbuckle Artist homepage CD MP3 7 Cities Telarc
2013-06-11 Moreland, John Artist homepage    MP3 In the Throes Last Chance Records
2013-10-22 Morrison, Van Artist homepage CD MP3 Moondance - Deluxe Edition Warner Bros.
2013-03-05 Morlix, Gurf Artist homepage CD   Gurf Morlix Finds The Present Tense Rootball Records
2013-05-17 Most, The Artist homepage   MP3 Auto-Destructive Art copaseDisques
2013-08-27 Motel Mirrors Artist homepage   MP3 Motel Mirrors Archer Records
2013-02-26 Mount Moriah Artist homepage CD MP3 Miracle Temple Merge Records
2013-10-29 Movements, The Artist homepage CD   Like Elephants 1 Crusher Records
2013-06-01 Mozley Artist homepage     EP self
2013-02-14 Murnane, Rick Artist homepage     You Can Never Tell [single]  
2013-07-09 Murphey, Michael Martin Artist homepage CD MP3 Red River Drifter Red River Entertainment
2013-08-18 Muscle Souls Artist homepage     Muscle Souls self
2013-03-19 Musgraves, Kacey Artist homepage CD MP3 Same Trailer Different Park Mercury Nashville
2013-07-29 Mutts Artist homepage CD MP3 Object Permanence 8eat8 Records
2013-06-25 Mychols, Lisa Artist homepage     Above, Beyond & In Between self
2013-05-21 National, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Trouble Will Find Me 4AD
2013-04-04 Nature Strip, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Stars Turn Inside Out Laughing Outlaw Records
2013-11-26 NC Music Love Army Artist homepage  CD MP3 We Are Not For Sale NC Music Love Army
2013-03-30 Ned Van Go Artist homepage CD MP3 Lost in the Trouble self
2013-06-11 Neighbours Artist homepage  CD MP3 Prime Numbers Get Hip Recordings
2013-11-12 Neill and the Norway Rats, Casey Artist homepage  CD MP3 All You Pretty Vandals Redeye
2013-04-16 Nelson, Willie Artist homepage CD MP3 Let's Face the Music and Dance Sony Legacy
2013-10-15 Nelson, Willie Artist homepage CD MP3 To All The Girls... Sony Legacy
2013-01-22 Neville, Aaron Artist homepage CD MP3 My True Story Blue Note Records 
2013-04-09 New American Farmers Artist homepage   MP3 Brand New Day Big Barncat Records
2013-06-24 New Country Rehab Artist homepage CD MP3 Ghost of Your Dreams Kelp Records
2013-07-16 New Mendicants, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Australia 2013 Ashmont Records
2013 New Mendicants, The Artist homepage      A Very Sorry Christmas / A Very Sorry New Year (45) XPT
2013-12-11 New Trocaderos, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Money Talks / The Kids self
2013-04-10 Newbould, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Tennessee self
2013-06-03 Newman and the Reinforcements, Tracy Artist homepage CD MP3 I Just See You self
2013-01-22 Nick and the Ovorols Artist homepage   MP3 Telegraph Taboo Daemon Corp
2013-10-08 Nieve, Steve Artist homepage  CD MP3  ToGetHer 429 Records / Savoy
2013-02-05 Night Beds Artist homepage CD MP3 Country Sleep Dead Oceans
2013-06-25 Nile, Willie Artist homepage CD MP3 American Ride River House Records
2013-04-02 Nilsen, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Wild Rose Magic Wing
2013-09-10 Nines, The Artist homepage     The Nines self
2013-09-08 Nips 'n Nipple Erectors Artist homepage  CD MP3 Bops Babes Booze & Bovver Big Beat UK
2013-09-03 North Mississippi Allstars Artist homepage CD MP3 World Boogie Is Coming (with bonus tracks) Songs of the South 
2013-06-29 Northern Uproar Artist homepage    MP3 All That Was Has Gone self
2013-05-03 nrwy Artist homepage    MP3 Negatives GDR
2013-11-25 Nutley Brass, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge  Misfits
2013-09-10 Obits Artist homepage CD MP3 Bed & Bugs Sub Pop
2013-09-17 O'Brien, Tim; Darrell Scott Artist homepage CD MP3 Memories & Moments Full Skies / Thirty Tigers
2013-06-11 O'Donovan, Aoife Artist homepage CD MP3 Fossils Yep Roc
2013-04-03 Of Monsters And Men Artist homepage CD  MP3 My Head Is An Animal Universal Republic
2013-10-08 Of Montreal Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lousy with Sylvianbriar Polyvinyl Records
2013-09-03 Okkervil River Artist homepage CD MP3 The Silver Gymnasium ATO Records 
2013-10-01 Old 97's & Waylon Jennings Artist homepage CD MP3 Old 97's & Waylon Jennings Omnivore Recordings / Universal
2013-09-03 Old Crow Medicine Show Artist homepage CD MP3 Carry Me Back to Virginia (EP) ATO Records
2013-05-13 Oliver, Karyn Artist homepage CD MP3 Magdalene Buxom County Records
2013-07-16 Ollie Vee Artist homepage   MP3 Lonesome Girl self
2013-06-04 Olms, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Olms self
2013-04-30 Olson, Carla Artist homepage CD MP3 Have Harmony, Will Travel Busted Flat
2013-09-18 Oneill, Michael Artist homepage CD MP3 I Like It Like That self
2013-10-07 O'Neill, Brendan Artist homepage    MP3 Outside Worlds self
2013-05-14 Orange Peels, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sun Moon Minty Fresh
2013-07-02 Orso, Eddie Artist homepage  CD MP3 He Said She Said self
2013-10-08 Ortega, Lindi Artist homepage CD MP3 Tin Star Last Gang Records
2013-02-12 Osborne, Anders Artist homepage CD MP3 Three Free Amigos Alligator Records 
2013-10-08 Osborne, Anders Artist homepage CD MP3 Peace Alligator Records
2013-03-26 Outta Sites, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Shake All Night With The Outta Sites Spinout Records
2013-09-03 Over The Rhine Artist homepage CD MP3 Meet Me At The Edge Of The World self
2013-11-30 Overhultz, Erich; Rick Harper Artist homepage CD MP3 Shively Plantation Hivariety
2013-01-22 Overmountain Men Artist homepage   MP3 The Next Best Thing Ramseur Records
2013-11-05 Owens, Buck Artist homepage  CD MP3 Buck 'Em: The Music of Buck Owens (1955-1967) Omnivore
2013-01-15 Owens, Christopher Artist homepage CD MP3 Lysandre Fat Possum
2013-09-17 Oyster Murders, The Artist homepage   MP3 Mourning Birds EP self
2013-01-16 Page, Sam Artist homepage   MP3 Breach self
2013-10-31 Paint 31 Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hot Dogs on Tuesday self
2013-09-03 Paley Brothers, The Artist homepage CD   The Complete Recordings Real Gone Music
2013-12-12 Palominos, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Come On In Randm
2013-10-22 Paper Arrows Artist homepage    MP3 Good News for Love Quell Records
2013-03-05 Paper Kites, The Artist homepage   MP3 Woodland (EP) Nettwerk Records
2013-03-05 Paper Kites, The Artist homepage   MP3 Young North (EP) Nettwerk Records
2013-10-01 Paper Kites, The Artist homepage CD MP3 States Nettwerk Records
2013-08-20 Paper Lions Artist homepage CD MP3 My Friends Fountain Pop Records
2013-10-15 Parker & 50 Peso Reward, Rodney Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Apology: Part 2 Smith Entertainment
2013-10-01 Parkington Sisters Artist homepage    MP3 Inside My Head self
2013-12-02 Parkington Sisters Artist homepage   MP3 A Parkington Sisters' Christmas self
2013-04-09 Parlour Brothers, The Artist homepage    MP3 Hard Sell self
2013-01-14 Parquet Courts Artist homepage CD MP3 Light Up Gold What's Your Rupture?
2013-10-08 Parquet Courts Artist homepage  CD MP3 Tally All The Things That You Broke What's Your Rupture
2013-01-22 Parson Red Heads, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Yearling [expanded version] Second Motion Records
2013-06-04 Parson Red Heads Artist homepage   MP3 6 (EP) Parson Farm Records
2013-10-01 Parson Red Heads, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Orb Weaver Fiesta Red
2013-05-28 Pastels, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Slow Summits Domino
2013-02-05 Paterson, Joel Artist homepage CD MP3 Handful of Strings self
2013-05-06 Patrick, Matthew Artist homepage CD MP3 Blue Sun self
2013-01-18 Patrick, Tammy Artist homepage CD MP3 A Priority self
2013-07-03 Patton, Jim; Sherry Brokus Artist homepage   MP3 The Great Unknown Berkalin Records
2013-02-27 Paul & John, The Artist homepage     Everything Comes Together / Long Way Back self
2013-02-19 Pearcy, Amanda Artist homepage   MP3 Royal Street self
2013-07-01 Pengwins, The Artist homepage    MP3 Vol. 1 Spyder Pop
2013 Perron, Dave Artist homepage     Foot to the Pedal self
2013-06-25 Perry, Andrea Artist homepage CD MP3 Four self
2013-08-15 Persian Leaps, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Praise Elephants self
2013-02-12 Peterson Band, Lucky Artist homepage CD   Live at the 55 Arts Club Berlin Soulfood/AFM
2013-01-12 Petite, Sara Artist homepage CD MP3 Circus Comes to Town self
2013-03-05 Peyroux, Madeleine Artist homepage CD MP3 The Blue Room Decca
2013-05-28 Phillips, Paul Artist homepage CD MP3 Every Time I Leave self
2013-08-13 Phillips, Sam Artist homepage CD MP3 Push Any Button Littlebox Recordings
2013-10-01 Phillips, Sandra Artist homepage CD MP3 Too Many People In One Bed (Remastered) Alive Records
2013-04-23 Phoenix Artist homepage CD MP3 Bankrupt! Glassnote
2013-03-19 Phosphorescent Artist homepage CD MP3 Muchacho Dead Oceans
2013-04-15 Pickering, Chris Artist homepage CD MP3 Circles self
2013-09-24 Pikelny, Noam Artist homepage CD MP3 Plays Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe Compass Records
2013-02-13 Pines, Woody Artist homepage     Rabbits Motel self
2013-09-10 Pirate Flags, The Artist homepage   MP3 Songs of the Seas self
2013-05-07 Pistol Annies Artist homepage CD MP3 Annie Up Sony Nashville / RCA
2013-06-11 Piunti, Nick Artist homepage     13 In My Head Futureman Records
2013-03-05 Poco Artist homepage   MP3 All Fired Up Drifter's Church Productions
2013-10-03 Poltz, Steve Artist homepage   MP3 Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde (Soundtrack) Arrival Records
2013-11-05 Poor Old Shine Artist homepage CD   Poor Old Shine Signature Sounds
2013-05-28 Popa Chubby Artist homepage CD MP3 Universal Breakdown Blues Provogue / Mascot
2013-05-13 Popdogs, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Cool Cats for Pop Dogs BigMac Records
2013-10-24 Pope, Greg Artist homepage    MP3 Pop Motion Animation Octoberville Records
2013-04-16 Popovic, Ana Artist homepage CD MP3 Can You Stand the Heat Artist Exclusive
2013-07-22 Porter, Bo Artist homepage     Try It, You'll Like It Holy Smokes
2013-02-19 Porter & The Tucos, Jeremy Artist homepage CD MP3 Partner In Crime New Fortune Records
2013-06-04 Portugal. The Man Artist homepage CD MP3 Evil Friends Atlantic
2013-10-29 Possessed By Paul James Artist homepage CD MP3 There Will Be Nights When I'm Lonely Hillgrass Bluebilly Records
2013-10-28 Poster Boy, The Artist homepage   MP3 Bonjour, C'est Pop Deux self
2013-09-17 Potty Mouth Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hell Bent Redeye
2013-01-21 Pras, Julien Artist homepage CD MP3 Shady Hollow Circus Vicious Circle
2013-01-25 Prescott Band, Doug Artist homepage CD MP3 Blues In The Key Of Sea self
2013-08-06 Presley, Elvis Artist homepage CD MP3 Elvis at Stax RCA / Legacy
2013-04-30 Pretty & Nice Artist homepage CD MP3 Golden Rules for Golden People Equal Vision Records
2013-10-11 Pritts, Hallie Artist homepage     Winter Wedding Party We Carry On
2013-04-02 Propeller Artist homepage     Don't Be Sorry Again self
2013-05-14 Pruitt, Dominique Artist homepage CD   Dominique Pruitt Merovee Records
2013-04-15 Pulley & The Reluctant Prophets, Rebekah Artist homepage CD MP3 Tralala Lucky Bird Records
2013-02-19 Purkeypile, JoDee Artist homepage   MP3 Messenger Emerald Wood Records
2013-02-18 Quiet Hollers Artist homepage  CD MP3 I Am The Morning FM / Firesafe
2013-10-04 Quitty and the Don'ts Artist homepage    MP3 All of You / No Damage Done Don't Record Records
2013-03-06 Radio Days Artist homepage   MP3 Get Some Action Rock Indiana
2013-01-29 Raffi Joe Artist homepage  CD MP3 Pushkin Street self
2013-08-27 Raines and The New Hip, Missy Artist homepage CD MP3 New Frontier Compass Records
2013-07-16 Randolph & Family Band, Robert Artist homepage CD MP3 Lickety Split Blue Note / Universal
2013-12-17 Rationales, The Artist homepage    MP3 Dream of Fire self
2013-08-12 Raving Beauties, The Artist homepage    MP3 Oh Lover (single) At The Helm Records
2013-06-25 Raw Spitt (Charlie Whitehead) Artist homepage CD MP3 Raw Spitt [Remastered] Alive Records
2013-09-24 Reach Around Rodeo Clowns Artist homepage CD MP3 Rockabilly Deluxe Lanark
2013-04-27 Real Numbers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 1-2-3-4-5 self
2013-05-11 Rechords, The Artist homepage CD MP3 It Won't Be Long self
2013-09-03 Reckless Kelly Artist homepage CD MP3 Long Night Moon No Big Deal Records
2013-05-07 Red Beard's Revenge Artist homepage CD MP3 Jim Jimmy James SOL Records
2013-09-16 Red Dirt Rangers Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lone Chimney Ranger Records
2013-11-04 Red Dirt Skinners, The Artist homepage   MP3 Sinking the Mary Rose self
2013-02-19 Red Jacket Mine Artist homepage CD MP3 Someone Else's Cake Fin Records
2013-04-02 Red Tail Ring Artist homepage CD MP3 The Heart's Swift Foot self
2013-05-21 Rene, Deann Artist homepage CD   Not Crying Today self
2013-06-24 Renee, Dulcinea Artist homepage     Smoke and Mirror CLM Productions
2013-03-05 Replacements, The Artist homepage   MP3 Songs for Slim New West Records
2013-10-15 Res Artist homepage     Refried Mac Entertainment One
2013-04-02 Resonars, The     MP3 Crummy Desert Sound Burger Records
2013-01-22 Reverend Freakchild Artist homepage CD   Chaos and Country Blues treatedandreleasedrecords.com
2013-01-22 Ribeye Brothers, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Call of the Scrapheap Main Man
2013-01-22 Rich, Don   CD MP3 Don Rich Sings George Jones Omnivore Recordings
2013-01-07 Richards and The Subtractions, Chris Artist homepage     That Covers That 2: Electric Boogaloo self
2013-04-16 Richey, Kim Artist homepage CD MP3 Thorn In My Heart Yep Roc Records
2013-08-27 Rides, The (S. Stills / K.W. Shepherd) Artist homepage CD MP3 Can't Get Enough 429 / Savoy 
2013-09-24 Rielly, D.B. Artist homepage     Cross My Heart + Hope To Die Shut up & play!
2013-04-02 Rilo Kiley Artist homepage CD MP3 RKives (Rarities, B-sides) Little Record Company
2013-08-27 Ritter, Carly Artist homepage CD MP3 Carly Ritter Vanguard Records
2013-03-05 Ritter, Josh Artist homepage CD MP3 The Beast in its Tracks Pytheas Recordings
2013 Rivers, Johnny Artist homepage     Live at Cache Creek Soul City Records
2013-02-05 Roadarmel & The Parish Commissioners, Gary Artist homepage CD MP3 Ecoute Parish
2013-11-05 Roberts and the New Birds, Nathan Artist homepage    MP3 Nathan Roberts and the New Birds self
2013-05-28 Robinson, Nell; Jim Nunally Artist homepage CD MP3 House & Garden Nell Robinson Music
2013-09-30 Robison, Charlie Artist homepage CD MP3 High Life Thirty Tigers
2013-04-02 Roby, Kenny Artist homepage CD MP3 Memories & Birds Little Criminal Records
2013-03-05 Rockingbirds, The Artist homepage CD   The Return of The Rockingbirds Loose Music
2013-01-22 Rodriguez, Carrie Artist homepage CD MP3 Give Me All You Got Ninth Street Opus
2013-07-29 Rogue, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Victim of My Circumstance self 
2013-11-11 Rolling Stones, The Artist homepage CD   Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park Live Eagle Rock Entertainment
2013-01-22 Romano, Daniel Artist homepage CD MP3 Come Cry With Me Normal Town Records
2013-02-05 Romero, Pharis & Jason Artist homepage   MP3 Long Gone Out West Blues Lula Records
2013-06-25 Rondeau, Leo Artist homepage   MP3 Take It and Break It self
2013-07-30 Roomful Of Blues Artist homepage CD MP3 45 Live Alligator
2013-03-05 Rose, Caitlin Artist homepage CD MP3 The Stand In ATO
2013-06-09 Rose, Caitlin Artist homepage   MP3 Pink Rabbits (single) ATO Records
2013-09-24 Rose, Frankie Artist homepage CD MP3 Herein Wild Fat Possum Records
2013-06-11 Rose, Raina Artist homepage   MP3 Caldera self
2013-09-07 Roseland Artist homepage  CD MP3 Roseland self
2013-01-04 Rosenthal, Tokyo Artist homepage CD MP3 Tokyo's Fifth Rock & Sock Records
2013-07-23 Rosenthals, The Artist homepage CD   Fly Away American Melody
2013-03-19 Rouse, Josh Artist homepage CD MP3 The Happiness Waltz Yep Roc Records 
2013-09-19 Rover, Hendrik Artist homepage     Oeste / Norte Guitar Town
2013-04-30 Rowan, Peter Artist homepage CD MP3 The Old School Compass Records
2013-06-10 Royal Hounds, The Artist homepage CD   I'm In Love With a Zombie self
2013-01-25 Royale, Alanna Artist homepage  CD MP3 Bless Her Heart self
2013-11-01 Rubens, Pete Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sweet Talkin' Lemon Cherry Bell
2013-11-19 Rudd, Roswell Artist homepage  CD MP3  Trombone for Lovers Sunnyside
2013-02-19 Rush, Bobby Artist homepage CD MP3 Down in Louisiana Deep Rush Productions
2013-05-01 Russell, Claudia Artist homepage CD   All Our Luck Is Changing Radio Rhythm Records
2013-06-25 Rusty Truck Artist homepage CD   Kicker Town Crosseyed Music
2013-04-16 Ryan, Janet Artist homepage   MP3 Mama Soul CSP Records
2014-01-21 Sacred Shakers Artist homepage  CD   Live Signature Sounds
2013-09-10 Sad Day For Puppets Artist homepage  CD MP3 Come Closer HaHa Fonogram 
2013-09-17 Sadies, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Internal Sounds Yep Roc Records
2013-06-04 Saenz, Mando Artist homepage   MP3 Studebaker Carnival Recording Company
2013-01-14 Saga, Lyn Artist homepage   MP3 Venice self
2013-05-03 Saltshakers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Change the Channel Unreal Records
2013-05-01 Sam's Instant Band Artist homepage CD MP3 Namaste self
2013-09-10 Sarah Mac & Grant Peeples Artist homepage     Live at the Mockingbird self
2013-06-17 Sarakula, Joel Artist homepage     The Golden Age Art Parade
2013-02-26 Sayers, Hadden Artist homepage CD MP3 Rolling Soul Blue Corn Music
2013-03-05 Scaggs, Boz Artist homepage CD MP3 Memphis 429 Records 
2013-07-26 Schaffer, Sarah Clanton Artist homepage   MP3 Chasin' a Feeling self
2013-06-03 Scott, Eric Artist homepage CD MP3 Where the Water Runs Deepest Itzall Goode Music
2013-11-04 Scott Country, Steve Artist homepage CD MP3 Those Tears I've Cried BonaVista Publishing
2013-07-09 Scud Mountain Boys Artist homepage CD MP3 Do You Love The Sun Ashmont Records
2013-09-24 Sean & The Celebrities, Timmy Artist homepage    MP3 East Coast Girls Dubly Records
2013-12-03 Sean, Timmy Artist homepage      Heart of Glass (single) self
2013-01-08 Secret Friend Artist homepage  CD MP3 Time Machine Odd Tunes
2013-08-20 Segall, Ty Artist homepage CD MP3 Sleeper 1-2-3-4-GO!
2013-02-11 Self Help Group, The Artist homepage   MP3 Not Waving But Drowning Union Music Store
2013-07-08 Semerdjian, Alan Artist homepage CD MP3 Quiet Songs for Loud Times New Song Recordings
2013-03-26 Semi-Twang Artist homepage   MP3 The Why and The What For self
2013-02-05 Sexsmith, Ron Artist homepage CD MP3 Forever Endeavor Mri Associated
2013-10-07 Sha La La's, The Artist homepage     Feelin' Real Only Fit For The Bin
2013-03-05 Shake Some Action! Artist homepage CD MP3 Full Fathom Five self
2013-07-16 Shake Some Action! Artist homepage     Wait For The Summer (single) self
2013-05-21 Shannon & The Clams Artist homepage CD MP3 Dreams in the Rat House Hardly Art
2013-02-15 Sharks, The Artist homepage     South of the River self
2013-04-03 Sharks, The Artist homepage     Blow self
2013-08-20 Sharks, The Artist homepage     Cocaine Radio self
2013-05-07 She & Him Artist homepage CD MP3 Volume 3 Merge Records
2013-09-10 Shea, Rick Artist homepage CD MP3 Sweet Bernardine Tres Pescadores Records
2013-09-03 Sheboygan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Triple Fantasy self
2013-04-01 Sheehan, Lauren Artist homepage     The Light Still Burns Wilson River Records
2013-10-14 Shel Artist homepage CD MP3 Shel Moraine
2013-06-25 Sherman-Godfrey, Jay Artist homepage   MP3 Public Address Simon
2013-07-30 Shiflett & The Dead Peasants, Chris Artist homepage CD MP3 All Hat and No Cattle Side One Dummy
2013-04-16 Shinyribs Artist homepage CD MP3 Gulf Coast Museum Nine Mile Records
2013-08-06 Shires, Amanda Artist homepage CD MP3 Down Fell the Doves Lightning Rod Records
2013-06-04 Shoebox Letters Artist homepage   MP3 Crossing Words self
2013-09-17 Shondes, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Garden Exotic Fever Records
2013-04-23 Shook, Steve Artist homepage CD MP3 Dignify Pel Pel Recordings
2013 Shovels & Rope Artist homepage     O Be Joyful - Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks Dualtone Music Group
2013-10-12 Show Ponies, The Artist homepage   MP3 We're Not Lost self
2013-08-22 Silver Sun     MP3 A Lick and a Promise... Broadco
2013-08-27 Simmons, Stephen Artist homepage CD MP3 Hearsay Locke Creek / Lower 40
2013-04-02 Simon, Harper Artist homepage CD MP3 Division Street Play It Again Sam
2013-06-11 Simpson, Sturgill Artist homepage CD MP3 High Top Mountain High Top Mountain / Thirty Tigers
2013-06-17 Singles, The Artist homepage    MP3 (She's Got) a Heart of Stone Sound Artifacts
2013-02-26 Sit: Boy Girl Boy Girl (feat. Jad Fair) Artist homepage     in performance at The Duplex Nursing Home 1982 Thick Syrup
2013-02-18 SJ Artist homepage     The Good Ones Acoustic Soul Records
2013-08-04 Skeeter Artist homepage    MP3 Bad Persuasion self
2013-05-25 Skurkarna Artist homepage     Route 91 Dem Bones Records
2013-02-19 Slide Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Robert Randolph Presents: The Slide Brothers Concord / Dare
2013-04-09 Sliva, Sam Artist homepage  CD MP3 ...and The People Say self
2013-06-11 Smash Palace Artist homepage CD MP3 Smash Palace Live at The Auction House Zip Records
2013-07-30 Smith, Darden Artist homepage CD MP3 Love Calling Compass Records
2013-10-21 Smith, Debi Artist homepage  CD   Hits and Holidays self
2013-10-29 Smith, Mindy Artist homepage   MP3 Snowed In TVX / Giant Leap Records
2013-06-10 Smith, Putnam Artist homepage     Kitchen, Love... Itchy Sabot Records
2013-06-25 Smith Westerns Artist homepage CD MP3 Soft Will Mom + Pop 
2013-04-09 Smoke Fairies Artist homepage CD MP3 Blood Speaks [U.S.] Entertainment One Music 
2013-05-02 Smooth Hound Smith Artist homepage CD MP3 Smooth Hound Smith self
2013-06-04 Snakes, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Last Days of Rock & Roll Bucketfull Of Brains
2013-06-01 Snow, Thomas Artist homepage CD MP3 Friends self
2013-08-05 soda bubbles foundation Artist homepage   MP3 Good Music self
2013-10-15 Sojourners, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sing and Never Get Tired Little Pig Records
2013-02-05 Sol Driven Train Artist homepage CD MP3 Underdog self
2013-09-09 Solebello, Carolann Artist homepage CD MP3 Steel and Salt self
2013-06-25 Solicitors, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Made to Measure Popboomerang
2013-03-05 Son Volt Artist homepage CD MP3 Honky Tonk Rounder
2013-09-30 Son of Dov Artist homepage   MP3 Gone to Seed EP self
2013-04-23 Son Of Skooshny Artist homepage   MP3 Mid Cent Mod self
2013-05-01 Sonicbouquet Artist homepage   MP3 Bloom self
2013-04-02 Sons Of Fathers Artist homepage   MP3 Burning Days Blanco River Music
2013-04-20 Sorry Kisses, The Artist homepage    MP3 Social Situations Desert Mine Music
2013-10-29 Southern Culture On The Skids Artist homepage CD MP3 Dig This (with bonus karaoke tracks) Kudzu Records
2013-03-12 Southern Hospitality Artist homepage CD MP3 Easy Livin' Blind Pig Records
2013-02-02 Southside Johnny & The Poor Fools Artist homepage CD MP3 Songs From The Barn Leroy Records
2013-09-16 Spadassins, Les Artist homepage   MP3 EP #3 Q-Sounds
2013-06-18 Spaghetti, Eddie Artist homepage CD MP3 The Value of Nothing Bloodshot Records
2013-09-01 Spampinato Brothers, The Artist homepage     Smiles self 
2013-05-02 Sparrows, The Artist homepage CD   Magnolia Sessions self
2013-04-16 Speace, Amy Artist homepage CD MP3 How to Sleep in a Stormy Boat Wind Bone Records
2013-07-09 Speedy Ortiz Artist homepage CD MP3 Major Arcana Carpark Records
2013-04-30 Spin Doctors Artist homepage CD MP3 If The River Was Whiskey Ruf Records
2013-09-23 Spuyten Duyvil Artist homepage     Temptation self
2013-07-31 Stahl and the White Russians, Jackie Artist homepage CD MP3 Jackie Does Love self
2013-02-05 Stamey, Chris Artist homepage CD MP3 Lovesick Blues Yep Roc Records 
2013-08-09 Standells, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Bump Global Recording Artist
2013-06-25 Staples, Mavis Artist homepage CD MP3 One True Vine ANTI Records
2013-03-18 Starkwells, The Artist homepage     Monsters in the Dark self
2013-10-17 Starkwells, The Artist homepage     A Better Life self
2013-10-16 Starr, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Alive Again Cedaredge Music
2013-12-02 Starry Eyed and Laughing Artist homepage   MP3 Starry Eyed and Laughing Aurora
2013-04-16 Statesboro Revue, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Ramble on Privilege Creek Shalley Records / Thirty Tigers
2013-10-22 Statman, Andy Artist homepage CD MP3 Superstring Theory Shefa Records
2013-10-29 Steelism Artist homepage   MP3 China Plate Electric Western Records
2013-09-10 Steep Canyon Rangers Artist homepage CD MP3 Tell The Ones I Love Rounder Records
2013-04-16 Steel Wheels Artist homepage CD MP3 No More Rain self
2013-02-05 SteelDrivers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Hammer Down Rounder
2013-12-01 Stens & The Get Real Gang, Juston Artist homepage     Christmas Don't Be Late self
2013-02-02 Sterling, B. Artist homepage CD MP3 Searching Through the Changes Arco Touch Music
2013-05-01 Stewart, Buffy Ford Artist homepage CD MP3 Same Old Heart Global Recording Artists
2013-09-03 Stewart, Rod Artist homepage CD MP3 Rarities Mercury
2013-04-30 Stillhouse Artist homepage   MP3 The Great Reprise Vella Recordings
2013-07-30 Stinson, Mike Artist homepage CD MP3 Hell and Half of Georgia Poplar Cove
2013-04-16 Stormcellar Artist homepage CD MP3 Hired Guns & Borrowed Glory self
2013-09-13 Strange Band, The Nick Artist homepage  CD MP3 Beauty and Bombast DKO Records
2013-06-01 Strangely Alright Artist homepage CD MP3 The Time Machine Is Broken self
2013-02-12 Strfkr (Starfucker) Artist homepage   MP3 Miracle Mile Polyvinyl Records
2013-04-16 Struthers & The Party Line, Nora Jane Artist homepage CD MP3 Carnival Blue Pig Music
2013-04-09 Sugar Stems, The Artist homepage    MP3 Can't Wait Dirtnap
2013-03-12 Sugarman Artist homepage CD MP3 After the Blackout Diversity Records
2013-01-14 Sun Sawed In 1/2, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Elephants Into Swans self
2013-11-18 Sundowns, The Artist homepage     Calabasas self
2013-08-20 Superchunk Artist homepage CD MP3 I Hate Music Merge Records
2013-06-11 Surfer Blood Artist homepage CD MP3 Pythons Warner Bros.
2013-01-15 Susan Constant, The Artist homepage     Shapes Tour de Stade Records
2013-03-05 Swamp Dogg Artist homepage CD MP3 Rat On! [remastered] Alive Naturalsound Records
2013-03-05 Swamp Dogg Artist homepage CD MP3 Total Destruction To Your Mind [remastered] Alive Naturalsound Records
2013-05-14 Swamp Dogg Artist homepage CD   Gag A Maggott [remastered] Alive Naturalsound Records
2013-11-12 Swearin' Artist homepage  CD MP3 Surfing Strange Salinas
2013-06-11 Sweet, Daren Artist homepage     Pop's Three Minute Pleasures self
2013-11-12 Sweet, Matthew; Susanna Hoffs Artist homepage CD MP3 Under the Covers 3 Shout! Factory 
2013-06-01 Switchback Artist homepage CD MP3 Kanoka WayGood Records
2013-09-24 Sykes, Roosevelt Artist homepage CD   The Original Honeydripper Blind Pig
2013-05-13 Syms, Sara Artist homepage   MP3 Fade to Blue self
2013-01-15 Taarka Artist homepage   MP3 Adventures in Vagabondia self
2013-12-10 Taggart & The Successful Failures Artist homepage    MP3 Snow Day (Take It Easy) Fdr Label
2013-01-29 Talbot, Heidi Artist homepage CD MP3 Angels Without Wings Compass Records
2013-07-02 Tammy Lynn & Myles High Artist homepage     Turn My Music On self
2013-02-19 Tarmac Adam Artist homepage CD MP3 The History Effect self
2013-05-07 Taylor, Cassie Artist homepage CD MP3 Out Of My Mind Yellow Dog Records
2013-05-14 Taylor, Chip Artist homepage CD   Block Out the Sirens of this Lonely World Trainwreck Records
2013-10-08 Taylor, Kim Artist homepage     Love's a Dog self
2013-02-12 Taylor, Otis Artist homepage CD MP3 My World Is Gone Telarc
2013-04-09 Team Spirit Artist homepage CD MP3 Team Spirit EP Vice Records
2013-03-05 Tear Stained Letters Artist homepage   MP3 Tear Stained Letters self
2013-08-20 Tedeschi Trucks Band Artist homepage CD MP3 Made Up Mind Sony
2013-04-29 TeenSpot Artist homepage     Aggressive Inline Skating self
2013-04-23 Tejas Brothers Artist homepage CD MP3 Live a Little More No No Records
2013-04-02 Telekinesis Artist homepage CD MP3 Dormarion Merge Records
2013-09-24 Temple, Owen Artist homepage CD MP3 Stories They Tell El Paisano
2013 Temponauts, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Canticle of The Temponauts Other Eyes Records
2013-11-05 Tennis Artist homepage   MP3 Small Sound EP Communion Records 
2013-03-04 Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck, Bow Artist homepage CD MP3 Eden self
2013-08-26 Theatre Royal Artist homepage    MP3 Here It Comes Medlar Records
2013-04-23 Thee Oh Sees Artist homepage CD MP3 Floating Coffin Castleface
2013-04-16 Theessink, Hans Artist homepage CD MP3 Wishing Well Blue Groove
2013-03-05 They Might Be Giants Artist homepage CD MP3 Nanobots Idlewild Recordings
2013-06-03 Third Of Never Artist homepage  CD MP3 Downrising jam
2013-07-30 Thomas, Ian Artist homepage CD   Little Dreams Alma Records
2013-05-14 Thomas, Irma Artist homepage CD MP3 In Between Tears [remastered] Alive Naturalsound Records
2013-10-15 Thompson, Linda Artist homepage CD  MP3 Won't Be Long Now Pettifer Sounds 
2013-02-05 Thompson, Richard Artist homepage CD MP3 Electric New West Records
2013-05-01 ThorNton Creek Artist homepage CD MP3 Fancypants self
2013-09-30 Those Darlins Artist homepage CD   Blur The Line Ow Wow Dang Records
2013-06-25 Three O'Clock, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Hidden World Revealed Omnivore
2013-07-09 Thriftstore Masterpiece Artist homepage CD MP3 Presents Lee Hazelwood's 'Trouble Is A Lonesome Town' Side One Dummy
2013-07-02 Tin Bird Choir Artist homepage   MP3 Homesteady self
2013-10-15 Toad The Wet Sprocket Artist homepage CD MP3 New Constellation Abe's Records
2013-04-19 Too Much Saturn Artist homepage   MP3 Moving Forward Sideways self
2013-09-23 Tor Guides, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lots of the Pops Vol 1: Caught by a Sweet Refrain self
2013-09-24 Toussaint, All