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2014 A-K Albums  (Click Here to Go To 2014 L-Z)
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2014-05-05 6 East Artist homepage   MP3 Rising self
2014-09-09 6 String Drag Artist homepage CD MP3 The Jag Sessions: Rare & Unreleased 1996-1998 self
2014-11-17 6 String Drag Artist homepage     Hey Santa Claus (unreleased) self
2014-06-10 7Horse Artist homepage CD MP3 Songs for a Voodoo Wedding self
2014-02-28 23 String Band, The Artist homepage   MP3 Bangin' and Clangin' self
2014-05-20 442s, The Artist homepage    MP3 The 442s self
2014-10-17 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco, The Artist homepage     Private Jet Flashback self
2014-06-20 Above, The Artist homepage     Waterbury Street Teen Sound Records
2014-05-13 Adams, Jay Boy Artist homepage  CD   Let It Go Rockin' Heart Records
2014-02-04 Adams, Peter Bradley Artist homepage CD MP3 The Mighty Storm I Me Mine Records
2014-08-28 Adams, Ryan Artist homepage    MP3 1984 (Paxam Single Series Volume 1) Pax Americana
2014-09-09 Adams, Ryan Artist homepage CD MP3 Ryan Adams Blue Note 
2014-06-13 Adelians, The Artist homepage     The Adelians (with Ruth) Q-Sounds Recordings
2014-09-01 Aerial Artist homepage  CD MP3 Why don't they teach heartbreak at school? Signalsongs
2014-04-29 After Jack Artist homepage CD MP3 Echo Travianna Records
2014-08-19 Aimee, Cyrille Artist homepage CD MP3 It's a Good Day Mack Avenue Records
2014-03-24 Ajjarapu, Phil Artist homepage    MP3 Sing Along Until You Feel Better self
2014-08-22 Alarm Clock Conspiracy Artist homepage CD   Harlequin self
2014-08-05 Alarms, The Artist homepage     Real Tough Love self
2014-09-09 Albert, Christine Artist homepage   MP3 Everything's Beautiful Now Moon House Records
2014-05-13 Aldridge, Hannah Artist homepage   MP3 Razor Wire Trodden Black
2014-04-22 Alguire, Trevor Artist homepage CD  MP3 Miles Away self
2014-05-12 Alise & The Bombshells, Blaire Artist homepage    MP3 For My Darlin' self
2014-09-16 Allah-Las Artist homepage  CD MP3 Worship the Sun Innovative Leisure
2014-08-11 Allen, Marghi Artist homepage     Little Pieces of My Heart self
2014-05-06 Allman, Gregg Artist homepage CD MP3  All My Friends Rounder
2014-10-07 Allo Darlin' Artist homepage  CD MP3  We Come From the Same Place Slumberland Records
2014-12-05 Almond, Everet Artist homepage     4 Track(s) - EP self
2014-06-03 Alvin, Dave & Phil Artist homepage CD MP3 Common Ground: Dave Alvin + Phil Alvin Play and Sing the Songs of Big Bill Broonzy Yep Roc
2014-07-22 Alvvays Artist homepage  CD MP3 Alvvays Polyvinyl Records
2014-02-18 Amigo Artist homepage CD MP3 Might Could Carlisle Beauregard Records
2014-01-21 Amigos, The Artist homepage   MP3 Diner in the Sky self
2014-08-12 Andersen, Missy Artist homepage CD MP3 In The Moment Main Squeeze Records
2014-10-03 Anderson, Forster Artist homepage    MP3 Banter EP Banta Records
2014-04-29 Andrews, Glen David Artist homepage CD MP3 Redemption Louisiana Red Hot Records
2014-03-11 Anne, Michaela Artist homepage   MP3 Ease My Mind self
2014 Apache Relay, The Artist homepage     Eastside Manor Session Noisetrade
2014-10-07 Arbuckle, NQ Artist homepage     The Future Happens Anyway Six Shooter Records
2014-04-15 Archers, The Artist homepage    MP3 These Wicked Woods self
2014-08-05 Ar-Kaics, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Ar-Kaics Windian
2014-07-15 Army Navy Artist homepage    MP3 The Wilderness Inside The Fever Zone
2014-05-13 Arthur, Joseph Artist homepage CD MP3 Lou Vanguard
2014-01-01 Ask The Woods Artist homepage CD   Season of the Sticks self
2014-04-15 Asylum Street Spankers Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Last Laugh Yellow Dog Records
2014-01-28 Autumn Defense, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Fifth Yep Roc Records
2014-09-09 Avi Buffalo Artist homepage CD MP3  At Best Cuckold Sub Pop Records
2014-06-16 Backsliders, The Artist homepage    MP3 Raleighwood Lee Baby
2014-05-27 Bains III & The Glory Fires, Lee Artist homepage  CD MP3 Dereconstructed Sub Pop
2014-06-08 Baird and Homemade Sin, Dan Artist homepage    MP3 Dan Baird & Homemade Sin (bonus live tracks) Jerkin Crocus
2014-09-09 Baird and Homemade Sin, Dan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Circus Life Jerkin Crocus
2014-09-30 Baker, Kurt Artist homepage     Brand New B-Sides Rum Bar Records
2014-12-16 Baker, Kurt Artist homepage   MP3 Muy Mola Live! Collectors Club
2014-09-23 Ball, Marcia Artist homepage  CD MP3 Tattooed Lady & The Alligator Man Alligator Records
2014-02-23 Ballard Artist homepage     Build Break Repeat self
2014-03-20 Ballard Artist homepage     Napoleon self
2014-07-30 Ballard Artist homepage     Crossing Every Line / What If We Went Back? self
2014-10-22 Ballard Artist homepage     Uncle Pancho's Sweet Sweet Bubblegum Machine self
2014-04-01 Bamboos, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Fever in the Road Nettwerk
2014-06-24 Band, The Artist homepage  CD MP3  Carter Barron Amphitheater, Washington DC, July 17th 1976 Keyhole
2014-02-11 Band Of Horses Artist homepage  CD MP3 Acoustic at The Ryman Brown Records
2014-03-05 Banks, Robin Artist homepage CD MP3 Modern Classic self
2014-04-15 Barber, Del Artist homepage CD MP3 Prairieography True North Records
2014-04-15 Bare Jr's Young Criminals' Starvation League, Bobby Artist homepage  CD MP3 Undefeated Bloodshot Records
2014-02-18 Barnes, Cheryl Artist homepage CD MP3 Listen to This Barnes & Cabasso
2014-01-21 Barnet, Jay Artist homepage CD MP3 Nashville Crossroads Tone House Records
2014 Barnett, Courtney Artist homepage     World Cafe Session Noisetrade
2014-05-15 Barnett, Mike   CD MP3 Everybody Gets to Dream self
2014-12-01 Baron Four, The Artist homepage     Out Of The Wild Come... Sound Flat Records
2014-10-07 Barr Brothers, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sleeping Operator Secret City Records
2014-10-28 Barreracudas, The H   MP3 Promises (single) Oops Baby
2014 Barry, Jeb Artist homepage     Bury Me In A Lonely Place self
2014-03-25 Baseball Project, The Artist homepage CD MP3 3rd Yep Roc Records
2014-05-13 Bashi, Kishi Artist homepage  CD MP3  Lighght Joyful Noise
2014-06-17 Bath, Darrell Artist homepage 7in   Madame Zodiac EP Sunthunder Records
2014-06-03 Bay, James Artist homepage   MP3 Let it Go Republic Records
2014-05-27 Bazini, Bobby Artist homepage CD MP3 Where I Belong Universal
2014-08-19 Beach Day Artist homepage  CD MP3 Native Echoes Kanine Records
2014-03-04 Bear's Den Artist homepage CD MP3 Without/Within Communion Records
2014-03-17 Beat Movement, The Artist homepage    MP3 Coming After You (single) self
2014-02-25 Beck Artist homepage  CD MP3  Morning Phase Capitol
2014-09-09 Belle Sounds, The Artist homepage     Black Stone EP self
2014-03-08 Benign Compulsion, The Mike Artist homepage    MP3 Here's How It Works self
2014-03-14 Benjamin, Eugene Artist homepage  CD MP3 Photograph self
2014-01-21 Benson, Ray Artist homepage  CD MP3 A Little Piece Bismeaux Records
2014-04-29 Bent, Ridley Artist homepage CD MP3 Wildcard self
2014-05-06 Bernstein, Jamie Artist homepage CD   WhoonDang self
2014-11-04 Berry, Chuck Artist homepage CD   Rock and Roll Music: Any Old Way You Choose It (12 CD Box) Bear Family
2014-08-01 Best Westerns, The Artist homepage     High Country self
2014-07-06 Better Halves Artist homepage CD MP3 All Over the Map self
2014-11-04 Bibb, Eric Artist homepage  CD MP3 Blues People Stony Plain / Flatbrim
2014-01-10 Big Bend, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Unconventional Dog Wild Kindness Records
2014-02-04 Big Head Todd & The Monsters Artist homepage  CD MP3 Black Beehive Shout! Factory
2014-04-08 Big Lonesome, The Artist homepage     Undone self
2014-11-04 Big Star Artist homepage CD MP3  Live in Memphis Omnivore
2014-02-04 Biram, Scott H. Artist homepage CD MP3 Nothin' But Blood Bloodshot Records
2014-06-10 Birchwood, Selwyn Artist homepage CD MP3 Don't Call No Ambulance Alligator Records
2014-08-19 Bishop, Elvin Artist homepage  CD MP3 Can't Even Do Wrong Right Alligator Records
2014-10-14 Bjorklund, Maggie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Shaken Bloodshot Records
2014-02-04 Black, Amy Artist homepage     This Is Home Reuben Records
2014-05-13 Black Keys, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Turn Blue Nonesuch
2014-03-25 Black Lion Courtiers Artist homepage     We Can Fly [single] self
2014-03-18 Black Lips Artist homepage  CD MP3  Underneath the Rainbow Vice Music
2014-04-22 Black Prairie Artist homepage CD MP3 Fortune Sugar Hill
2014-01-14 Blackie & The Rodeo Kings Artist homepage  CD   South File Under Music
2014-02-11 Blake, Robert Sarazin Artist homepage     Robt Sarazin Blake Same Room Records
2014-10-21 Blind Boys Of Alabama & Taj Mahal Artist homepage  CD MP3 Talkin' Christmas! Sony Masterworks
2014-06-01 Blind Lemon Pledge Artist homepage CD MP3 Evangeline Ofeh Records
2014-06-15 Blind Willies Artist homepage  CD MP3 Every Day Is Judgment Day self
2014-12-10 Blockhouses Artist homepage     One More Time To Get Home b/w Little Sweetie self
2014-11-04 Bloodhounds, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Let Loose! Alive Records
2014-01-21 Blue Highway Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Game Rounder Records
2014-02-18 Blue Mother Tupelo Artist homepage    MP3 Only Sunshine Juketonk Records
2014-11-04 Blue Rodeo Artist homepage CD MP3 A Merrie Christmas To You Warner Music Canada
2014-02-21 Bluefields, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Under High Cotton Underground Treehouse
2014-02-14 Blushin' Roulettes, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Old Mill Sessions self
2014-05-20 Bobbleheads, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Make Yourself Happy Poppop Records
2014-11-17 Bobtown Artist homepage     A History of Ghosts self
2014-10-29 Bo-Dogs Artist homepage    MP3 Bad Bad Dog! Low Impact Records
2014-06-24 Bogart, Deanna Artist homepage CD   Just a Wish Away Blind Pig
2014-02-11 Boggs, Reagan Artist homepage CD MP3 Quicksand Reckless Bess Records
2014-01-28 Bogguss, Suzy Artist homepage     Lucky Loyal Dutchess Records
2014-11-25 Boldt, Ryan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Broadside Ballads Dahl Street
2014-04-17 Bon Mots, The Artist homepage     Best Revenge self
2014-08-25 Bonfiglio, Rob Artist homepage    MP3 Freeway Damask
2014-04-15 Bonneville, Ray Artist homepage  CD MP3 Easy Gone Red House Records
2014-09-23 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Singer's Grave A Sea of Tongues Drag City
2014-08-19 Booker, Benjamin Artist homepage CD MP3 Benjamin Booker ATO Records
2014-10-07 Borges, Sarah; Ward Hayden Artist homepage     Mixed Messages (7 in. vinyl) Lonesome Day Records
2014-10-01 Born To Wander Artist homepage  CD MP3  Born To Wander self
2014-04-15 Both, The [Aimee Mann & Ted Leo] Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Both SuperEgo Records
2014-02-04 Bourgeois, Adrian Artist homepage     Pop/Art self
2014-06-14 Boyer, Brad Artist homepage     Montagu Hotel Thunderbird Records
2014-01-20 Brace, Eric; Karl Straub Artist homepage     Hangtown Dancehall Red Beet Records
2014-08-05 Bracket Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hold Your Applause High Output Records
2014-08-19 Branan, Cory Artist homepage  CD MP3 The No-Hit Wonder Bloodshot Records
2014-01-21 Branch & The Sons Of Blues, Billy Artist homepage CD MP3 Blues Shock Blind Pig Records
2014-05-20 Brent, Bronwynne Artist homepage CD MP3 Stardust self
2014-06-02 Brent, Eden Artist homepage CD MP3 Jigsaw Heart Yellow Dog Records
2013-11-20 Brewer, Gann Artist homepage CD MP3 Peddlers & Ghosts self
2014-09-04 Brindl Artist homepage   MP3 Love It Up Moxy Music
2014-08-17 Britain, Glenn Allan Artist homepage    MP3 Echoes of My Dreams self
2014-07-08 Britannicas, The Artist homepage    MP3 High Tea self
2014-02-04 Broken Bells Artist homepage  CD MP3 After the Disco Columbia
2014-10-21 Bronson, Eliot Artist homepage CD MP3 Eliot Bronson Saturn 5 Records
2014-09-09 Brothers Keeper Artist homepage CD MP3 Todd Meadows 8150 Records
2014-07-29 Broussard, Marc Artist homepage  CD MP3 A Life Worth Living Vanguard
2014-11-27 Brown, Donny Artist homepage    MP3 Hess Street EP self
2014-09-30 Brown, Pieta Artist homepage CD  MP3 Paradise Outlaw Red House Records
2014-10-07 Browne, Jackson Artist homepage CD MP3 Standing in the Breach Inside Recordings
2014-09-22 Bruey, Robert Artist homepage CD MP3 Carousel self
2014-09-22 Bryan and The Wildes, Lachlan Artist homepage     Black Coffee self
2014-06-10 Bucaro, Clarence Artist homepage CD MP3 Hills to Home 2020 Records
2014-08-25 Buchanan, Katie Artist homepage   MP3 Go self
2014 Bucket, LQ Artist homepage     The Long Loneliness self
2014-10-07 Buckley, Josh Artist homepage     Blind Side of the Heart BootsyBuckles
2014-05-12 Bugg, Jake Artist homepage   MP3 Messed Up Kids EP Island Records
2014-04-22 Bumper Jacksons Artist homepage   MP3 Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy, Come In self
2014-02-18 Burdett, Aaron Artist homepage CD MP3 Fruits of My Labor self
2014-07-08 Burton, Jason Tyler Artist homepage   MP3 Headwaters self
2014-07-15 Butler, Henry; Steven Bernstein & The Hot 9 Artist homepage  CD MP3 Viper's Drag Impulse/Blue Note / Universal
2014-07-31 Butterill, Kenny Artist homepage CD MP3 Troubadour Tales No Bull Songs
2014-05-16 Buttshakers, The Artist homepage    MP3 Night Shift copaseDisques
2014-10-07 Buzzcocks Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Way 1234 Go Records
2014-05-20 Buzzelle, Peter Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sea of White EP self
2014-01-01 Byrd & Street Artist homepage   MP3 Words and Music self
2014-10-13 Byrd, Jonathan Artist homepage CD MP3 You Can't Outrun the Radio Waterbug
2014-06-09 Cacavas, Chris; Edward Abbiati Artist homepage  CD  MP3 Me and the Devil Harbour
2014-09-02 Calico the band Artist homepage CD   Rancho California California Country / Smith
2014-06-03 Camper Van Beethoven Artist homepage CD MP3 El Camino Real 429 Records
2014-09-15 Canebreakers Artist homepage   MP3 Frame and Floor self
2014-01-28 Cantrell, Laura Artist homepage CD MP3 No Way There From Here Thrift Shop Recordings
2014-09-01 Capowski Artist homepage CD MP3 Wild Animals self
2014-06-01 Card, Lew Artist homepage   MP3 Low Country Hi-Fi self
2014-03-09 Carey, James Patrick Artist homepage CD MP3   Scoundrels & Saints self
2014-06-16 Carolina Story Artist homepage   MP3 Chapter Two Stitched Together Music
2014-09-16 Carousels, The Artist homepage    MP3 Love Changes Like the Seasons Northern Star
2014-01-14 Carpenter, Mary Chapin Artist homepage  CD MP3 Songs From The Movie Zoe
2014-09-30 Carr, Martin Artist homepage  CD MP3 Breaks Tapete Records
2014-03-24 Carroll, Adam Artist homepage     Let It Choose You Gypsy Shuffler Music
2014-03-04 Carroll, Carrie Ann Artist homepage CD MP3 You Should Know Treehouse Productions
2014-09-01 Carroll & Midnight Orange, Tim Artist homepage   MP3 Tim Carroll & Midnight Orange Lamon Records
2014-04-08 Carter, Carlene Artist homepage CD MP3 Carter Girl Rounder
2014-03-04 Carter, Regina Artist homepage CD MP3 Southern Comfort Sony Music Masterworks
2014-06-11 Caruso, Dave Artist homepage CD MP3   Cardboard Vegas Roundabout self
2014-03-25 Cash, Johnny Artist homepage  CD MP3 Out Among the Stars Sony Legacy
2014-01-14 Cash, Rosanne Artist homepage CD   The River and The Thread Blue Note Records / Universal 
2014-02-04 Cason, Buzz Artist homepage  CD   Troubadour Heart Plowboy Records
2014-08-26 Castle, Jerry Artist homepage   MP3 South Holston My World Records
2014-01-21 Castro and the Pain Killers, Tommy Artist homepage CD MP3 The Devil You Know Alligator Records
2014-05-19 Cat Meat Artist homepage     Green In Those Baby Blues (single) self
2014-06-30 Cat Meat Artist homepage     Eldritch City Dwellers self
2014-01-14 Cattaneo, Susan Artist homepage     Haunted Heart Jersey Girl
2014-06-24 Caudle, Caleb Artist homepage    MP3 Paint Another Layer On My Heart This Is American Music
2014-06-03 Centro-matic Artist homepage  CD MP3  Take Pride In Your Long Odds Navigational Records
2014-12-15 Charlene Artist homepage     Charlene Q-Sounds Recordings
2014-05-20 Chatham County Line Artist homepage CD MP3 Tightrope Yep Roc Records
2014-06-01 Cheap Haircuts Artist homepage     My American Dream self
2014-03-03 Cherlene Artist homepage   MP3 Music from FX Network's Archer FX Networks
2014 Choir, The Artist homepage     The Choir self
2014-07-28 Chunk and Groovy Uncle, Suzi Artist homepage    MP3 Barefoot in the Car Park / Wet Weekend (single) Trouserphonic
2014-08-11 Clampitt, Brady Artist homepage CD   Things Are Different Now self
2014-07-29 Clapton & Friends, Eric Artist homepage CD MP3 The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale Bushbranch / Surfdog
2014-09-23 Clark Jr., Gary Artist homepage  CD MP3 Live (2 CD) Warner Bros.
2014-11-11 Clark, Gene Artist homepage  CD   Two Sides to Every Story (remastered w/ 1975 live bonus tracks) High Moon Records
2014-10-21 Clay, Otis; Johnny Rawls Artist homepage CD MP3 Soul Brothers Catfood Records
2014-02-04 Claypool's Duo De Twang, Les Artist homepage CD   Four Foot Shack ATO Records
2014-07-07 Cleaners From Venus, The Artist homepage    MP3 Return to Bohemia Soft Bodies Records
2014-12-06 Cleaners From Venus Artist homepage     Glammy Little Christmas (single) self
2014-07-15 Clement, Jack Artist homepage CD MP3 For Once and For All IRS Nashville
2014-08-11 Clever Blue Artist homepage    MP3 Clever Blue self
2014-06-24 Click Beetles, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Wake Up To Music self
2014-06-17 Clothesline Revival Artist homepage CD MP3 The Greatest Show on Mars Paleo Music
2014-04-29 Clyne & The Peacemakers, Roger Artist homepage CD MP3 The Independent EmmaJava Recordings / Thirty Tigers
2014-02-18 Clynes, Susan Artist homepage CD MP3 Life Is... Moonjune Records
2014-05-26 Co-Pilgrim Artist homepage    MP3 Plumes Battle Worldwide
2014-07-28 Co-Pilgrim Artist homepage    MP3 Pushover / One (single) Battle Worldwide
2014-12-08 Co-Pilgrim Artist homepage    MP3 Watch Over Me (single) self
2014-09-23 Cohen, Leonard Artist homepage  CD MP3 Popular Problems Columbia
2014-09-09 Collins, Paul Artist homepage CD  MP3 Feel The Noise Alive Records
2014-05-06 Colored Parade, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 ...And The Walls Of This City Will Shake self
2014-03-18 Colter, Jessi Artist homepage CD MP3 Live from Cain's Ballroom Black Country Rock
2014-11-17 Compact, The Artist homepage  CD   (one at a time) Choking Chicken Records
2014-03-19 Conceptus & The Strawberries Artist homepage     Split Cassingle self
2014-10-31 Connection, The Artist homepage CD MP3 A Christmas Gift For self
2014-11-03 Cool Whips, The Artist homepage     Goodies self
2014-11-24 Cooper Artist homepage    MP3 UHF Elefant Spain
2014-06-24 Cooper & The Stampede, Liz Artist homepage   MP3 Monsters self
2014-03-18 Cooper, Ross Artist homepage  CD MP3 Give It Time self
2014-06-26 Copper Artist homepage    MP3 Fade to White self
2014-11-18 Corley, David Artist homepage     Available Light self
2014-01-26 Cosmic Array, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Cosmic Array Folkwit Records
2014 Cotton Mather Artist homepage     California (single) Star Apple Kingdom
2014-09-02 Counting Crows Artist homepage CD MP3 Somewhere Under Wonderland Capitol Records
2014-08-26 Cowan, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sixty Compass Records
2014-07-01 Cowbell Artist homepage CD MP3 Beat Stampede Damaged Good Records
2014-02-25 Cowboy Dave Artist homepage CD MP3 Driven Man Slackjaw Records
2014-03-25 Cox, Johnny Artist homepage CD MP3 Thin Blue Line self
2014-12-09 Cracker Artist homepage CD MP3 Berkeley to Bakersfield 429 Records
2014-04-01 Cray Band, The Robert Artist homepage CD MP3  In My Soul Provogue
2014-01-21 Crazy Horse, Kandia Artist homepage     Stampede Bluebilly Records
2014-06-20 Crazyhearse Artist homepage CD MP3 Tornadic Beige self
2014-11-24 Crenshaw, Marshall Artist homepage    MP3 Move Now Red River
2014-02-04 Croce, A.J. Artist homepage CD   Twelve Tales Compass Records
2014-01-28 Crosby, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Croz Blue Castle Records
2014-07-08 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Artist homepage CD MP3 CSNY 1974 (Live Box) Rhino
2014 Croucher, Brant Artist homepage     Blanco County Lights White Cat
2014-04-15 Crowell, Rodney Artist homepage CD MP3 Tarpaper Sky New West Records
2014-05-20 Crusaders Of Love Artist homepage   MP3 Sacred EP Low Pressure
2014-01-13 Crush, The Artist homepage     The Hook/Summer Rain self
2014-06-21 Crush, The Artist homepage     Future Blimps self
2014-03-01 Cry, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Dangerous Game Top Shelf Records
2014-05-20 Crystal City Artist homepage  CD MP3 Change Triple Edge Records
2014-04-15 Currie, Justin Artist homepage  CD MP3  Lower Reaches Compass Records / Endless Shipwreck
2014-03-03 Currys, The Artist homepage   MP3 Follow self
2014-06-24 Daddy Long Legs Artist homepage CD MP3 Blood From A Stone Norton Records
2014-02-01 Dahlmanns, The Artist homepage    MP3 He's a Drag (single) Pop Detective Records
2014-10-07 Danny & The Champions of the World Artist homepage CD   Live Champs! Loose Music
2014-06-03 Darien, Van Artist homepage   MP3 Silent Sparrow Vantastic Records
2014-03-04 Davenport, Bart Artist homepage  CD MP3 Physical World Lovemonk
2014-03-03 Davidson & The Gears, Terry Artist homepage CD MP3 Sonic Soul Sessions Bangshift Music
2014-10-28 Davies, Dave Artist homepage CD   Rippin' Up Time Red River Entertainment
2014-02-18 Davies, Gail Artist homepage CD   Since I Don't Have You Little Chickadee Productions
2014-09-22 Davis, Drew Artist homepage     Son of a Gun In the Groove
2014-02-03 Davis, Karl W Artist homepage   MP3 It's High Time Churchill-Nash Records
2014-10-21 Davis and the Inklings, Mark Artist homepage    MP3 From Back of Beyond (In Tribute to Duane Jarvis) self
2014-04-15 Davis, Moot Artist homepage CD MP3 Goin' In Hot Crow Town Records
2014-04-15 Dawson, Lynda; Pattie Hopkins Artist homepage  CD MP3 Traditional Duets self
2014-08-19 Dawson, Smoke Artist homepage  CD MP3 Fiddle [reissue] Tompkins Square
2014-09-30 Dawson, Steve Artist homepage  CD MP3 Funeral Bonsai Wedding Kernel Sound
2014-11-03 Day and the Forefathers, Graham Artist homepage    MP3 Good Things Own Up
2014-06-10 Day, Spencer Artist homepage CD MP3 Daybreak self
2014-12-05 Dead Volts Artist homepage    MP3 We Are Already Dead Twang N Bang Records
2014-11-01 Deadbeat Poets, The Artist homepage    MP3 Hallelujah Anyway Pop Detective Records
2014-07-15 Deathray Saints, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Deathray Saints self
2014-12-01 Decembersongs (Rod Picott, Amy Speace, Doug & Telisha Williams)   CD MP3 An East Nashville Christmas self
2014-03-04 Deena Artist homepage  CD MP3 Rock River Life Force
2014-07-01 Delaney, Andrew Artist homepage   MP3 Stricken, Smitten, & Afflicted self
2014-06-17 Delines, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Colfax El Cortez
2014-05-13 Delmhorst, Kris Artist homepage  CD MP3 Blood Test Signature Sounds
2014-04-01 Demarco, Mac Artist homepage  CD MP3 Salad Days Captured Tracks
2014-04-29 DeMeyer, Brigitte Artist homepage CD MP3 Savannah Road BDM
2014-04-08 Denney and the Jets Artist homepage  CD MP3 Mexican Coke Burger Records
2014-11-01 Dennis, John Artist homepage   MP3 Eternity's Tree Rainfeather 
2014-08-05 Denny, Christopher Artist homepage  CD MP3 If the Roses Don't Kill Us Partisan
2014-06-09 Departure Kids Artist homepage     On The Go Howlin Banana Records
2014-06-01 Devotion and The Expectations, Chris Artist homepage  CD MP3 Break Out Armellodie Records
2014-05-01 Dickerson and The Trashmen, Deke Artist homepage  CD MP3 Bringing Back the Trash! Major Label
2014-10-07 Dickerson & Los Straitjackets, Deke Artist homepage CD MP3 Deke Dickerson Sings The Instrumental Hits Yep Roc
2014-03-18 Dickinson, Luther Artist homepage  CD MP3 Rock 'n Roll Blues New West Records
2014-01-28 DiFebbo, Justin Artist homepage  CD MP3 Turn Out the Light, Turn On the Stereo self
2014-06-09 Direct Hits, The   CD MP3 Here, There or Anywhere (23 Mid Pop Classics 1982-1986) Cherry Red
2014-03-11 Dirty Guv'Nahs, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hearts on Fire self
2014-10-14 Dirty River Boys, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Dirty River Boys DRB Music / Thirty Tigers
2014-04-29 Doe, John Artist homepage     This Far: The John Doe Roadmap Yep Roc / Noisetrade
2014-03-04 Doghouse Flowers Artist homepage CD MP3 Chasing the Sun self
2014 Domino, Floyd; Maryann Price Artist homepage     Upfront NewTex
2014 Dondee and the Glades Artist homepage     Music for Losers Only Norton Records
2014-06-03 Donkeys, The Artist homepage CD  MP3 Ride the Black Wave Vanguard Records
2014-11-11 Donnelly, Pete Artist homepage    MP3 American Town Colonial Way
2014-12-15 Donnelly, Pete Artist homepage  CD MP3 Another Day On You (Bonus Edition) Colonial Way
2014-04-21 Donovan and The Wandering Moles, Edd Artist homepage  CD MP3 Something to Take the Edge Off Paper Label Records
2014-08-05 Doughboys, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Tears of a Clown (single) Ram Records
2014-11-24 Dougherty, Paul Artist homepage    MP3 River Pearl Bake It Black Records
2014-09-16 Douglas, Jerry; Mike Auldrige, Rob Ickes Artist homepage CD MP3 Three Bells Rounder
2014-01-24 Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab Artist homepage   MP3 Pin the Tail (single) self
2014-06-30 Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab Artist homepage   MP3 Ever Evolving Lounge self
2014-10-31 Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab Artist homepage     Lobster Man (single) self
2014-08-19 Dr. John Artist homepage  CD MP3  Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit of Satch Concord
2014-05-13 Draper, Terry Artist homepage     When the World Was Young TerryTunes Records
2014-02-04 Dream Syndicate, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Day Before Wine and Roses (live) Omnivore
2014-11-24 Dreaming Spires, The Artist homepage    MP3 Darkest Before the Dawn (EP) Clubhouse Records UK
2014-03-04 Drive-By Truckers Artist homepage  CD MP3 English Oceans Caroline (Universal)
2014-01-14 Drivin' N' Cryin' Artist homepage   MP3 Songs for the Turntable EP New! Records
2014-04-18 Dropkick Artist homepage  CD MP3 Homeward Taylored Records
2014-10-13 Dropkick Artist homepage   MP3 Good Vibes: The Dropkick Songbook Vol. 1 Rock Indiana Records
2014-05-20 Duhks, The Artist homepage  CD   Beyond the Blue Compass Records
2014-01-28 Dum Dum Girls Artist homepage CD MP3 Too True Sub Pop
2014-09-08 Dunwells, The Artist homepage     Show Me Emotion EP Concord
2014-11-04 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage CD MP3 The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 (6 CDs) Columbia / Legacy
2014-01-21 Eady, Jason Artist homepage  CD   Daylight & Dark Thirty Tigers
2014-09-09 Earle, Justin Townes Artist homepage CD MP3 Single Mothers Vagrant Records
2014-09-09 Earle, Justin Townes Artist homepage     Eastside Manor Session (live EP) Noisetrade
2015-01-13 Earle, Justin Townes Artist homepage  CD MP3 Absent Fathers Vagrant Records
2014-07-08 Earle, Steve Artist homepage  CD MP3 Live in Nashville 1995 Shout! Factory
2014-09-16 Earls of Leicester, The Artist homepage  CD MP3  The Earls of Leicester Rounder
2014-01-27 Easterling, Wyatt Artist homepage CD MP3 Goodbye Hello Phoenix Rising Records
2014-04-20 Easton Stagger Phillips Artist homepage   MP3 Resolution Road Rebeltone Records
2014-04-22 Eels Artist homepage CD  MP3  The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett Pias America
2014-09-02 Ehrhardt, Sena Artist homepage  CD   Live My Life Blind Pig Records
2014-06-25 Eight Dollar Mountain Artist homepage CD MP3 Tied to the Tracks self
2014-09-15 Eight O'Five Jive Artist homepage    MP3 Too Many Men Red Rudy Too Tunes
2014-06-20 El Silver Cabs Artist homepage     El Silver Cabs III: Bish Bosh self
2014-10-11 Elders, The Artist homepage   MP3 Story Road self
2014-08-13 Electric Joy, The     MP3 Put Your Foot In It b/w Magic Shadows (single) Electric Western
2014-08-25 Elephant Stone Artist homepage  CD MP3 Three Poisons Hidden Pony Records
2014-05-13 Elkin, Carrie; Danny Schmidt Artist homepage  CD MP3 For Keeps Red House Records
2014-06-23 Elliot & The Secondhand Smoke Band, Rick Artist homepage CD MP3 First Hand FunOne Records
2014-10-21 Elliott Brood Artist homepage CD  MP3 Work and Love Paper Bag Records
2014-10-21 Ellis, Matt Artist homepage    MP3 The Greatest Escape Krow Pie
2014-02-11 Ellis, Robert Artist homepage CD MP3 The Lights From The Chemical Plant New West Records
2014-03-25 Emperors of Wyoming Artist homepage CD MP3 Emperors of Wyoming Liaison Music
2014-12-28 Equatorial Group, The Artist homepage   MP3 Glebe self
2014-09-09 Erelli, Mark Artist homepage    MP3 Milltowns self
2014-07-08 Estrin & The Nightcats, Rick   CD MP3 You Asked For It...Live! Alligator Records
2014-03-18 Etheridge Jr., Riley Artist homepage CD MP3 The Straight and Narrow Way Rock Ridge Music
2014-01-21 Evil Arrows Artist homepage   MP3 EP 1 self
2014-10-28 Eyelids Artist homepage CD MP3 854 Jealous Butcher
2014-10-07 Ex Hex Artist homepage  CD MP3 Rips Merge
2014-11-04 Fair, Jad Artist homepage     Artist In Residency Box Set Joyful Noise
2014-12-16 Fair, Jad; Tenniscoats and Norman Blake Artist homepage CD   How Many Glasgow Sweet Dreams Press
2014-09-15 Fairchild, Amy Artist homepage    MP3 Amy Fairchild self
2014-11-11 Faithfull, Marianne Artist homepage CD MP3 Give My Love to London (U.S.) Caroline / Universal
2014-02-02 Fallon Cush Artist homepage     Tell Me Once self
2014-02-25 Family Crest, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Beneath the Brine Tender Loving Empire
2014-06-16 Far West, The Artist homepage   MP3 Any Day Now Medina River Records
2014-01-28 Farewell Drifters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Tomorrow Forever Compass Records
2014-09-16 Farris, Mike Artist homepage CD MP3 Shine For All The People Compass Records
2014-09-16 Fauntleroys, The [feat A. Escovedo] H CD MP3 Below the Pink Pony Plowboy Records
2014-11-04 Fauss, Ronnie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Built to Break Normaltown Records
2014-09-09 Fayssoux Artist homepage CD MP3 I Can't Wait Red Beet Records
2014-06-17 Felice Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Favorite Waitress Dualtone
2014-03-25 Felice, Simone Artist homepage CD MP3 Strangers Dualtone Music Group
2014-04-28 Fellaheen Artist homepage CD MP3 You Either Get Hands or Get Wings EGADS Music
2014-03-17 Fetters, Rob Artist homepage     Saint Ain't self
2014 Fever High Artist homepage     All Work (single) self
2014-10-07 Field Report Artist homepage CD MP3 Marigolden Partisan Records
2014-07-01 Fields, Dave Artist homepage   MP3 All In self
2014-06-03 Fields & The Expressions, Lee Artist homepage   MP3 Magnolia (single) Truth & Soul
2014-09-09 Figgs, The Artist homepage     Badger LP Stomper
2014-08-25 Fights, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Off Your Horse Spur
2014-01-28 Finlin, Jeff Artist homepage CD   My Moby Dick self
2014-06-02 Finnegan Bell Artist homepage   MP3 I Was Gone Digitally Sound Records
2014-06-10 First Aid Kit Artist homepage CD MP3 Stay Gold Columbia
2014-11-01 First Base     MP3 You've Got A Hold on Me Horsehead
2014-09-23 First IN Space Artist homepage    MP3 In the Red Thugro Records
2014-08-04 Five Thirty H   MP3 Catcher in the Rye self
2014 Flamethrowers, The Artist homepage     Intensity! (2 45s) Norton Records
2014-10-07 Fleck, Bela; Abigail Washburn Artist homepage  CD MP3 Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn Rounder
2014-06-03 Flintettes, The Artist homepage     What Was One (single) self
2014-07-22 Flemons, Dom Artist homepage CD   Prospect Hill Music Maker
2014-02-11 Fleshtones, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Wheel Of Talent Yep Roc
2014-06-17 Flight Reaction, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Flight Reaction 13 O'Clock
2014-09-16 Florence, Kevin Lee Artist homepage CD MP3 Given Fluff & Gravy Records
2014-05-01 Flowers, Lannie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Live in NYC self
2014-12-10 Flowers, Lannie Artist homepage    MP3 Best I Can Spyderpop
2014-07-01 Flynn, Pat Artist homepage   MP3 reNew Mea Culpa Music
2014-10-21 Foehl, Reed Artist homepage   MP3 Lost in the West Neverfoehl Records
2014-02-10 Foley, Ellen Artist homepage  CD MP3 About Time Urban Noise Music
2014-04-15 Folk and the Bluegrass Playboys, Bradford Lee Artist homepage     Somewhere Far Away self
2014-01-10 Footnotes, The Artist homepage  CD   Comin' Home Rodeo Cold Records
2014-01-14 Ford Band, Annie Artist homepage     Annie Ford Band self
2014-10-14 Ford, Frazey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Indian Ocean Nettwerk
2014-06-13 Ford, Jim     MP3 Harlan County (reissue) Varese
2014-04-08 Ford, Marc Artist homepage  CD MP3 Holy Ghost Naim Edge
2014-03-04 Ford, Robben Artist homepage CD MP3 A Day in Nashville Provogue / Mascot
2014-10-14 Ford, Sallie Artist homepage CD MP3 Slap Back Vanguard Records
2014-09-05 Foreign Films, The Artist homepage     The Record Collector (side 2) self
2014-03-18 Forty Nineteens, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Spin It self 
2014-08-15 Forz, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Forz self
2014-05-13 Foster, Radney Artist homepage CD MP3 Everything I Should Have Said Devil's River Records
2014-08-19 Foster, Ruthie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Promise of a Brand New Day Blue Corn Music
2014-01-21 Fowler, Damon Artist homepage CD MP3 Sounds of Home Blind Pig Records
2014-10-14 Foxygen Artist homepage CD MP3 ...And Star Power Jagjaguwar
2014-06-05 Fraidies, The Artist homepage    MP3 Try Again self
2014-06-23 Frampton, Peter Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hummingbird In A Box Phenix Phonograph
2014-06-03 Frasco & The U.N., Andy Artist homepage CD MP3 Half a Man Fun Machine Records
2014 FrazierBand Artist homepage     Live at the Five Spot self
2014-12-05 French Boutik Artist homepage    MP3 Mieux comme ca copaseDisques
2014-12-05 Frinchers, The Artist homepage     On Your Knees, McCartney self
2014-08-18 Frizzell, Lefty     MP3 The Collection '50-'59 Ideal Music
2014-09-16 Front Country Artist homepage   MP3 Sake of the Sound self
2014-09-23 Fruition & Grant Farm Artist homepage    MP3 Meeting on the Mountain self
2014-05-27 Fullbright, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Songs Blue Dirt Records
2014 Fuller, Bobby Artist homepage     I Fought The Law b/w A New Shade Of Blue (45)(original 1964 demos) Norton
2014-05-13 Gadler, Frank [ex-NRBQ] Artist homepage      Cause of You Awesome Mother Records 
2014-05-26 Galileo 7, The Artist homepage  CD MP3  False Memory Lane Fools Paradise
2014-09-02 Game Theory Artist homepage  CD MP3 Blaze of Glory (expanded reissue) Omnivore Recordings
2014-09-08 Garfields Birthday Artist homepage    MP3 You Are Here Pink Hedgehog Records
2014-08-12 Gaslight Anthem, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Get Hurt Island Records
2014-06-10 Gauthier, Mary Artist homepage CD MP3  Trouble and Love In The Black Records
2014-09-22 Gay Elvis Artist homepage     Has Left the Building self
2014-12-20 Gemma & the Travellers Artist homepage     I'll Do My Way / I Can't Stop Loving You (single) Lemoncake
2014-02-04 Gen Pop Artist homepage    MP3 Waiting for Disaster self
2014-09-30 Gerrard, Alice Artist homepage CD MP3 Follow the Music Tompkins Square
2014-05-02 Gettman, Mitch Artist homepage   MP3 Stop Living Like It's the End of the World self
2014-12-31 Ghetto Brothers Artist homepage    MP3 Power Fuerza Truth & Soul
2014-08-19 Gibbs, Otis Artist homepage CD MP3 Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth Wanamaker
2014-04-27 Gibbs, Philip Artist homepage   MP3 Box Canyon Blues self
2014-02-19 Gilbert, Vance Artist homepage CD MP3 BaD Dog Buffet Disismye Music
2014-03-18 Gilkyson, Eliza Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Nocturne Diaries Red House Records
2014-04-08 Gillard, Doug Artist homepage CD MP3 Parade On Nine Mile Records
2014-04-18 Girls!, The Artist homepage     Let's Not Be Friends self
2014-02-04 Girls Guns and Glory Artist homepage CD MP3 Good Luck Lonesome Day
2014-05-26 Gladshot Artist homepage     Maxwell's Cool Demon self
2014-04-14 Glassman & Snapshot, Katie Artist homepage CD MP3 Dream A Little Dream Fiddle Parlor Records
2014-09-09 Glover, Ben Artist homepage CD MP3 Atlantic Carpe Vita Creative
2014-02-12 Gniadek, Christa Artist homepage   MP3 Leaving Boston self
2014-03-04 Golightly & the Brokeoffs', Holly Artist homepage CD MP3  All Her Fault Transdreamer Records
2014-12-15 Gonzalez, Jay Artist homepage      The Bitter Suite Middlebrow Records
2014-09-08 Goodbye Ronnie Artist homepage     Between Two Fires self
2014-05-13 Gooding Artist homepage CD MP3 We Are the Dark Stars S3 Records
2014-02-13 Goodman Artist homepage     Isn't It Sad self
2014-06-24 Gordon, Robert Artist homepage CD MP3 I'm Coming Home Lanark
2014-07-01 Gorilla Artist homepage     Mary Anne (single) Three Dimensional
2014-07-08 Grace, Kathleen Artist homepage CD MP3 No Place To Fall Monsoon Records
2014-12-01 Graham, Jon Dee Artist homepage     Do Not Forget self
2014-05-07 Grant Farm Artist homepage CD MP3 Plowin' Time self
2014-09-09 Grateful Dead Artist homepage  CD MP3 Wake Up To Find Out: Nassau Coliseum 3/29/90 Rhino
2014-10-07 Graves, Shakey Artist homepage  CD MP3 And the War Came Dualtone
2014-07-22 Great Mutations Artist homepage     Cheap Stuff self
2014-10-21 Greater California Artist homepage     Long Shadows (single) self
2014-04-02 Green Tambourine Band, The Artist homepage     I'm Free (single) self
2014-10-21 Greenberger & The Pahltone Scooters, David Artist homepage  CD MP3 Fractions by Stella Pel Pel Recordings
2014-05-19 Greene, Charlie Artist homepage CD MP3 Charlie Greene Artist Tribe Recordings
2014-09-10 Greeninger, Keith Artist homepage    MP3 Soul Connection self
2014-09-09 Greensky Bluegrass Artist homepage CD MP3 If Sorrows Swim Thirty Tigers
2014-09-16 Griffin, Sid Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Trick Is To Breathe Prima Records
2014-10-06 Groovy Uncle Artist homepage   MP3 Persuaded Trouserphonic
2014-02-11 Gundersen, Noah Artist homepage  CD MP3 Ledges Dualtone
2014-01-08 Gypsy Roller Artist homepage CD MP3 Champagne & Rock N Roll Sunthunder Records
2014-07-15 Haas Kowert Tice Artist homepage   MP3 You Got This self
2014-02-04 Haden Triplets, The Artist homepage  CD   The Haden Triplets Third Man Records
2014-09-02 Half Japanese Artist homepage  CD MP3 Overjoyed Joyful Noise Records
2014-02-07 Halfway Artist homepage   MP3 Any Old Love self
2014-04-15 Halford & The Healers, Jeffrey Artist homepage   MP3 Rainmaker Shoeless Records
2014-04-29 Halliburton, Jeremy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Germantown self
2014-01-21 Hammond, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 Timeless Palmetto Records
2014-12-09 Hangabouts, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Illustrated Bird self
2014-11-29 Hanky Panky Artist homepage     Precious Bitch / A Queen Without A Crown (single) Pop Sisters
2014-09-16 Hanson, Lynne Artist homepage CD MP3 River of Sand self
2014-01-13 Hansplant & Dirt Track Racer, Geoff Artist homepage     Kick Off Your Muddy Boots Twilight Tango Records
2014-04-15 Hard Pans, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Budget Cuts High Plains Films
2014-01-21 Hard Working Americans Artist homepage    MP3 Hard Working Americans Melvin Records
2014-10-27 Hard Working Americans Artist homepage  CD   The First Waltz Melvin Records
2014-01-01 Hardin Burns Artist homepage CD   Down the Deep Well self
2014-06-24 Harlan, Matt Artist homepage CD MP3 Raven Hotel Berkalin Records
2014-03-11 Harlan Pepper Artist homepage  CD MP3 Take Out a Twenty & Live Life to the Fullest Six Shooter Records
2014-05-06 Harper, Ben and Ellen Artist homepage CD MP3  Childhood Home Prestige
2014-09-23 Harris and the Tough Choices, JP Artist homepage  CD MP3  Home Is Where the Hurt Is Cow Island Music
2014-07-07 Hastings, Will Artist homepage     My Human Condition self
2014-10-21 Haught, Wayne Artist homepage   MP3 Fingers Resist Not Records
2014-10-13 Hayes, Bryan Artist homepage     Still Just a Man...10 Years Later self
2014-06-01 Hazey Janes, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Language of Faint Therapy Armellodie Records
2014-03-25 Hecht, Robby Artist homepage CD MP3 Robby Hecht Old Man Henry Records
2014-09-16 Heldal, Monica Artist homepage  CD MP3 Boy From the North Warner Music Norway
2014-05-23 Hello Strangers, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Hello Strangers IMI
2014-07-01 Helm Band, Levon Artist homepage CD  MP3 Midnight Ramble Sessions III Vanguard
2014-03-25 Henry Girls, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Louder than Words Beste Unterhaltung
2014-06-03 Henry, Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Invisible Hour Work Song
2014-07-07 Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra, Rob Artist homepage    MP3 Talk About the Weather Tea Pad Recordings
2014-01-27 Hersey, John Michael Artist homepage CD MP3 Adirondack Chordophone Records
2014-07-15 Hiatt, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Terms of My Surrender New West Records
2014-10-01 High Learys, The Artist homepage     Clear My Mind self
2014-05-20 High On Stress Artist homepage   MP3 Leaving MPLS Neurotic City
2014-06-07 Hill, Arty Artist homepage   MP3 Heart on My Dirty Sleeve self
2014-06-02 Hill, Byron Artist homepage CD MP3 Red Leather Couch BHP Recordings
2014-11-11 Hill, Emma Artist homepage     Denali self
2014-08-26 Hillis, Cliff Artist homepage   MP3 Song Machine TallBoy Records
2014-04-15 Hillstomp Artist homepage  CD MP3 Portland, Ore Fluff & Gravy Records
2014-05-01 Hillyer, Matt Artist homepage CD MP3 If These Old Bones Could Talk Run Up Tree
2014-08-26 Hitchcock, Robyn Artist homepage CD MP3 The Man Upstairs Yep Roc
2014-11-12 Hogan, Kelly Artist homepage    MP3 Blue Snowfall (single) self 
2014-08-03 Holcombe, Malcolm Artist homepage CD MP3 Pitiful Blues self
2014-03-25 Hold Steady, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Teeth Dreams Razor & Tie
2014-05-20 Holland, Jolie Artist homepage CD MP3 Wine Dark Sea ANTI
2014-01-14 Holland, Marshall Artist homepage    MP3 And the Etceteras self
2014-10-21 Hollies, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 50 at Fifty Rhino
2014-04-19 Hollis Brown Artist homepage CD MP3 Hollis Brown Gets Loaded Alive Records
2014-08-20 Hollis Brown Artist homepage    MP3 Wait for Me Virginia (single) Alive Records
2014-04-01 Holmes Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Brotherhood Alligator Records
2014-09-23 Holy Sons Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Fact Facer Thrill Jockey
2014-11-04 Hoover, Jamie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Jamie Two Ever Loaded Goat Records
2014-08-25 Hornsby, Bruce Artist homepage CD MP3 Solo Concerts Vanguard Records
2014-01-28 Hospitality Artist homepage  CD MP3 Trouble Merge Records