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2014 L-Z Albums  (Click Here to Go To 2014 A-K)
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2014-10-09 Lac La Belle Artist homepage   MP3 A Friend Too Long Double Lot
2014-02-18 Lake Street Dive Artist homepage  CD MP3 Bad Self Portrait Signature Sounds
2014-05-06 LaMontagne, Ray Artist homepage CD MP3 Supernova RCA Records
2014-06-10 Landry, Yvette Artist homepage   MP3 Me & T-Coe's Country self
2014-05-06 Lane, Nikki Artist homepage CD MP3 All or Nothin' New West
2014-04-01 Langford & Skull Orchard, Jon Artist homepage      Mars EP In De Goot Recordings
2014-04-01 Langford & Skull Orchard, Jon Artist homepage  CD MP3 Here Be Monsters In De Goot Recordings
2014-10-27 LaRue, Stoney Artist homepage  CD MP3 Aviator E One
2014-06-09 Last Hombres, The Artist homepage  CD   Odd Fellows Rest Louisiana Red Hot
2014-10-05 Latvian Radio Artist homepage  CD MP3 For Love & Spite self
2014-07-01 Lauderdale, Jim Artist homepage CD   I'm a Song Sky Crunch Records
2014-05-27 LaVere, Amy Artist homepage CD    Runaway's Diary Archer Records
2014-05-02 Lee, Brian Artist homepage CD MP3 Declare self
2014-02-15 Lee, Shalo Artist homepage CD MP3 Hometown Girl self
2014-11-28 Leftover Salmon Artist homepage     High Country LoS Records
2014-06-03 Legal Matters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Legal Matters Futureman Records
2014-09-15 LeMasters, Dick Artist homepage   MP3 One Bird, Two Stones self
2014-06-16 LeMay, Joseph Artist homepage   MP3 Seventeen Acres self
2014-06-23 Les Kitschenette's Artist homepage    MP3 2e etage: lingerie pour homme Soundflat Records
2014-04-06 Les Rivals Artist homepage    MP3 Les Rivals Casbah Records
2014-06-20 Levecque, Sarah Artist homepage CD MP3 Beautiful Defeat self
2014-10-06 Lewis & Leigh Artist homepage   MP3 Night Drives EP self
2014-07-29 Lewis, Jenny Artist homepage CD MP3 The Voyager Warner Bros.
2014-10-28 Lewis, Jerry Lee Artist homepage CD MP3 Rock & Roll Time Vanguard Records
2014-01-07 Lewis, Laurie Artist homepage   MP3 One Evening in May Spruce and Maple Music
2014-08-05 Lewis, Laurie; Kathy Kallick Artist homepage     Laurie & Kathy Sing the Songs of Vern & Ray Spruce and Maple Music
2014-06-16 Liban with The Joel Paterson Trio, Jim Artist homepage  CD MP3 I Say What I Mean Ventrella Records
2014-05-14 Lindberg Trio, John Artist homepage    MP3 Dit It! Enviken / Cosmos
2014-05-20 Lindsay, Brian Artist homepage   MP3 The Monkey, the Tango and the Boogaloo GFI Music
2014-07-17 Linus Of Hollywood Artist homepage    MP3 Something Good Magic Beach
2014-09-03 Little Clara & Les Chacals Artist homepage     Little Clara chante Nancy Holloway Vol 2 self
2014-04-22 Little Feat Artist homepage CD MP3 Live in Holland 1976 Eagle Rock
2014-02-18 Little Gold Artist homepage    MP3 Spectral Sight Loud Baby Sounds
2014-02-18 Littlejohn & War Party, Hartwell Artist homepage   MP3 Fuck Atlanta Mirror Universe Tapes
2014-04-01 Littlejohn, Hartwell Artist homepage     Emily (single) self
2014-10-28 Living Sisters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Harmony Is Real: Songs for a Happy Holiday Vanguard Records
2014-08-11 Livingstone Daisies Artist homepage    MP3 Waiting on the Last Minute Popboomerang Records
2014-11-18 Llanas, Sam Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Whole Night Thru Daystorm
2014-11-04 Lloyd, Bill Artist homepage CD MP3 Reset 2014 Whole-in-One
2014-07-08 Locust Honey String Band Artist homepage     Never Let Me Cross Your Mind self
2014-08-05 Loebe, Rebecca; Raina Rose; Smokey & The Mirror Artist homepage  CD MP3 Three Nights Live Goose Creek
2014-08-05 Lofgren, Nils Artist homepage CD   Face the Music [Box Set] Fantasy
2014-01-14 Lone Justice Artist homepage CD MP3 This is Lone Justice: The Vaught Tapes 1983 Omnivore
2014-05-20 Lonesome Shack Artist homepage  CD MP3 More Primitive Alive Records
2014-08-22 Longmire, Jenna Artist homepage CD   Resistance self
2014-12-11 Loolie and the Surfing Rogers Artist homepage     Tell Me Why Q-Sounds Recording
2014-09-23 Lopez, Brian Artist homepage  CD MP3 Static Noise Funzalo Records
2014-10-14 Lopez Band, Christian Artist homepage  CD MP3 Pilot Blaster Records
2014-05-01 Lorente, Tommy Artist homepage    MP3 Un cruel manque de tendresse Yaourt Productions
2014-09-18 Los Cavernas Artist homepage    MP3 Welcome to Fabulous Los Cavernas Delia
2014-01-21 Los Lonely Boys Artist homepage CD MP3 Revelation Lonely Tone
2014-12-01 Los Tupper Artist homepage     Yesterday's Pizza Sun Thunder
2014-05-29 Lost Leaders Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lost Leaders Mad Grace Music
2014-06-24 Loudermilks, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Loudermilks You Know What?
2014-02-18 Loveless, Lydia Artist homepage CD MP3 Somewhere Else Bloodshot Records
2014-04-19 Loveless, Lydia Artist homepage   MP3 Blind (single) Bloodshot Records
2014-05-27 Loveless, Lydia Artist homepage   MP3  Mile High (single) Bloodshot Records
2014-10-27 Lowlands Artist homepage  CD MP3 Love etc... Gypsy Child / Harbour Song
2014-02-25 Lowrey, Levi Artist homepage   MP3 Levi Lowrey Southern Ground Artists
2014-08-12 Lucero Artist homepage CD MP3 Live from Atlanta Liberty
2014-07-01 Lund, Corb Artist homepage CD MP3 Counterfeit Blues New West Records
2014-02-12 LuxDeluxe Artist homepage     What You Need (single) self
2014-04-15 LuxDeluxe Artist homepage     It's A Girl SpiritHouse Records
2014-09-09 Lynn, Lera Artist homepage   MP3 The Avenues self
2014-06-30 Lynn & Myles High, Tammy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Turn My Music On self
2014-07-15 Lynn, Trudy Artist homepage CD MP3 Royal Oaks Blues Cafe Connor Ray Music
2014-10-07 Lynne, Shelby Artist homepage CD   I Am Shelby Lynne - Deluxe Edition Rounder
2015-01-13 Lytle, Rob Artist homepage     a hypocrite of heart and hope Heart and Hope
2014-01-21 MacDuffie, Carrington Artist homepage CD MP3 Only An Angel Pointy Head Records
2014-11-10 Mackey, Brian Artist homepage    MP3 Broken Heartstrings self
2014-10-24 MacLeod, Scott Artist homepage   MP3 Flicker and Fade Jean Jacket Records
2014-06-24 Magness, Janiva Artist homepage CD MP3 Original Fathead Records
2014-10-29 Maharajas, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Yesterday Always Knew Low Impact Records
2014-01-07 Malkmus & The Jicks, Stephen Artist homepage CD MP3 Wig Out at Jagbags Matador Records
2014-04-29 Malone, Tommy Artist homepage CD MP3 Poor Boy M.C. Records
2014-01-28 Mandell, Eleni Artist homepage  CD MP3 Let's Fly a Kite Yep Roc Records
2014 Mangoes, The Artist homepage     The Mangoes self
2014-07-29 Mantler, Karen Artist homepage  CD MP3 Business Is Bad ECM
2014-05-29 Marble Party Artist homepage  CD MP3 Plush Up self
2014-04-22 Margot & The Nuclear So and So's Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sling Shot to Heaven Mariel Recording Company
2014 Marina Rocks Artist homepage     The Comeback Kid self
2014-09-22 Marine Life Artist homepage    MP3 Fool Of A Kind Elefant
2014-08-11 Mark & The Clouds Artist homepage     Blue Skies Opening (single) Mega Dodo
2014-09-02 Markel and the 88th St. Band, Graig Artist homepage  CD MP3 Graig Markel and the 88th St. Band In Spades Music
2014-08-19 Martin, Jeffrey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Dogs in the Daylight Fluff and Gravy Records
2014-03-11 Martin, Steve and Steep Canyon Rangers feat. Edie Brickell Artist homepage  CD   Live Rounder
2014-08-26 Mascis, J Artist homepage CD  MP3 Tied To A Star Sub Pop
2014-03-04 Masterson, Dan Artist homepage CD  MP3 Learn to Live self
2014-07-08 Mastersons, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Good Luck Charm New West Records
2014-11-11 Mather, Justin Artist homepage  CD MP3 Old Records Wide World
2014-02-18 Mathus, Jimbo Artist homepage CD MP3 Dark Night of the Soul Fat Possum
2014-05-06 Matrimony Artist homepage  CD MP3 Montibello Memories Sony
2014-05-06 Matzzie, Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 This Box Makes Noise self
2014-09-23 May, Imelda Artist homepage CD MP3 Tribal Verve
2014-05-13 Mayall, John Artist homepage CD MP3 A Special Life Forty Below Records
2014-07-18 Mayes, TJ Artist homepage    MP3 When Love Come Down Bang-Up!
2014-09-09 Mayfield, David Artist homepage CD MP3 Strangers Compass Records
2014-04-15 Mayfield, Jessica Lea Artist homepage CD MP3 Make My Head Sing ATO Records
2014-04-15 McCann and the Firehearts, Dave Artist homepage CD MP3  Circle of Light self
2014-06-10 McCarley, Amy Artist homepage   MP3 Jet Engines self
2014-02-18 McClinton, Clay Artist homepage  CD MP3 Bitin' at the Bit Red Chili Records
2014-02-18 McGarry, Katie Artist homepage   MP3 Waiting On self
2014-07-25 McKnight, Elam Artist homepage     Made to Fall Big Black Hand
2014-06-17 McLagan & The Bump Band, Ian Artist homepage  CD   United States Yep Roc
2014-08-11 McLinden, Paul Artist homepage    MP3 Head Happy One Inch Punch
2014-08-12 McMurtry, Curtis Artist homepage   MP3 Respectable Enemy Berkalin Records
2014-10-14 McPherson, JD Artist homepage    MP3 The Warm Covers EP Rounder
2014-12-11 McPherson, JD Artist homepage    MP3 Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights) [single] New Rounder
2014-06-10 McRae, Linda Artist homepage CD MP3 Fifty Shades of Red Borealis Records
2014-03-04 Mead, Chuck Artist homepage CD MP3 Free State Serenade Plowboy Records
2014-06-25 Mee, Gavin Artist homepage    MP3 Meemantras Birthings Records
2014-06-12 Meenk Artist homepage     19 self
2014-07-08 Mellencamp, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 Performs Trouble No More Live at Town Hall Mercury
2014-09-23 Mellencamp, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 Plain Spoken Republic Records
2014-03-04 Men, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Tomorrow's Hits Sacred Bones Records
2014-04-24 Metal Babies, The Artist homepage    MP3 Ghostly self
2014-10-23 Meyers, Augie Artist homepage   MP3 Santa Fe El Sendero Records 
2014-07-14 MFC Chicken Artist homepage  CD MP3 Solid Gravy Dirty Water Records
2014-07-21 Michael On Fire Artist homepage CD MP3 Healing Waters self
2014-07-22 Mickwee, Kelley Artist homepage    MP3 You Used To Live Here CEN
2014-08-05 Micky and the Motorcars Artist homepage CD   Hearts from Above self
2014-03-11 Midnight River Choir Artist homepage   MP3 Fresh Air Ramblin Gypsy Records
2014-09-22 Midwest Beat, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Free of Being Dusty Medical Records
2014-07-30 Midwestern Charm, The Artist homepage     Growing Pains self
2014-02-13 Mighty High and Dry, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Mighty High and Dry Interrupt Records
2014-08-05 Miller Band, Ben Artist homepage CD MP3 Any Way, Shape or Form New West Records
2014-04-22 Mills, Big John Artist homepage CD MP3 Honkytonkology Roaddawg Records
2014-09-16 Mills, Blake Artist homepage  CD MP3  Heigh Ho Verve
2014-10-21 Mills, Lisa Artist homepage   MP3 I'm Changing Mills Bluz Records
2014-02-04 Millsap, Parker Artist homepage CD   Parker Millsap Okra Homa Records
2014-06-03 Mingo Fishtrap Artist homepage CD MP3 On Time Blue Corn Music
2014-06-24 Miriam Artist homepage CD MP3 Nobody's Baby Norton Records
2014-03-25 Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray Artist homepage    MP3 Lean Into the Wind Seven Dead Arson Records
2014-09-02 Mister Roper Artist homepage  CD   Mister Roper Red Parlor Records
2014-03-17 Mittnacht, Hank Artist homepage   MP3 Waiting Near self
2014 Mize, Jen Artist homepage CD MP3 Fear, Pride & a Few Stubborn Angels Pathfinder
2014-03-24 MMB (Mike Montrey Band) Artist homepage     Song by Song by Song self
2014-04-22 Mo', Keb' Artist homepage CD MP3 BLUESAmericana Kind of Blue Music
2014-05-27 moe. Artist homepage CD MP3 No Guts, No Glory Sugar Hill
2014-09-16 Mojo Gurus Artist homepage CD MP3 Who Asked Ya? Red River
2014-06-03 Molinari, Pete Artist homepage  CD MP3 Theosophy Clarksville Recordings
2014-02-28 Momo-Sei Artist homepage     Umareta self
2014 Mooner Artist homepage     Wilco Tribute (Live singles) self
2014 Moreland, Gwyneth Artist homepage     Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors self
2014-12-01 Morgan and the 78's, Whitey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Born, Raised & Live from Flint Bloodshot Records
2014-08-19 Morganfield, Mud; Kim Wilson Artist homepage  CD   For Pops: A Tribute to Muddy Waters Severn Records
2014-02-04 Morrison, Cahalen; Eli West Artist homepage     I'll Swing My Hammer With Both Hands self
2014-08-19 Morrsion & Country Hammer, Cahalen Artist homepage CD MP3  The Flower of Muscle Shoals Free Dirt Records
2014-07-15 Morrissey Artist homepage  CD MP3 World Peace Is None Of Your Business Harvest
2014-02-17 Morton, Ken Will Artist homepage CD MP3 Slow Burn self
2014-03-18 Moss Band, The Nick Artist homepage CD MP3 Time Ain't Free Blue Bella Records
2014-06-03 Mould, Bob Artist homepage CD  MP3 Beauty & Ruin Merge Records
2014-03-18 Movements, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Like Elephants 2 self
2014-01-17 Mr Day Artist homepage    MP3 Caveman (single) Favorite
2014-04-22 Muck and the Mires Artist homepage     Double White Line (45) King Yum Records
2014-12-01 Muck and the Mires Artist homepage CD MP3 Dial M for Muck Dirty Water Records
2014-07-29 Muffs, The Artist homepage  CD MP3  Whoop Dee Doo Burger Records
2014 Mulebone Artist homepage     Keep On Movin' Red Tug Records
2014-04-01 Mulvey, Peter Artist homepage CD MP3  Silver Ladder Signature Sounds
2014-11-06 Muscle Souls Artist homepage     Mark On The World self
2014-07-22 Mustered Courage Artist homepage   MP3 Powerlines Travianna Records
2014-05-27 Muth, Zoe Artist homepage CD MP3 World of Strangers Signature Sounds 
2014-08-19 Mvula, Laura Artist homepage  CD MP3 With Metropole Orkest (live) Columbia
2014-11-03 My Drunken Haze Artist homepage    MP3 My Drunken Haze Inner Ear Records
2014-08-26 Mychols 3, Lisa Artist homepage    MP3 Lisa Mychols 3 self
2014-05-05 Myhr, David Artist homepage    MP3 Record Collection Strong Melody Productions
2014-05-31 Myles, AC Artist homepage CD MP3 Reconsider Me self
2014-12-09 Myracle Brah Artist homepage   MP3 The Peach EP self
2014-08-19 Nash, Israel Artist homepage CD MP3 Israel Nash's Rain Plans Loose Music / Thirty Tigers
2014-06-17 Nelson, Willie Artist homepage CD MP3 Band of Brothers Sony Legacy
2014-03-25 Nemeth, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Memphis Grease Blue Corn Music
2014-10-14 New American Farmers Artist homepage   MP3 The Farmacology Sessions Big Barncat Records
2014-02-25 New Electric Ride Artist homepage  CD MP3 Balloon Age Carrot Top Records
2014-01-15 New Madrids, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Through the Heart of Town self
2014-01-28 New Mendicants, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Into the Lime Ashmont Records
2014-08-26 New Pornographers, The Artist homepage  CD  MP3 Brill Bruisers Matador
2014-03-08 New Students, The Artist homepage CD MP3 When the West Wind Blows self
2014-10-20 New Trocaderos, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Kick Your Ass self
2014-02-01 Newberry, David Artist homepage     Desire Lines EP self
2014-04-01 Newcomer, Carrie Artist homepage  CD   A Permeable Life Available Light
2014-05-20 Newman & The OK Caravan, Aaron Artist homepage    MP3 Aaron Newman & The OK Caravan self
2014-04-19 Newman, Randy Artist homepage     Randy Newman (1968 debut vinyl reissue) Reprise
2014-02-25 Nicholls, Danni Artist homepage CD MP3 A Little Redemption Transmission Recordings
2014-04-01 Nickel Creek Artist homepage CD MP3 A Dotted Line Nonesuch Records
2014-10-07 Nicks, Stevie Artist homepage  CD MP3 24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault Reprise
2014-06-17 Nighthawks, The Artist homepage CD   444 EllerSoul Records
2014-11-11 Nile, Wille Artist homepage   MP3 If I Was a River River House Records
2014-02-18 Nine Times Blue Artist homepage  CD MP3 Matter of Time Renegade Recordings
2014-10-14 No Line North Artist homepage    MP3 Farther Out Beyond Today Twin Lakes Records
2014-07-08 Noted, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 At This Moment SmileyNote Studios
2014-10-20 Nourallah, Salim Artist homepage   MP3 Nourology: 10 Years of Salim Nourallah Noisetrade
2014-06-17 NRBQ Artist homepage CD MP3 Brass Tacks Clang!
2014-06-28 Nuclear Honey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Nobody Panic self
2014-10-21 Nude Beach H CD MP3 77 Don Giovanni Records
2014-09-03 Nude Party, The Artist homepage     Forbidden Fruit self
2014-12-08 Number 9 Blacktops, The Artist homepage    MP3 The County Circle Track Tri-Nut
2014-03-18 Oates, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Good Road to Follow PS Records
2014-05-20 Oberst, Conor Artist homepage CD MP3 Upside Down Mountain Nonesuch
2014-03-25 Oblon, Jim Artist homepage CD MP3 Sunset Compass Records
2014-01-21 O'Brien, Mollie; Rich Moore Artist homepage CD   Love Runner Remington Road Records
2014-05-13 Ocean Carolina Artist homepage CD MP3  All the Way Home Old Hand Record Company
2014-10-23 O'Connell, Chris Artist homepage  CD MP3 Be Right Back! Song Records
2014-07-15 O'Connell, Edward Artist homepage  CD MP3 Vanishing Act Oaf Ramp Records
2014 O'Donovan, Aoife Artist homepage     Acoustic Sessions EP Yep Roc
2014-01-20 Ogden, Shantell Artist homepage   MP3 Better at Goodbye Hip Farm Chic Records
2014-04-29 Old 97's Artist homepage CD MP3 Most Messed Up ATO Records
2014-11-17 Old 97's Artist homepage  CD   Hitchhike to Rhome (2 CD expanded reissue) Omnivore
2014-07-01 Old Crow Medicine Show Artist homepage CD MP3 Remedy ATO Records
2014-07-08 Olney, David Artist homepage CD MP3 When The Deal Goes Down Deadbeet Records
2014-02-18 Olsen, Angel Artist homepage  CD MP3 Burn Your Fire For No Witness Jagjaguwar
2014-08-12 Oney, Chuck Artist homepage  CD MP3 Shimmering Hearts 4play
2014-03-04 Orange Opera, The Artist homepage    MP3 Land of Tall Home Tone Records
2014-05-19 Orbison, Roy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Mystery Girl Expanded Sony Legacy
2014-01-30 Orgone Box, The Artist homepage    MP3 Centaur Sugarbush 
2014 Orgone Box, The Artist homepage     Various Imperfectshuns self
2014-06-25 Original Artyfacts Artist homepage     Lovely self
2014-06-03 Orwells, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Disgraceland Canvasback / Atlantic
2014-04-08 Osborne, Joan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Love and Hate Koch / E One
2014-11-18 Outta Sites, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Rock and Roll Dance Party Spinout
2014-11-04 Over The Rhine Artist homepage  CD MP3  Blood Oranges In The Snow self
2014-09-30 Owens, Christopher Artist homepage CD MP3 A New Testament Turnstile Music
2014-03-11 Oxford, Charlie Artist homepage CD  MP3 Charlie Oxford Rock Ridge Music
2014-03-11 Pack, David Artist homepage  CD MP3  David Pack's Napa Crossroads Concord
2014-05-01 Page, Sam Artist homepage   MP3 The Slog In Uncertainty self
2014-05-13 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Days of Abandon Yebo Music
2014-03-01 Painted Ladies, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Painted Ladies Play Selections From The Loner Plus One
2014-01-21 Paisley, Doug Artist homepage CD MP3 Strong Feelings No Quarter 
2014-11-20 Pale Lights Artist homepage     Fourteen Stories Tall (EP) Calico Cat
2014-05-19 Palmarini, Debbie Fisher Artist homepage    MP3 Rose Mountain self
2014-10-21 Pardekooper, Kelly Artist homepage     Milk in Sunshine Leisure Time Records
2014-05-16 Parkington Sisters Artist homepage    MP3 Me You Us self
2014-07-29 Parks, Van Dyke Artist homepage  CD MP3 Super Chief: Music for the Silver Screen Yep Roc
2014-06-03 Parquet Courts Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sunbathing Animal What's Your Rupture
2014-11-10 Parquet Courts Artist homepage  CD MP3 Content Nausea What's Your Rupture
2014-02-27 Parson Red Heads, The Artist homepage   MP3 Early Birds Volume Two self
2014-07-01 Parsons, Richie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Honey and Tears Lawless
2014-08-19 Parsonsfield Artist homepage   MP3 Afterparty Signature Sounds
2014-05-13 Parton, Dolly Artist homepage CD MP3 Blue Smoke Sony Masterworks / Dolly
2014-11-04 Pasadena '68 Artist homepage     Pardon the Mess (single) self
2014-01-20 Patrick, Matthew Artist homepage    MP3 Yard Sale self
2014-07-08 Patrick, Matthew Artist homepage   MP3  Slow Learner self
2014-05-01 Patrolled By Radar Artist homepage    MP3 Cool Your Jets self
2014-07-22 Patterson, Bobby Artist homepage  CD MP3 I Got More Soul Omnivore Recordings
2014-07-15 Paul & John, The Artist homepage    MP3 Inner Sunset Mystery Lawn Music
2014-05-27 Paz Antiguana Artist homepage     Surfing the Channel HCS01
2014-04-25 Pearlfishers, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Open Up Your Colouring Book Marina Records
2014-10-07 Pedigo, Don Artist homepage     The Cross Eyed Sessions self
2014-03-04 Peeples and the Peeples Republik, Grant Artist homepage CD MP3 Punishing the Myth GatorBone Records
2014-11-26 Peeples, Grant Artist homepage   MP3 Indiscretion self
2014-04-05 Peralta   CD MP3 Time, Purpose & Gold FOLC
2014-04-17 Perdomo, Fernando Artist homepage    MP3 Girl With a Record Collection [single] self
2014-02-11 Persson, Nina Artist homepage CD MP3 Animal Heart The End Records
2014-07-29 Petty & The Heartbreakers, Tom Artist homepage CD  MP3 Hypnotic Eye Reprise Records
2014-04-15 phonograph Artist homepage   MP3 phonograph Vol 1 self
2014-04-07 Piasecki, Shane Artist homepage     Set You Free LandStar Entertainment
2014-06-24 Piazza & The Mighty Flyers, Rod Artist homepage  CD   Emergency Situation Blind Pig
2014-02-11 Picott, Rod Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hang Your Hopes On A Crooked Nail Welding Rod Records
2014-08-26 Pilgrim and the All Grows Up, William Artist homepage   MP3 Epic Endings Live Ice House Records
2014-08-23 Piunti, Nick Artist homepage     Time Machine (single) self
2014-12-12 Plain Jane Glory Artist homepage    MP3 Someday When Things Are Good Puddle Jump
2014-09-09 Plant, Robert Artist homepage  CD MP3 lullaby and...The Ceaseless Roar Nonesuch
2014-07-21 Poag, Vincent Artist homepage CD MP3 For the Girls Danal Music
2014-10-05 Police Dog Hogan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Westward Ho! self
2014-05-03 Pope, Buford Artist homepage   MP3 Sticks in the Throat Unchained Records
2014-01-28 Porter, Mason Artist homepage     Home for the Harvest self
2014-08-19 Posies, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Failure (Expanded Reissue) Omnivore Recordings
2014-01-21 Powers, Kerri Artist homepage   MP3 Kerri Powers self
2014-04-28 Powell & The Exports, Archie Artist homepage   MP3 Back in Black Team Cool Records
2014-02-04 Powell, Dirk Artist homepage  CD   Walking Through Clay Sugar Hill Records (Welk)
2014-08-03 Prats, Vicente Artist homepage    MP3 Vicente Prats Pretty Olivia
2014-04-29 Prefab Sprout Artist homepage CD MP3 Crimson/Red [U.S.] Red River Entertainment
2014-06-27 Prescott Band, Doug Artist homepage CD MP3 Karma & The Big Caboose self
2014-10-14 Presley, Angaleena Artist homepage CD MP3 American Middle Class Slate Creek / Thirty Tigers
2014-03-04 Price 3, The Len Artist homepage  CD MP3 Nobody Knows Mri Associated
2014-04-15 Price, Ray Artist homepage CD MP3 Beauty Is... Amerimonte
2014-10-14 Primitives, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Spin-o-Rama Elefant Spain
2014-04-29 Propeller Artist homepage    MP3 You Remind Me of You / What a Way to Feel (single) Moving Wall
2014-09-23 Prophet, Chuck Artist homepage CD MP3 Night Surfer Yep Roc
2014-09-15 Pruitt, Luke Artist homepage   MP3 Songs of Home, pt. 1 self
2014-08-05 Psycho Sisters, The [S. Cowsill, V. Peterson] H CD MP3 Up on the Chair, Beatrice RockBeat Records
2014-09-30 Pugwash Artist homepage CD MP3 Rose in a Garden of Weeds: A Preamble Through the History of Pugwash... Omnivore
2014-07-08 Pure Grain Artist homepage  CD MP3 Indiana Sun Sol Records
2014-07-15 Puss N Boots Artist homepage  CD MP3 No Fools, No Fun Blue Note
2014-05-25 Queen Esther Artist homepage   MP3 The Other Side self
2014-01-28 Quilt Artist homepage  CD MP3 Held in Splendor Mexican Summer
2014-11-04 Rachele, Sara Artist homepage   MP3 Listen, Judas / Fade Into You (single) Angrygal
2014-03-28 Rackhouse Pilfer Artist homepage    MP3 Love and Havoc self
2014-08-12 Rae, Ruby Artist homepage   MP3 Voodoo Queen self
2014-03-25 Ragan, Chuck Artist homepage  CD MP3   Till Midnight SideOneDummy Records
2014-01-14 Railroad Earth Artist homepage  CD MP3 Last of the Outlaws Black Bear Records
2014-10-07 Ransom and the Subset Artist homepage  CD MP3 No Time to Lose Tune Stack Records
2014-07-22 Raveonettes, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Pe'ahi self
2014-05-25 Raving Beauties, The Artist homepage    MP3 Some Girls (single) At The Helm Records
2014-02-10 Ray, Boo Artist homepage CD MP3  Six Weeks In a Motel Feralette Media
2014-03-04 Real Estate Artist homepage  CD MP3 Atlas Domino
2014-07-01 Real Kids, The Artist homepage   MP3 Shake...Outta Control Ace of Hearts Records
2014-10-31 Red Dirt Revelators, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Rub self
2014-03-04 Red Eye Gravy Artist homepage CD MP3 Dust Bowl Hangover self
2014-11-18 Red Jacket Mine Artist homepage    MP3 Pure Delight Showpony
2014-05-27 Red Molly Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Red Album self
2014-09-15 Redding, Lipbone Artist homepage   MP3 Esmeralda Citizen One Music
2014-04-08 Redlands Palomino Company, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Broken Carelessly Clubhouse Records UK
2014-09-09 Reid & The Low Swinging Chariots, Kyle Artist homepage   MP3 Alright, Here We Go... Horton Records
2014-07-15 Reigning Sound Artist homepage  CD MP3 Shattered Merge Records
2014-08-15 Reprobettes, The Artist homepage    MP3 Bunny (single) Independent
2014-12-02 Resonars, The Artist homepage     Lunar Kit (reissue) self
2014-04-29 Revelations, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Cost of Living Red River
2014-07-15 Revelers, The Artist homepage    MP3 Play the Swamp Pop Classics Vol. 1 self
2014-05-06 Rhodes, Kyle Artist homepage CD MP3 A History of Love and Devastation Climb Studio
2014-10-07 Rice, Rodney Artist homepage   MP3 Empty Pockets and a Troubled Mind Moody Spring
2014-05-06 Rich Hands, The Artist homepage    MP3 Out Of My Head Fountain Records
2014-07-18 Richards and the Subtractions, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 Decayed: Ten Years of Harmony and Song Futureman Records
2014-11-01 Richards and The Subtractions, Chris Artist homepage     A Smattering of Mystery and Sound self
2014-09-07 Rip Off Artists, The Artist homepage CD   The Intercontinental self
2014 Rizdales, The Artist homepage     Blue Ain't the Word self
2014-03-10 RJV & Hell County Revival Artist homepage   MP3 Three Ways from Sunday Lucky Buck Records
2014-08-19 Roadkill Ghost Choir Artist homepage  CD MP3 In Tongues Greatest Hiss Records
2014-06-02 Roaring Juniors, The Artist homepage     Separation Anxiety self
2014-08-05 Roaring Juniors, The Artist homepage     Almost Grown EP self
2014-07-28 Robbins, Dana Artist homepage   MP3 Dana Robbins self
2014-07-01 Roberts, Jason Artist homepage  CD MP3 That's My Home JR Music
2014-09-20 Roberts & The Heymakers, Pat Artist homepage    MP3 Devil Electric Lotus
2014-04-29 Robinson Brotherhood, Chris Artist homepage CD MP3 Phosphorescent Harvest Silver Arrow Records
2014-11-04 Robinson, Nell Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Rose of No-Man's Land Compass
2014-06-03 Robinson, Rich Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Ceaseless Sight The End Records
2014-08-19 Robinson, Smokey Artist homepage CD MP3 Smokey and Friends Verve
2014-05-27 Robison, Bruce; Kelly Willis Artist homepage CD  MP3 Our Year Premium Records / Thirty Tigers
2014-04-23 Rockats, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Rockin' Together Lanark
2014-07-01 Rocket Bureau Artist homepage     Silhouette (single) self
2014-10-01 Rodgers and the Dirty Gems, Kris     MP3 Headlines self
2014-02-11 Rodriguez, Carrie; Luke Jacobs Artist homepage     Live at the Cactus self
2014-04-15 Rogers Band, Randy Artist homepage CD   Homemade Tamales Thirty Tigers
2014-11-04 Rolling Stones Artist homepage CD   From the Vault: Hampton Coliseum 1981 Eagle Records
2014-11-17 Rolling Stones Artist homepage CD   From the Vault: LA Forum 1975 Eagle Records
2014-03-19 Roman, Ed Artist homepage   MP3 Letters from High Latitudes self
2014-03-18 Romweber Duo, Dex Artist homepage  CD MP3 Images 13 Bloodshot Records
2014-07-21 Romy Artist homepage CD MP3 Unbound self
2014-01-28 Roohan, MaryLeigh Artist homepage   MP3 Skin and Bone Fake Chapter Records
2014-02-03 Roosevelt Dime Artist homepage    MP3 Full Head of Steam self
2014-08-19 Rose, Caroline Artist homepage CD MP3 I Will Not Be Afraid Little Hi! / Thirty Tigers
2014-04-08 Rose, Eileen Artist homepage CD MP3 Be Many Gone Holy Wreckords
2014-09-09 Rose's Pawn Shop Artist homepage   MP3 Gravity Well self
2014-08-05 Rosebuds, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sand + Silence Western Vinyl
2014-11-12 Rosebuds, The Artist homepage    MP3 Let It Snow (single) self
2014-12-24 Rover, Hendrik Artist homepage     Incluye Futuros Clasicos self
2014-07-08 Rowan, Peter Artist homepage  CD MP3 Dharma Blues Omnivore Recordings
2014-09-09 Rowe, Sean Artist homepage  CD MP3 Madman Anti
2014-05-01 Rubinoos and Radio Days, The Artist homepage     Hurt's Too Much / Let's Move On (split single) self
2014-11-01 Rubinoos, The Artist homepage   MP3 That Thing You Do (single) self
2014-04-15 Rush with Blinddog Smokin' feat. Dr. John, Bobby Artist homepage  CD MP3 Decisions Silver Talon
2014-02-11 Russell, Catherine Artist homepage CD MP3 Bring It Back Jazz Village
2014-04-01 Russell, Leon Artist homepage CD MP3 Life Journey UMe
2014-07-29 Ruth & The Likely Stories, Melissa Artist homepage CD MP3 Riding Mercury Both Ears Records
2014-02-18 Sabina Artist homepage  CD MP3 Toujours Bar None Records
2014-06-23 Sachs, Paul Artist homepage     Survival Is The New Success self
2014-01-21 Sacred Shakers (feat Eilen Jewell) Artist homepage  CD   Live Signature Sounds
2014-06-10 Sapwoods, The Artist homepage    MP3 Peaks and Valleys self
2014-07-08 Sarah, Mary Artist homepage  CD MP3 Bridges Cleopatra
2014-05-13 Satelliters, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 More of the Satelliters Dionysus Records
2014-05-06 Scheinman, Jenny Artist homepage CD MP3 The Littlest Prisoner Sony Masterworks
2014-08-04 Schneider, Andy Artist homepage     Epic Fail self
2014-02-18 Schofield, Matt Artist homepage CD MP3 Far As I Can See Provogue / Mascot
2014-08-19 Scruffy The Cat Artist homepage   MP3 Scruffy The Cat: Time Never Forgets Relativity / Sony Legacy
2014-09-16 Scruffy The Cat Artist homepage CD MP3 The Good Goodbye: Unreleased Recordings 1984-1990 Omnivore Recordings
2014-04-03 Sean, Timmy Artist homepage      Say You'll Be There (single) self
2014-11-04 Secret Powers Artist homepage    MP3 Secret Powers 6 self
2014-04-15 Secret Sisters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Put Your Needle Down Universal Republic
2014-03-18 See See, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights Sundazed
2014 Seeds, The Artist homepage     Night Time Girl b/w Gypsy Plays His Drums (45) Norton Records
2014-10-07 Seegers, Doug Artist homepage  CD MP3  Going Down to the River Rounder
2014-08-26 Segall, Ty Artist homepage  CD MP3 Manipulator Drag City
2014-10-14 Seger, Bob Artist homepage CD MP3 Ride Out Capitol
2014-04-22 Seldom Scene, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Long Time... Seldom Scene Smithsonian / Folkways
2014-08-03 Sendarrubias, Marcos Artist homepage     High Voltage Rockabilly Carmela
2014-02-03 Serby, David Artist homepage CD MP3 David Serby and the Latest Scam self
2014-08-12 Setzer, Brian Artist homepage CD MP3 Rockabilly Riot: All Original Surfdog Records 
2014-10-20 Seven Handle Circus Artist homepage   MP3 Shadows on the Wall self
2014-08-25 Sewell Band, Kirby Artist homepage     Girl With a New Tattoo Smelly Cat Records
2014-10-31 Shacallis, Matthew Artist homepage     Reach the Stars self
2014-03-04 Shake Some Action! Artist homepage CD MP3 Catch the Sun self
2014-02-07 Shakers, The Artist homepage    MP3 A Whole Lotta Shakers Soundflat Records
2014-12-01 Shapes, The Artist homepage     It's Bigger Than Everybody self
2014-08-05 Shaver, Billy Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Long in the Tooth Lightning Rod Records
2014-04-30 Shaver, Kurtis Artist homepage  CD MP3 Long Road self
2014-12-02 She & Him Artist homepage  CD MP3 Classics Columbia
2014 Shelley, Michael Artist homepage     "The Soundcloud Instrumentals" self
2014-05-19 Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Artist homepage  CD MP3 Goin' Home Concord
2014-09-23 Ships, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Summer of Our Lives Miel de Moscas
2014-09-16 Shivvers, The     MP3 The Shivvers (Remixed & Remastered 2014) self
2014-01-14 Shoebox Letters Artist homepage     Better Times self
2014-06-03 Shoebox Letters Artist homepage     Honest Truth self
2014-12-15 Shook & The Elftone All-Girl Ukelele Revue, Steve Artist homepage     This Is No Time For Fun (This Is Christmas) [single] indie
2014-12-15 Shorty K Artist homepage CD MP3 Full Custom Boogie Electric Lotus
2014-08-26 Shovels & Rope Artist homepage CD MP3 Swimmin' Time Dualtone Music
2014-10-23 Show Ponies, The Artist homepage   MP3 Run for Your Life self
2014-10-28 Silver Ships Artist homepage    MP3 Songs from a Room That Never Moves self
2014-05-13 Simpson, Sturgill Artist homepage CD MP3 Metamodern Sounds in Country Music Hightop Mountain / Thirty Tigers
2014-05-06 Singleton, Jarekus Artist homepage  CD MP3 Refuse to Lose Alligator Records
2014-04-08 Sleepwalkers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Lost My Mind In Stereo self
2014-06-10 Sleepy Driver Artist homepage   MP3 Ignatious self
2014-09-09 Sloan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Commonwealth Yep Roc
2014-08-19 Smash Palace Artist homepage  CD MP3 Extended Play Zip Records
2014-12-22 Smith and Hayes Artist homepage  CD MP3 People All Over the World self
2014-07-22 Smither, Chris Artist homepage  CD MP3 Still on the Levee Signature Sounds
2014-09-04 Snapbacks, The Artist homepage     You're Unforgettable self
2014-04-03 Soft Peaks Artist homepage     S/T EP self
2014-10-13 Soft Peaks Artist homepage     Altocumular EP self
2014-09-16 Somebody's Darling Artist homepage   MP3 Adult Roommates self
2014-11-10 Son Little Artist homepage  CD MP3 Things I Forgot Anti / Epitaph
2014-09-30 Sons Of Bill Artist homepage CD MP3 Love and Logic Gray Fox / Thirty Tigers
2014-01-05 Sorry Kisses, The Artist homepage   MP3 Cover The Everly Brothers Desert Mine Music
2014-11-05 Soulphonics, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Heart Full of Soulphonics self
2014-03-31 Southern Artist homepage    MP3 Where the Wild Are Marathon
2014-05-10 Space Raft Artist homepage     Space Raft self
2014-02-14 Spade, Aaron Artist homepage     Bring Me To My Knees (single) self
2014 Spade, Aaron Artist homepage     cute (single) self
2014 Spade, Aaron Artist homepage     Get Lost (single) self
2014 Spade, Aaron Artist homepage     No Ordinary Girl (single) self
2014 Spade, Aaron Artist homepage     Somehow Summertime (single) self
2014-05-27 Spanish Gold Artist homepage  CD MP3 South of Nowhere BMG
2014-03-25 Special Consensus & Friends Artist homepage CD MP3 Country Boy: A Bluegrass Tribute to John Denver Compass Records
2014-03-01 Spencer, Jeremy Artist homepage CD MP3 Coventry Blue Propelz
2014-03-25 Spirit Kid Artist homepage    MP3 Is Happening Father/Daughter Records
2014-01-21 Split Squad, The Artist homepage   MP3 Now Hear This... Red Chuck Records
2014-08-05 Spoon Artist homepage  CD MP3 They Want My Soul Loma Vista / Republic
2014-01-14 Springsteen, Bruce Artist homepage CD MP3 High Hopes Columbia
2014-04-19 Springsteen, Bruce Artist homepage   MP3 American Beauty EP Columbia
2014-11-17 Springsteen, Bruce Artist homepage CD MP3 The Album Collection, Vol. 1 (1973-1984) Legacy
2014 Springsteen, Bruce Artist homepage CD   Agora Ballroom 1978 (3 CD) Leftfield Media
2014-05-09 Squires of the Subterrain, The Artist homepage  CD MP3  The Squires of the Subterrain self
2014-02-18 St. Paul & The Broken Bones Artist homepage  CD MP3 Half the City Single Lock Records
2014-06-07 Starkwells, The Artist homepage     Take the Money and Run self
2014-05-27 Starsinic, Jen Artist homepage   MP3 The Flood and The Fire Dangerous You Records
2014-05-13 Staton, Candi Artist homepage  CD MP3 Life Happens Mri Associated
2014-08-05 Steelism Artist homepage   MP3 Marfa Lights / The Landlocked Surfer Single Lock Records
2014-09-16 Steelism Artist homepage CD MP3 615 to Fame Single Lock Records
2014-07-08 Stens, Juston Artist homepage     Share The Road Eschatone Records
2014-03-04 Stone Jack Jones Artist homepage  CD MP3 Ancestor Western Vinyl
2014-09-09 Stone, Rob Artist homepage CD MP3 Gotta Keep Rollin' Vizz Tone
2014-10-21 Stray Birds, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Best Medicine Yep Roc
2014-06-23 Stroger, Bob; Kenny 'Beedy Eyes' Smith Artist homepage     Keepin' It Together Big Eye Records
2014-03-18 Strypes, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Snapshot Island / Def-Jam
2014-09-30 Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives, Marty Artist homepage  CD MP3 Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Superlatone / Thirty Tigers
2014-05-14 Student Loan, The Artist homepage  CD   Moonlit Toasters self
2014-09-30 Successful Failures, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Captains of Industry, Captains of War self
2014-07-22 Sugar + The Hi-Lows Artist homepage   MP3  Wild Desire (Live Sessions) Ready Set Records
2014-01-21 Sugar In The Gourd Artist homepage     Sugar In The Gourd self
2014-07-29 Sugar Stems Artist homepage  CD MP3 Only Come Out at Night Dirtnap Records
2014-01-21 Sullivan, Sean Artist homepage CD MP3 Hereafter self
2014 Sun Ra Artist homepage     Prophetika (45) Norton Records
2014-09-23 Sun Ra and his Arkestra Artist homepage  CD MP3 In the Orbit of Ra Strut Records
2014-03-19 Sundell, Joe Artist homepage   MP3 Joe Sundell self
2014-05-27 Sunfields Artist homepage     Habitat self
2014-09-02 Sunset District, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Sunset District self
2014-08-13 Superdrag Artist homepage   MP3 Jokers w/ Tracers self
2014-04-29 Sutton, Bryan Artist homepage CD MP3 Into My Own Sugar Hill
2014-08-05 Sweeney, Sunny Artist homepage CD MP3 Provoked Thirty Tigers
2014-11-20 Sweet Lowdown, The Artist homepage   MP3 Chasing the Sun self
2014-06-01 Sweet Potatoes, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Faith, Good Neighbors and a Telephone self
2014-10-24 Sweetwater Hillbillies, The Artist homepage    MP3 On The Road Merrimack
2014-08-04 Swindall, Kelley Artist homepage CD MP3 (Pronounced ke le swin dl) self
2014-05-06 T Sisters Artist homepage CD MP3 Kindred Lines Spruce and Maple Music
2014-02-25 Tacocat Artist homepage  CD MP3 NVM Hardly Art
2014-02-02 Tangerines, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Turn On The Light self
2014-02-25 Tattletale Saints Artist homepage     How Red Is The Blood Old Oak Music
2014-10-14 Taylor, Chip Artist homepage CD MP3 The Little Prayers Trilogy Trainwreck Records
2014-07-08 Taylor, Dulcie Artist homepage   MP3 Only Worn One Time Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings
2014-04-22 Taylor, George Artist homepage CD MP3 Rain or Shine self
2014-11-21 Tearaways, The Artist homepage    MP3 Earle Mankey Sessions, Vol. 4 Robo Records / Universal
2014-11-21 Tearaways, The Artist homepage    MP3 Earle Mankey Sessions, Vol. 7 Robo Records / Universal
2014-02-17 Tedesco, Dan Artist homepage   MP3 Death In The Valley self
2014-08-05 Teenage Fanclub Artist homepage LP MP3 Man-Made (deluxe version) Merge Records
2014-08-05 Teenage Fanclub Artist homepage LP  MP3 Shadows (deluxe version) Merge Records
2014-02-11 Temples Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sun Structures Fat Possum Records
2014-04-08 Ten Ton Man Artist homepage     Chunk of Change - The Toad Hill Sessions self
2014-02-18 Tench, Benmont Artist homepage CD MP3 You Should Be So Lucky Blue Note
2014-06-20 Tender Hips, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Tender Hips self
2014-09-09 Tennis Artist homepage CD  MP3 Ritual In Repeat Communion
2014-09-09 Terry & Louie Artist homepage     I'm Lookin' for a Heart b/w She Loves Him single Tuff Break
2014-04-07 Texas KGB, The Artist homepage     Captain Americana self
2014-12-01 Texas Martha & The House of Twang Artist homepage    MP3 Long Way from Home self
2014-10-14 Thackery, Jimmy Artist homepage CD MP3  Extra Jimmies Blind Pig
2014-04-26 Theatre Royal Artist homepage      French Riviera 1988 (single) self
2014-06-02 Theatre Royal Artist homepage     We Don't Know Where We Are Vacilando '68
2014-07-08 They Might Be Giants Artist homepage     First Album Live Noisetrade
2014-06-17 Thomas Jr., Jacob Artist homepage    MP3 Original Sin self
2014-06-17 Thomas, Vaneese Artist homepage CD MP3 Blues for My Father Segue Records
2014-11-17 Thompson Artist homepage CD MP3 Family Fantasy
2014-07-22 Thompson, Richard Artist homepage  CD MP3  Acoustic Classics Beeswing
2014-05-26 Thompson, Verlon; Sue Cunningham Artist homepage  CD MP3 Find Your Angel self
2014-08-19 Thorn, Paul Artist homepage  CD MP3 Too Blessed to Be Stressed Perpetual Obscurity
2014-02-03 Thrash, Allison Artist homepage CD MP3 Do you come with the drink? Labrador Hill Music
2014 Tico and the Triumphs Artist homepage     Here Comes the Garbage Man (45) Norton Records
2014-04-28 Tilbrook, Glenn Artist homepage    MP3 Happy Ending Qixotic
2014-06-24 Time For Three Artist homepage  CD MP3 Time For Three Universal
2014-09-08 Tivel, Anna Artist homepage  CD   Before Machines Fluff & Gravy Records
2014-07-01 Tolchin, Jonah Artist homepage  CD MP3 Clover Lane Yep Roc
2014-10-09 Townson, Greg Artist homepage   MP3 Popcorn Dinner (single) Munky Fud Music
2014-07-15 Trampled By Turtles Artist homepage CD MP3 Wild Animals Banjodad Records
2014-07-11 Treni, Morgan Artist homepage CD   The Dreamer and Other Essays self
2014-09-30 Trigger Hippy Artist homepage CD MP3 Trigger Hippy Rounder
2014-05-01 Trip Wire Artist homepage     Stay (single) self
2014-09-15 Tripwires, The Artist homepage     Get Young Folc Records
2014-02-04 Trischka, Tony Artist homepage CD MP3 Great Big World Rounder Records
2014-05-12 Troost, Ernest Artist homepage CD MP3 O Love Travelin' Shoes Records
2014-06-10 Trout, Walter Artist homepage CD MP3 The Blues Came Callin' Provogue / Mascot
2014-04-27 True North Artist homepage    MP3 Elsebound self
2014-06-02 Tumbling Bones Artist homepage    MP3 Loving a Fool self
2014-02-25 Turchi, Reed Artist homepage    MP3 When You're Lost It's All A Sign Devil Down Records
2014-04-22 Turchi, Reed Artist homepage  CD MP3 Can't Bury Your Past Devil Down Records
2014-06-05 TV Girl Artist homepage     Birds Don't Sing (single) self
2014-09-23 Tweedy Artist homepage CD MP3 Sukierae ANTI
2014-11-18 Twilley, Dwight Artist homepage  CD MP3 Always Big Oak Records
2014-02-25 Twin Forks