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2015 A-K Albums  (Click Here to Go To 2015 L-Z)
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2015-09-17 3hattrio Artist homepage  CD MP3 Dark Desert Night Okehdokee
2015-02-10 6 String Drag Artist homepage CD MP3 Roots Rock 'n' Roll The Royal Potato Family
2015-10-16 A Fragile Tomorrow Artist homepage CD   Make Me Over Mpress
2015-03-10 Abernathy, Kevin Artist homepage   MP3 Ain't Learned Yet Life Socket
2015-01-13 Absher & Swamp Royale, Brad Artist homepage   MP3 Lucky Dog Montrose Records
2015-06-09 Adams, Ryan Artist homepage CD MP3 Live at Carnegie Hall Pax AM / Blue Note
2015-09-21 Adams, Ryan Artist homepage  CD MP3 1989 Blue Note / PaxAmericana
2015-11-27 Adams, Terry Artist homepage CD MP3 Talk Thelonious: NRBQ+ Plays Terry Adams Arrangements of Thelonious Monk Songs Clang!
2015-01-15 Adelman, Todd Artist homepage   MP3 Highways & Lowways Porch Lantern
2015-03-23 Adventures In Bluesland Artist homepage   MP3 The American Dream World Wide Vibe
2015-04-21 Alabama Shakes Artist homepage CD MP3 Sound & Color ATO Records
2015-03-17 Alectro Artist homepage CD MP3 School of Desire BeBop Records
2015-03-25 Allen & His Extra Arms, Ryan Artist homepage CD MP3 Heart String Soul self
2015-08-07 Allman, Gregg Artist homepage CD MP3 Live: Back to Macon, GA Rounder
2015-08-14 Allrightniks, The Artist homepage   MP3 Two Places At One Time Grandin Road Music
2015-08-24 Alphin, Clint Artist homepage    MP3 Postmodern Man Ernest Engine
2015-05-26 Alpine Camp, The Artist homepage    MP3 Adventure self
2015-09-18 Alvin, Dave & Phil Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lost Time Yep Roc
2015-02-03 American Aquarium Artist homepage     Wolves self
2015-10-16 Amos, The Reverend Shawn Artist homepage   MP3 Loves You self
2015-04-07 Anderson, Carl Artist homepage    MP3 Risk of Loss self
2015-07-20 Anderson Council Artist homepage  CD MP3 Listening Party! Sinclair Recording Co.
2015-10-16 Anderson, Edward David Artist homepage CD MP3 Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions The Royal Potato Family
2015-02-17 Andreassen, Kristin Artist homepage   MP3 Gondolier Yellowcar
2015-10-27 Andres, Pauline Artist homepage    MP3 The Sad Side of Town (single) Old Souls
2015-08-28 Andy T - Nick Nixon Band Artist homepage  CD  MP3 Numbers Man Blind Pig
2015-10-02 Angel, Eddie Artist homepage    MP3 Devil or Angel (single) Lanark
2015-01-13 Animal Daydream Artist homepage   MP3 Easy Pleasures EP Jigsaw
2015 Aqua Velvet Artist homepage     A Bit of Burt self
2015-03-31 Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, Rani Artist homepage CD MP3  Violets Are Blue Signature Sounds
2015-09-04 Arcs, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Yours, Dreamily. Nonesuch
2015-12-11 Arrogants, The Artist homepage    MP3 No Time To Wait Dirty Water
2015-03-03 Asleep At The Wheel Artist homepage CD   Still the King: Celebrating the Music of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys Bismeaux Records
2015-10-03 Au Pair [Gary Louris & Django Haskins] Artist homepage     In Every Window (single) self
2015-11-13 Au Pair Artist homepage  CD MP3 One-Armed Candy Bear Sham
2015-02-10 Austin, Jeff Artist homepage CD MP3 Simple Truth Yep Roc
2015-04-22 Autumn Defense, The Artist homepage     Bein' Green (single) self
2015-07-06 Autumn Stone, The Artist homepage     Bee-Sides from Beautiful Freaks The Active Listener
2015-03-17 Avett, Seth; Jessica Lea Mayfield Artist homepage CD MP3 Sing Elliott Smith Ramseur
2015-07-24 Bains III & The Glory Fires, Lee Artist homepage    MP3 Sweet Disorder! (single) Sub Pop
2015-09-25 Baird & Homemade Sin, Dan Artist homepage CD MP3 Get Loud Jerkin Crokus
2015-09-25 Baker, Kurt Artist homepage CD MP3 Play It Cool Rum Bar
2015-08-07 Ballantynes, The Artist homepage    MP3 Dark Drives, Life Signs La-Ti-Da
2015-03-21 Ballard Artist homepage     We Are Violence self
2015-03-17 Band Of Ruhks Artist homepage   MP3 Band Of Ruhks 101 Ranch
2015-05-12 Banditos Artist homepage  CD MP3 Banditos Bloodshot
2015-02-01 Barickman, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 Wayward Moon self
2015-11-27 Barnes, Danny Artist homepage    MP3 Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later) Eight 30
2015-03-23 Barnett, Courtney Artist homepage CD MP3 Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit Mom & Pop
2015-10-16 Barnett, Courtney Artist homepage    MP3 Boxing Day Blues (Revisited) b/w Shivers Third Man
2015-11-06 Barnett, Courtney Artist homepage    MP3 Live at Electric Lady Studios Mom & Pop
2015-02-03 Barnstar! Artist homepage CD MP3 Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out! Signature Sounds
2015-07-01 Baron Four, The Artist homepage     Walking Out b/w Can't Find My Way (single) State
2015-10-07 Baron Four, The Artist homepage   MP3 I Don't Mind b/w Things Are Getting Better Get Hip
2015-08-18 Barreracudas, The H   MP3 Can Do Easy Oops Baby
2015-12-11 Bath, Darrell Artist homepage    MP3 Roll Up Livewire / Cargo
2015-03-17 Bavas, David Artist homepage   MP3 Lions & Lambs self
2015-08-14 Baxter, Rayland Artist homepage  CD MP3 Imaginary Man ATO
2015-07-27 Baylin, Jessie Artist homepage    MP3 He Needs Me (single) Blonde Rat
2015-07-17 Bazillions, The Artist homepage    MP3 Superhero Rock Band (single) Oddvious
2015-10-01 Beat Caravan Artist homepage LP  MP3 Odd Harmony Sunny Day
2015-05-11 Beatophonics, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Beatophonics Target Group
2015-06-09 Beaumonts, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hey Y'all It's Saustex
2015-09-25 Beginner's Mynd, The Artist homepage    MP3 I Found You Out b/w When You Go (single) 13 O'Clock
2015-12-06 Belda, Coke Artist homepage  CD MP3 Nummer Zwei Rock Indiana
2015-01-20 Belle and Sebastian Artist homepage CD MP3 Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance Hostess
2015-09-18 Bellemare, Genevieve Artist homepage  CD MP3 Melancholy Fever Verve
2015-08-21 Bellfuries, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Workingman's Bellfuries Hi-Style
2015-04-13 Belltowers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Day Breakaway Twenty Stone Blatt
2015-10-30 Benjaman Band, Paul Artist homepage CD MP3 Sneaker Horton
2015-11-07 Berlin w/ The Nickel & Dime Band, Rick Artist homepage  CD MP3 Badville Teenage Heart
2015-09-04 Bern, Dan Artist homepage CD MP3 Hoody self
2015-12-07 Bertoldi & Son, R.X. Artist homepage  CD MP3 Taking Back The Time Time Works
2015-08-07 Best, Brent Artist homepage  CD MP3 Your Dog Champ Last Chance
2015-05-04 Best Coast Artist homepage CD MP3 California Nights Harvest
2015-05-19 Bhiman, Bhi Artist homepage CD MP3 Rhythm & Reason Thirty Tigers
2015-03-23 Big Quiet Artist homepage    MP3 Big Quiet Distrokid
2015-01-20 Bingham, Ryan Artist homepage CD  MP3 Fear and Saturday Night Axter Bingham / Thirty Tigers 
2015-10-30 Birds and Arrows Artist homepage CD MP3 Edge of Everything self
2015-03-19 Biscuit Artist homepage    MP3 20 Years, A Million Beers & A Lotta Nerve La Castanya
2015-03-24 Bitter's Kiss Artist homepage   MP3 Bitter's Kiss self
2015-02-10 Blackberry Smoke Artist homepage CD MP3 Holding All The Roses Rounder
2015-05-04 Black, Amy Artist homepage     The Muscle Shoals Sessions self
2015-10-02 Black Lillies, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Hard to Please Thirty Tigers
2015-10-02 Blanchard, Francesca Artist homepage  CD MP3 Deux Visions vis-a-vis
2015-10-16 Bleeker and The Freaks, Alex Artist homepage CD MP3 Country Agenda Sinderlyn
2015-07-17 Blinddog Smokin' Artist homepage CD MP3 High Steppin' Silver Talon
2015-10-02 Blitzen Trapper Artist homepage CD MP3 All Across This Land Vagrant
2015-10-16 Blue Rodeo Artist homepage CD MP3  Live at Massey Hall Warner Canada
2015-02-20 Blue Water Highway Band Artist homepage    MP3 Things We Carry self
2015-04-21 Bluhm & The Gramblers, Nicki Artist homepage CD MP3  Loved Wild Lost Ingrooves
2015-06-22 Bo, Reno Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lessons From A Shooting Star Electric Western
2015-07-20 Bo, Reno Artist homepage    MP3 Have You Seen Her Face (single) Electric Western
2015-09-04 Bo, Reno Artist homepage    MP3 Box of Rain (single) Electric Western
2015-11-06 Bo, Reno Artist homepage   MP3 Eat at Home (single) self
2015-03-25 Bobby Jealousy Artist homepage     Welcome Back self
2015-04-21 BoDeans Artist homepage CD MP3 I Can't Stop Free & Alive Records
2015-03-17 Boggs Band, Paula Artist homepage   MP3 Carnival of Miracles self
2015-10-09 Boland & The Stragglers, Jason Artist homepage  CD MP3 Squelch Proud Souls
2015-06-23 Bombara, Beth Artist homepage   MP3 Beth Bombara self
2015-08-07 Bombon Artist homepage     A Date With Bombon Burger
2015-10-16 Boone, Pat Artist homepage  CD MP3 R&B Duet Hits Goldenlane
2015-05-05 Boots, Ruby Artist homepage  CD   Solitude Lost Highway Australia
2015-04-14 Bop English Artist homepage  CD MP3 Constant Bop Downtown
2015-08-04 Bopp, Andy Artist homepage    MP3 21213 Dren
2015-07-27 Borges, Sarah Artist homepage    MP3 On the Corner (single) Dry Lightning
2015-08-28 Borges, Sarah Artist homepage    MP3 Caught by the Rain (single) Dry Lightning
2015-11-03 Boswell & Friends, Mimi H   MP3 Torn to Pieces (single) self
2015-10-02 Bottle Rockets Artist homepage CD MP3 South Broadway Athletic Club Bloodshot
2015-05-31 Bourbon Express Artist homepage   MP3 One Big Losin' Streak self
2016-01-08 Bowie, David Artist homepage  CD MP3 Blackstar Columbia
2015-04-07 Boxmasters, The Artist homepage     Somewhere Down The Line 101 Ranch
2015-10-29 Boyea, Joel Artist homepage  CD  MP3 Here Again, and Lost Futureman
2015-04-16 Braddock Station Garrison Artist homepage   MP3 A Hint of Recognition self
2015-09-23 Bradford, William Artist homepage    MP3 William Bradford self
2015-12-07 Bradley, Charles Artist homepage    MP3 Changes (single) Daptone
2015-09-18 Bramblett, Randall Artist homepage CD MP3 Devil Music New West
2015-02-03 Bridges, Leon Artist homepage   MP3 Coming Home (single) Columbia
2015-06-23 Bridges, Leon Artist homepage CD MP3 Coming Home Columbia
2015-10-12 Brinsley Schwarz H LP MP3 Live Favourites Mega Dodo
2015-01-21 Brom's Rancho Notorious, Marti Artist homepage   MP3 Ambush (single) Enviken Records
2015 Bronco Bullfrog     MP3 singles State
2015-01-15 Brooks, Danny Artist homepage   MP3 This World Is Not Your Friend self
2015-01-27 Bros. Landreth, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Let It Lie Slate Creek / Thirty Tigers
2015-01-20 Brown, Jim Ed Artist homepage CD MP3 In Style Again Plowboy
2015-06-03 Brown, Mark Artist homepage   MP3 Skin & Bone self
2015-09-25 Bryan and The Wildes, Lachlan Artist homepage    MP3 The Mountain ABC
2015-04-18 Bubbles In The Think Tank (Various) Artist homepage     Bubbles In The Think Tank: 7 Inches In Heaven BITTT
2015-04-21 Bucaro, Clarence Artist homepage CD MP3 Like the 1st Time twenty twenty
2015-03-03 Buchanan, Katie Artist homepage   MP3 Glow self
2015-04-21 Built To Spill Artist homepage  CD MP3 Untethered Moon Warner Bros.
2015-06-23 Bully Artist homepage  CD  MP3 Feels Like Star Time Intl. / Columbia
2015-06-02 Bumper Jacksons Artist homepage    MP3 Too Big World self
2015-03-10 Butler, Will Artist homepage CD MP3 Policy Merge Records
2015-10-02 Buzfuz, Joe Artist homepage    MP3 Now That I'm The Mayor of London (single) Blang
2015-09-11 Bye Bye Blackbirds, The Artist homepage   MP3 Let Your Hair Fall Down b/w These Blues self
2015-03-24 Cactus Blossoms, The Artist homepage 45   You're Dreaming (7" vinyl single) self
2015-04-18 Cactus Blossoms, The Artist homepage     Live at WFMU April 18, 2015 WFMU / Michael Shelley
2015-05-22 Caddy Artist homepage   MP3 Wherever You Go Vestkyst
2015-12-01 Caddy Artist homepage     Stormy Skies and Starry Nights (single) self
2015-08-25 Calder, Kathryn Artist homepage     New Millennium (single) File Under: Music
2015-04-14 Calexico Artist homepage CD MP3 Edge of the Sun ANTI/Epitaph
2015-09-11 California Honeydrops, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 A River's Invitation Tubtone
2015-03-31 Campbell, Glen Artist homepage CD MP3 Rhinestone Cowboy 40th Anniversary Edition UMe
2015-06-23 Campbell, Larry; Teresa Williams Artist homepage CD MP3  Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams Red House
2015-08-28 Canales, Lance Artist homepage CD MP3 The Blessing and The Curse Music Road
2015-01-20 Canty, Caitlin Artist homepage CD MP3 Reckless Skyline self
2015-05-04 Capaldi, Nick Artist homepage   MP3 Lovers Leap EP Moon Loof
2015-09-18 Caplan, Ben Artist homepage CD MP3 Birds With Broken Wings Coalition Music
2015-02-03 Cardwell, DC Artist homepage   MP3 Pop Art Madcar Records
2015-03-03 Carlile, Brandi Artist homepage CD MP3 The Firewatcher's Daughter ATO Records
2015-10-28 Carney, Ralph Artist homepage   MP3 October Porcupine (single) self
2015-10-24 Carpenter, Michael Artist homepage CD MP3 The Big Radio self
2015-08-07 Carrasco y Los Side FX, Joe King Artist homepage  CD MP3 Chiliando self
2015-02-03 Carroll & Midnight Orange, Tim Artist homepage   MP3 Pure as Coal Lamon
2015-07-14 Cartel, Benjamin H     Gothenburg self
2015-02-09 Carver, George Artist homepage   MP3 Small Art Shrub Music
2015-11-20 Case, Neko Artist homepage LP   Truck Driver, Gladiator, Mule [8 LP box set] Anti
2015-10-30 Case, Peter Artist homepage  CD MP3 HWY 2 Omnivore
2015-04-28 Cash Box Kings, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Holding Court Blind Pig
2015-08-21 Cason, Buzz Artist homepage  CD MP3 Record Machine Plowboy
2015-10-23 Castro & The Painkillers, Tommy Artist homepage CD MP3 Method to My Madness Alligator
2015-04-14 Cave Children, The Artist homepage    MP3 Quasiland Inner Ear
2015-05-29 Celli, Angelo Artist homepage     untitled (for now) self
2015-04-21 Cerny Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sleeping Giant Krian Music Group
2015-07-24 Chambers, Kasey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Bittersweet Sugar Hill
2015-02-15 Chaney, Robert Artist homepage   MP3 Cracked Picture Frames Jagged Lines
2015-02-10 CharFlies, The Artist homepage   MP3 Linoleum Angel self
2015-11-21 Cherry Drops, The Artist homepage CD  MP3  Life Is A Bowl Of Cherry Drops MuSick Recordings
2015-03-02 Chi, Jon Artist homepage     Another Rising Sun self
2015-06-02 Chilton, Alex Artist homepage  CD   Ocean Club '77 Norton
2015-10-30 Cicada Rhythm Artist homepage  CD MP3 Cicada Rhythm Normaltown
2015-02-23 Cicero Buck Artist homepage   MP3 The Birth of Swagger Super Tiny Records
2015-10-05 Cigarettes After Sex Artist homepage   MP3 Keep On Loving You (single) self
2015-11-27 Circles Around The Sun (Neal Casal) Artist homepage  CD MP3 Interludes For The Dead Rhino
2015-09-11 Clark Jr., Gary Artist homepage CD MP3 The Story of Sonny Boy Slim Warner Bros.
2015-09-18 Claudettes, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 No Hotel Yellow Dog
2015-09-28 Cleaners From Venus Artist homepage    MP3 Rose of the Lanes Soft Bodies
2015-08-14 Cleary, Jon Artist homepage CD MP3 GoGo Juice FHQ
2015-01-05 Cline, Brian Jay Artist homepage    MP3 Trick Photography self
2015-04-22 Cline, Patsy Artist homepage    MP3 Crazy - The Complete Classics (Remastered) Steel Music
2015-08-04 Cloud Eleven Artist homepage    MP3 Record Collection West Coast
2015-10-16 Co-Pilgrim Artist homepage CD MP3 Slows to Go Battle Worldwide
2015-05-12 Cohen, Leonard Artist homepage  CD MP3 Can't Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour Sony Legacy
2015-09-11 Cola Jet Set Artist homepage    MP3 Fin del Mundo (single) Elefant 
2015-11-06 Cola Jet Set Artist homepage CD MP3 El Fin del Mundo Elefant
2015-02-17 Cole, Katharine Artist homepage   MP3 Brittle Season self
2015-01-15 Colman Artist homepage   MP3 Play to Lose self
2015-09-25 Colvin, Shawn Artist homepage CD MP3 Uncovered Fantasy
2015-03-03 Combs, Andrew Artist homepage CD MP3 All These Dreams Coin / Thirty Tigers
2015-06-23 Connection, The Artist homepage    MP3 Labor of Love Rum Bar
2015-07-17 Continental Drifters H CD MP3 Drifted: In The Beginning & Beyond Omnivore
2015-09-11 Cook, Phil Artist homepage  CD  MP3 Southland Mission Thirty Tigers
2015-06-30 Cooper, Dana Artist homepage    MP3 Building a Human Being Better Music
2015-02-24 Cooper, LL Artist homepage CD MP3 Dust Devil Montrose Records
2015-11-13 Cooper, Peter Artist homepage CD  MP3 Depot Light: Songs of Eric Taylor Red Beet
2015-09-18 Copeland, Les Artist homepage  CD   To Be In Your Company Earwig
2015-09-11 Copeland, Shemekia Artist homepage  CD MP3 Outskirts of Love Alligator
2015-11-01 Coral Creek Artist homepage CD MP3 Coral Creek self
2015-06-12 Corner Laughers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Matilda Effect self
2015-11-06 Cosmic Rough Riders Artist homepage    MP3 Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine (Deluxe) Daniel Wylie
2015-07-30 Cotton, Eddie Artist homepage   MP3 One at a Time DeChamp
2015-10-30 Courtney, Martin Artist homepage CD MP3  Many Moons Domino
2015-10-16 Cousin Harley Artist homepage CD MP3 The Dutch Sessions Little Pig
2015-07-17 Crain, Samantha Artist homepage CD MP3 Under Branch & Thorn & Tree Ramseur
2015-08-15 Cree Rider Family Band Artist homepage   MP3 Let the River Rise self
2015-03-27 Creem Circus Artist homepage CD MP3 Rock And/Or Roll Creep
2015-05-04 Crenshaw, Marshall Artist homepage    MP3 Grab The Next Train Red River Entertainment
2015-08-21 Crenshaw, Marshall Artist homepage  CD MP3 #392: The EP Collection Red River
2015-08-21 Croce, A.J. Artist homepage  CD MP3 That's Me in the Bar (20th Anniversary Edition) Compass
2015-05-04 Cronin, Mikal Artist homepage CD MP3 MCIII Merge
2015-07-10 Crooks Artist homepage  CD MP3 Wildfire Seafoam
2015-05-11 Crossland, Dave Artist homepage   MP3 Mother Country Folk Era
2015-06-09 Crow And The Canyon Artist homepage  CD MP3 Leaving Soon self
2015-10-02 Crow, Bart Artist homepage CD MP3 The Parade Beryn Art
2015-07-27 Crowell, Rodney Artist homepage    MP3 Reckless (single) New West
2015-04-28 Crozer, Mark Artist homepage    MP3 Toxic Town (single) self 
2015-05-20 Crying Time Artist homepage    MP3 Ten Golden Hits Wisconsin Chair Company
2015-03-03 Culwell, Ryan Artist homepage CD   Flatlands Lightning Rod Records
2015-07-24 Cummings, Albert Artist homepage  CD MP3 Someone Like You Blind Pig
2015-06-24 Cyclones Artist homepage     Cyclones (reissue edition) Doghouse Music
2015-09-01 Dahlmanns, The Artist homepage     He's A Drag b/w Teenage News (single) Ghost Highway
2015-10-08 Dahlmanns, The Artist homepage     Girl Band (single) Pop Detective
2015-09-04 Damn Quails, The Artist homepage   MP3 Out of the Birdcage Swomp Fyst
2015-10-09 Dane, Korey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Youngblood Innovative Leisure
2015-06-01 Danny and The Champions of the World Artist homepage CD   What Kind of Love Loose 
2015-09-18 Darlingside Artist homepage  CD MP3 Birds Say self / Thirty Tigers
2015-10-16 Dash Rip Rock Artist homepage  CD MP3 Wrongheaded Drag Snake
2015-01-20 Davenports, The Artist homepage     Don't Be Mad At Me (single) self
2015-02-10 Davenports, The Artist homepage     Leanne (single) self
2015-03-20 Davenports, The Artist homepage     Five Steps '15 + Away From Me EP self
2015-09-04 Davies, Dave Artist homepage CD MP3 Rippin' Up NYC: Live at the City Winery Red River
2015-09-18 Davis, Guy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Kokomo Kidd M.C. / Smokeydoke
2015-10-01 Davis, Seth Artist homepage   MP3 Life Is Long self
2015-06-02 Dawes Artist homepage CD  MP3  All Your Favorite Bands HUB
2015-10-02 Dawn & Hawkes Artist homepage CD MP3 Yours and Mine self
2015-03-16 Daydream Club, The Artist homepage   MP3 Saltwater (single) Poco Poco Records
2015-08-12 Deadbeat Poets H     Joe The Mynah Bird (single) KOTJ
2015-02-23 Deadman Artist homepage     The Sound & The Fury self
2015-02-23 Deal, Kevin Artist homepage     Nothing Left to Prove Blind Nello
2015-09-25 Dean, Larry O. Artist homepage CD MP3 Good Grief Zenith Beast
2015-01-20 Decemberists, The Artist homepage CD MP3 What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World Capitol
2015-10-09 Decemberists, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Florasongs Capitol
2015-05-05 Deer Run Drifters, The Artist homepage   MP3 Restless Youth self
2015-07-27 Deer Tick Artist homepage    MP3 Grandfather Song (single) self
2015-11-13 Del Fi's, The Artist homepage   MP3 Crowd Pleaser self
2015-10-09 Del Zorros, The H   MP3 Wilmington self
2015-05-12 Della Mae Artist homepage CD MP3 Della Mae Rounder
2015-02-17 Delta Routine, The Artist homepage     You and Your Lion self
2015-08-07 Demarco, Mac Artist homepage CD MP3 Another One Captured Tracks
2015-08-07 Dement, Iris Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Trackless Woods FlairElla
2015-05-14 Dermody, Grant Artist homepage   MP3 Sun Might Shine On Me self
2015-06-09 Deslondes, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Deslondes New West
2015-02-24 Diable, Kristin Artist homepage CD   Create Your Own Mythology Speakeasy / Thirty Tigers
2015-02-24 Diamond Rugs Artist homepage CD MP3 Cosmetics Thirty Tigers
2015-03-31 Dickerson, Deke Artist homepage  CD   Greatest Hits Rockbeat
2016-02-05 Dickinson, Luther Artist homepage  CD MP3 Blues & Ballads (A Folksinger's Songbook), Vol. I & II New West
2015-01-26 DiMicele, Alice Artist homepage   MP3 Swim Alice Otter
2015-11-13 DM3 Artist homepage  CD MP3 West of Anywhere Alive
2015-01-27 Dodos, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Individ Polyvinyl Records
2015-12-15 Don Joe Rodeo Combo Artist homepage   MP3 Don Joe Rodeo Combo self
2015-09-16 Donelly, Tanya; Bill Janovitz Artist homepage   MP3 Better Things (single) self
2015-11-10 Donovan, Jim Artist homepage CD MP3 Sun King Warriors self
2015-03-19 Dot Dash Artist homepage CD MP3 Earthquakes & Tidal Waves The Beautiful Music
2015-04-28 Doughboys, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Hot Beat Stew Ram
2015-02-27 Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab Artist homepage     City and the Stars (single) Sugarbush Records
2015-03-30 Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab Artist homepage     Beyond The Silver Sea Sugarbush Records
2015-08-14 Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab Artist homepage CD MP3 Coconut Summer Drop-In 432 self
2015-10-17 Dr. Cosmo's Tape Lab Artist homepage   MP3 Community Garden Politics (single) You Are The Cosmos
2015-01-13 Dr. Dog Artist homepage CD MP3 Live at a Flamingo Hotel ANTI
2015-09-18 Dr. John Artist homepage CD   The Atco/Atlantic Singles 1968-1974 Omnivore
2015-06-16 Dream Syndicate, The Artist homepage  CD   The Days of Wine and Roses (expanded reissue) Omnivore
2015-03-02 Dreaming Spires, The Artist homepage   MP3 Searching for the Supertruth Clubhouse Records UK
2015-10-05 Dressy Bessy Artist homepage    MP3 Pop Phenom (single) Yep Roc
2015-10-30 Drive-By Truckers Artist homepage CD MP3 It's Great To Be Alive! ATO
2015-12-16 Dropkick Artist homepage   MP3 Acoustic - Dec 2015 self
2015-06-18 Dubl Handi Artist homepage     Morning In A New Machine self
2015-07-24 Ducktails H CD MP3 St. Catherine Domino
2015-05-25 Duffy & The Mayo Brothers, Adrian Artist homepage   MP3 United We Fall SR
2015-04-20 Duke, William Artist homepage     The Dark Beautiful Son self
2015-08-17 Dunbar, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 From Expectation to Surrender Heartpunch
2015-03-21 Dustaphonics, The Artist homepage   MP3 Party Girl EP Q-Sounds Recording
2015-07-24 Dustbowl Revival, The Artist homepage CD MP3 With A Lampshade On Signature Sounds
2015-07-17 Dyer's New Pagan Gods, Tom Artist homepage  CD MP3 History of Northwest Rock Vol. 1 1959-1968 Green Monkey
2015-02-03 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage CD MP3 Shadows in the Night Columbia
2015-11-06 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12 Legacy
2015-09-07 Dynamo Royale Artist homepage  CD MP3 Straight on the Diagonal self
2015-06-03 Dyson, Mia Artist homepage CD   Idyllwild Black Door
2015-01-13 Earle, Justin Townes Artist homepage CD MP3 Absent Fathers Vagrant Records
2015-02-17 Earle & The Dukes, Steve Artist homepage CD MP3 Terraplane New West
2015-09-11 Earle & The Dukes, Steve Artist homepage    MP3 Mississippi It's Time (single) single
2015-06-11 Earnest Lovers, The Artist homepage    MP3 Sing Sad Songs Elko
2015-07-10 East, Anderson Artist homepage  CD MP3 Delilah New Elektra
2015-08-11 Easterling, Angela Artist homepage  CD   Common Law Wife De L'est
2015-06-09 Edmunds, Dave Artist homepage CD MP3 Rags & Classics RPM 
2015-08-28 Eimerman, Herb Artist homepage    MP3 Five Dimensional Man Ego
2015-10-02 Electric Rag Band Artist homepage CD MP3 My Side Horton
2015-10-13 Elliott, Chad Artist homepage   MP3 Wreck and Ruin self
2015-02-03 Ellis, Tinsley Artist homepage CD MP3  Tough Love Heartfixer
2015-11-15 Elvyn Artist homepage  CD MP3 Valley of the Kilowatt Hour Little Wagon
2015-09-18 Ely, Joe Artist homepage CD MP3  Panhandle Rambler Rack'em 
2015-12-02 Epstein, The Artist homepage     Finally Forgive (single) self
2015-03-09 Equatorial Group, The Artist homepage   MP3 Elvis self
2015-03-03 Evil Arrows Artist homepage   MP3 EP 5 DistroKid.com
2015-12-11 Ex Norwegian Artist homepage CD MP3 Pure Gold self
2015-02-09 Explorers Club, The Artist homepage   MP3 All Aboard: Live at Patriots Point indie
2015-08-28 Faces, The H CD MP3 1970-1975: You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything... [box set] Rhino
2015-06-02 Fad, The Artist homepage  CD   The Now Sound Kool Kat Musik
2015-11-20 Fagan, Scott Artist homepage  CD MP3 South Atlantic Blues Saint Cecilia Knows
2015-01-27 Fair, Jad; Norman Blake Artist homepage     Yes Joyful Noise
2015-06-16 Fairbanks & The Lonesome Light Artist homepage    MP3 Fairbanks & The Lonesome Light self
2015-03-31 Falco, Tav Artist homepage CD MP3 Command Performance Twenty Stone Blatt
2015-02-10 Father John Misty Artist homepage CD MP3 I Love You, Honeybear Sub Pop
2015-06-30 Feedbacks, The Artist homepage   MP3 Skyway Blvd Pretty Olivia
2015-08-01 Ferrell, Andy Artist homepage  CD   At Home and In Nashville self
2015-03-23 Feufollet Artist homepage CD MP3 Two Universes self
2015-03-10 Figgs, The Artist homepage   MP3 Other Planes of Here Stomper Music
2015-09-11 Finn, Craig Artist homepage CD MP3 Faith In The Future Partisan
2015-07-13 Finnders & Youngberg Artist homepage     Eat The Moon Swingfingers
2015-07-10 Fish, Samantha Artist homepage  CD MP3 Wild Heart Ruf
2015-02-09 Fitzgerald, Susie Artist homepage   MP3 Restless Big Purr Music
2015-02-10 Flagship Romance Artist homepage   MP3 Fee Fie Foh Fum Gatorbone
2015-10-30 Flamin' Groovies, The H CD   In The USA '79 Echoes
2015-08-21 Fleck, Bela; Abigail Washburn Artist homepage   MP3 Banjo Banjo EP New Rounder
2015 Fleshtones / Los Straitjackets Artist homepage     Gotta Get Away / 2000 Light Years From Home (45) Norton
2015-07-24 Fleshtones, The Artist homepage    MP3 I Surrender! (single) Yep Roc
2015-02-03 Foggy Notions, The Artist homepage     Mount Everest (single) self
2015-01-23 Foghorn Stringband Artist homepage CD MP3 Devil in the Seat self
2015-09-11 Folds, Ben Artist homepage CD MP3 So There New West
2015-04-07 Folk Family Revival Artist homepage  CD MP3 waterwalker Rock Ridge
2015-01-22 Footfall Artist homepage   MP3 Running Toward the Moon self
2015-09-01 Footnotes, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Cold Heart Rodeo Cold
2015-11-06 Forbert, Steve Artist homepage CD MP3 Compromised Rock Ridge
2015-03-31 Ford, Robben Artist homepage CD MP3 Into The Sun Provogue
2015-07-15 Foreign Films, The Artist homepage     The Record Collector (side 3) self
2015-09-18 Forster, Robert Artist homepage CD MP3 Songs To Play Tapete
2015-02-10 Fortunate Ones Artist homepage   MP3 The Bliss Old Farm Pony
2015-12-03 Forz, The Artist homepage   MP3 Julie (You're So Sweet) (single) self
2015-01-13 Foster, D.A. Artist homepage CD MP3 The Real Thing VizzTone
2015-10-16 Foucault, Jeffrey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Salt as Wolves Blueblade
2015-11-06 Fournier and the Bad Ass Fajitas, Joe Artist homepage    MP3 Joe Fournier and the Bad Ass Fajitas Eight Track Shack
2015 Fowley, Kim Artist homepage     The Trip b/w Underground Lady (45) Norton
2015-07-01 FrazierBand Artist homepage     The Rod & The Cane self
2015-10-02 Friedman, Kinky Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Loneliest Man I Ever Met Avenue A
2015-06-30 Frightnrs, The Artist homepage    MP3 I'd Rather Go Blind (single) Daptone
2015-10-09 Fritts, Donnie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Oh My Goodness Single Lock
2015-03-31 Furay, Richie Artist homepage CD MP3 Hand in Hand Entertainment One
2015-04-01 Furious Seasons, The Artist homepage CD MP3 My Love Is Strong Stonegarden
2015-06-15 Furtado, Tony Artist homepage     The Bell self
2015-08-08 Gale, Mike Artist homepage    MP3 Another Planet Battle Worldwide
2015-03-03 Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Noel Artist homepage CD MP3 Chasing Yesterday Sour Mash
2015-04-09 Gangstagrass Artist homepage CD MP3 American Music Rench Audio
2015-05-04 Gardner, Jacco Artist homepage CD MP3 Hynophobia Polyvinyl
2015-06-02 Gardot, Melody Artist homepage  CD MP3 Currency Of Man Verve Int'l
2015-11-13 Garrie, Nick Artist homepage    MP3 The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas (The Cuts) Elefant
2015-05-04 Giant Sand Artist homepage  CD MP3 Heartbreak Pass New West
2015-11-06 Gibbons and The BFG's, Billy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Perfectamundo Concord
2015-02-24 Gibson Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Brotherhood Rounder 
2015-02-10 Giddens, Rhiannon Artist homepage CD MP3 Tomorrow Is My Turn Nonesuch
2015-02-24 Girls Guns and Glory Artist homepage CD   Presents A Tribute to Hank Williams - Live! Dry Lightning Records
2015-11-13 Gleaves, Sam Artist homepage  CD   Ain't We Brothers Community Music
2015-04-10 Go! Freaks, The Artist homepage   MP3 This Is Cabanyal Soul self
2015-04-01 Go Wows, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Gimme Some Fun Pop Detective
2015-04-21 Golden Eels Artist homepage   MP3 Periscopes in the Air self
2015-03-06 Gone, The Artist homepage     Quadraphonic self
2015-06-29 Good Old War Artist homepage  CD MP3 Broken Into Better Shape Nettwerk
2015-09-04 Gordon, Kevin Artist homepage CD   Long Gone Time self
2015-06-30 Gorman, Fraser A. Artist homepage  CD MP3 Slow Gum House Anxiety / Marathon
2015-10-16 GospelbeacH Artist homepage CD MP3 Pacific Surfline Alive Naturalsound
2015-06-09 Gracie, Charlie Artist homepage CD MP3 Angel On My Shoulder Lanark
2015-05-19 Grahams, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Glory Bound CEN
2015-01-16 Grand Old Grizzly Artist homepage   MP3 CosmoNada self
2015-06-23 Grant, Tiffany Huggins Artist homepage    MP3 Jonquil Child Mgw
2015-02-10 Grave Jinglers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Reign of the West self
2015-04-21 Great Lake Swimmers Artist homepage  CD MP3 A Forest of Arms Nettwerk Records
2015-05-12 Great Peacock Artist homepage  CD MP3 Making Ghosts This Is American Music
2015-11-20 Great Western Tears, The Artist homepage    MP3 Not The Losing Kind / Misty (single) 581300
2015-04-28 Grebe & Cold Country, Todd Artist homepage   MP3 Citizen self
2015-02-27 Green Circles, The       Morning After Blues LoKatEm
2015-02-24 Green, Colleen Artist homepage CD MP3 I Want To Grow Up Hardly Art
2015-04-21 Green, William Clark Artist homepage CD MP3 Ringling Road Bill Grease / Thirty Tigers
2015-05-15 Greenberg, Craig Artist homepage   MP3 The Grand Loss & Legacy self
2015-08-21 Greene, Jackie Artist homepage CD MP3 Back to Birth Yep Roc
2015-04-13 Greezy Wheels Artist homepage     Unusual Thing MaHatMa
2015-01-15 Gretchen's Wheel Artist homepage CD MP3 Fragile State self
2015-02-24 Grey & Mofro, JJ Artist homepage CD MP3 Ol' Glory Provogue
2015-10-14 Grieco, Dave Artist homepage CD MP3 Cap Gun Outlaws self
2015-09-25 Griffin, Patty Artist homepage CD MP3 Servant of Love Thirty Tigers
2015-04-07 Grip Weeds, The Artist homepage CD MP3  How I Won The War Jem Records
2015-12-04 Grizzard, Jefferson Artist homepage     Daydream of Hope self
2015-10-05 Groovy Uncle & Suzi Chunk Artist homepage   MP3  Life's A Gift Trouserphonic
2015-07-21 Gross, D. Artist homepage    MP3 Juggernaut self
2015-06-09 GTVs, The Artist homepage     Organ Donor (single) Hidden Volume
2015-05-04 Guitar Heroes Artist homepage  CD MP3 Guitar Heroes (J Burton, A Lee, A Garrett, D Wilcox) Stony Plain
2015-10-16 Gun Outfit Artist homepage  CD MP3 Dream All Over Paradise of Bachelors
2015-07-31 Guy, Buddy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Born To Play Guitar RCA
2015-10-23 Guy, Tim Artist homepage CD MP3 Chords self
2015-04-10 Haber, Jimmy Artist homepage    MP3 Joy Acid Pact self
2015-09-18 Halfway Artist homepage     A Band Called Halfway (sampler) Plus One
2015-06-23 Hall, Carl   CD   You Don't Know Nothing About Love (The Loma/Atlantic Recordings 1967-1972) Omnivore
2015-01-13 Hamblin, Chase Artist homepage   MP3 Way Back (single) self
2015-08-25 Hamilton, Ryan Artist homepage    MP3 Hell of a Day Fanny Pack
2015-03-30 Hanging Stars, The Artist homepage    MP3 Golden Vanity / Floodhound (single) Great Pop Supplement
2015-10-30 Hanging Stars, The Artist homepage    MP3 The House on the Hill Great Pop Supplement
2015-03-24 Hanlon, Darren Artist homepage CD MP3 Where Did You Come From? Yep Roc
2015-09-18 Hansard, Glen Artist homepage  CD MP3  Didn't He Ramble Anti
2015-09-18 Hardin, Case Artist homepage   MP3 Colours Simple Clubhouse UK
2015-09-16 Hardin, Dave Artist homepage   MP3 Magnolia self
2015-05-06 Harding, Curtis Artist homepage CD MP3 Soul Power Burger
2015-10-02 Harley, Martin; Daniel Kimbro Artist homepage CD MP3 Live at Southern Ground Del Mundo
2015-08-28 Harmon, Zac Artist homepage  CD  MP3 Right Man Right Now Blind Pig
2015-07-28 Harris, Brady Artist homepage    MP3 Ukulele Days Lampshade
2015-05-12 Harris, Emmylou; Rodney Crowell Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Traveling Kind Nonesuch
2015-04-14 Hart, Beth Artist homepage CD MP3 Better Than Home Provogue
2015-02-17 Hatfield Three, Juliana Artist homepage CD   Whatever, My Love Americana Laundromat
2015-04-07 Hawks, Greg Artist homepage CD MP3 What Goes Around self
2015-04-28 Hawthorne, Chuck Artist homepage CD MP3 Silver Line 3 Notches
2015-05-11 Hayes, Bryan Artist homepage     Farther Down the Line self
2015-07-24 Haynes, Warren Artist homepage CD MP3 Ashes & Dust (featuring Railroad Earth) Concord
2015-07-31 Head & The Strands, Michael Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Magical World of The Strands Megaphone
2015-12-23 Hearsays Artist homepage    MP3 Middle of Moving (EP) Dead Funny
2015-03-05 Heartache State, The Artist homepage     The Heartache State self
2015-06-16 Heartless Bastards Artist homepage  CD MP3 Restless Ones Partisan
2015-09-11 Heath & The Greedy Souls, Jason Artist homepage    MP3 A Season Undone Still Small
2015-05-19 Helm, Amy Artist homepage    MP3 Rescue Me (single) eOne
2015-07-24 Helm, Amy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Didn't It Rain eOne
2015-07-02 Helm, Mark Artist homepage     Everything's OK self
2015-02-01 Help Me Devil Artist homepage     Debbie, Let's Go Home single FOLC
2015-01-15 Henderson Band, The Mike Artist homepage CD MP3 You Think It's Hot Here EllerSoul
2015-09-25 Henley, Don Artist homepage CD MP3 Cass County Capitol
2015-03-12 Hey Mavis Artist homepage    MP3 What I Did self
2015-07-27 Hiatt, John Artist homepage    MP3 Dust Down A Country Road (single) Vector Recordings
2015-03-03 Hiatt, Lilly Artist homepage CD MP3 Royal Blue Normaltown Records
2015-05-26 Hidden Pictures Artist homepage    MP3 California Plates self
2015-07-17 Higher State, The Artist homepage    MP3 (Consider It) A Debt Repaid b/w In A World That Just Don't Care 13 O'Clock Records
2015-10-16 Hill, Nikki Artist homepage CD MP3 Heavy Hearts Hard Fists Deep Fryed
2015-06-23 Hillfolk Noir Artist homepage   MP3 Pop Songs for Elk self
2015-04-18 Hitchcock, Robyn; Emma Swift Artist homepage 7in   Follow Your Money b/w Motion Pictures (7" vinyl) Yep Roc
2015-04-07 Hoge, Will Artist homepage  CD MP3 Small Town Dreams Cumberland Recordings
2015-01-27 Holcomb and the Neighbors, Drew Artist homepage CD MP3 Medicine Magnolia Music
2015-04-05 Holcombe, Malcolm Artist homepage   MP3 The RCA Sessions Proper
2015-05-04 Hollis Brown Artist homepage  CD MP3 3 Shots Inkind Music
2015-11-20 Holly & Ken [Stringfellow] Artist homepage  CD   The Record Outer Sunset
2015-08-21 Holly Golightly Artist homepage    MP3 Slowtown Now! Damaged Goods
2015-10-23 Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs Artist homepage CD MP3 Coulda Shoulda Woulda Transdreamer
2015-11-10 Hollywood Blanks Artist homepage    MP3 Projections self
2015-05-05 Holter, Darryl Artist homepage   MP3 Radio Songs 213 Music
2015-06-09 Homewreckers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Dead City Electrotone
2015-05-08 Honey Dewdrops, The Artist homepage   MP3 Tangled Country self
2015-04-21 Honeycutters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Me Oh My Organic
2015-06-09 Honeyhoney Artist homepage CD MP3 3 Rounder
2015-03-24 Honeywagen Artist homepage CD   Jamboree Rock O Plane / Kool Kat
2015-05-04 Hop Along Artist homepage CD MP3 Painted Shut Saddle Creek
2015-03-17 Houndmouth Artist homepage CD MP3 Little Neon Limelight Rough Trade
2015-03-31 Houndstooth Artist homepage  CD MP3 No News From Home No Quarter
2015-05-19 Howard, Barna Artist homepage  CD MP3 Quite a Feelin' Mama Bird
2015-11-20 Howell & The Mighty Men, Steve Artist homepage  CD   Friend Like Me Out of the Past
2015-01-13 Hoyer and the Shadowboxers, Josh Artist homepage   MP3 Living By The Minute Silver Street
2015-04-07 Hubbard, Ray Wylie Artist homepage CD MP3 Ruffian's Misfortune Bordello Records
2015-06-11 Hula Baby Artist homepage     Baila Kitty Kat (single) FOLC
2015-08-28 Hulburt, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 Opus III Tompkins Square
2015-03-24 Humming House Artist homepage CD MP3 Revelries Rock Ridge
2015-01-16 Hurd, Emily Artist homepage   MP3 Landmark self
2015-11-02 I Don't Cares, The [P. Westerberg / J. Hatfield] Artist homepage   MP3 1/2 2 P (single) Dry Wood
2015-11-25 I Don't Cares, The [P. Westerberg / J. Hatfield] Artist homepage   MP3 King of America (single) Dry Wood
2015-01-13 Ickes, Rob; Trey Hensley Artist homepage CD   Before the Sun Goes Down Compass Records
2015-06-26 Identical Suns Artist homepage CD MP3 Identical Suns self
2015-04-20 Indian Ghost Artist homepage     Lost Far Gone Closer
2015-07-17 Iron and Wine & Ben Bridwell Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sing Into My Mouth Black Cricket / Brown
2015-11-13 Isaak, Chris Artist homepage CD MP3 First Comes The Night Vanguard
2015-02-10 Isbell, Jason; Amanda Shires Artist homepage   MP3 Sea Songs Southeastern Records
2015-07-17 Isbell, Jason Artist homepage CD MP3 Something More Than Free Southeastern
2015-10-09 Israel, Dan Artist homepage    MP3 Dan self
2015-02-02 Jack, Lucas Artist homepage   MP3 Before I Forget self
2015-09-15 Jackslacks Artist homepage   MP3 Invisible Shield of Love
2015-05-05 Jackson and the Ranch Hands, Bennett Artist homepage    MP3 Day's Market self
2015-10-02 Jackson, Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Fast Forward Sharp Practice 
2015-05-05 Jackson, Wade Artist homepage     Whiskey Alpha Delta Echo self
2015-02-24 James, Elana Artist homepage   MP3 Black Beauty Snarf Records
2015-08-21 James, Jason Artist homepage  CD MP3 Jason James New West
2015-04-14 James, Jodi Artist homepage   MP3 Things I Leave Behind self
2015-11-22 James, Nikki Artist homepage   MP3 The Album self
2015-06-16 James, Susan Artist homepage   MP3 Sea Glass self
2015-03-31 Jamison, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 Lovecraft Future Spin
2015-06-20 Jangle Band, The Artist homepage     Debut Single self
2015-03-02 Janovitz, Scott Artist homepage     Fall In EP self
2015-11-27 Jay Vons, The Artist homepage   MP3 It Was Wronog to Love You b/w Ghoulin' (single) La Castanya
2015-04-07 Jayhawks, The Artist homepage   MP3 Live at the Belly Up Belly Up Live
2015-05-27 Jeanies, The Artist homepage     Amilee / Bad Side (single) self
2015-04-15 JeConte Artist homepage CD MP3 Down By The Bayou Red Parlor
2015-10-30 JetBone Artist homepage    MP3 Magical Ride Rootsy
2015-05-26 Jewell, Eilen Artist homepage CD MP3 Sundown Over Ghost Town Signature Sounds
2015-08-07 Jigsaw Seen, The Artist homepage    MP3 Have a Wonderful Day Vibro-phonic
2015-10-01 Jimmy and the Mustangs Artist homepage  CD MP3 Another Round self
2015-09-18 Jimmys, The Artist homepage   MP3 Hot Dish Brown Cow
2015-01-12 Jinks, Cody Artist homepage    MP3 Adobe Sessions self
2015-03-03 Johnston, Freedy Artist homepage CD  MP3  Neon Repairman Singing Magnet Records
2015-10-02 Jolly, Jeanne Artist homepage  CD MP3 A Place to Run self
2015-06-23 Jones, Rickie Lee Artist homepage CD MP3 The Other Side of Desire Tosod / Thirty Tigers
2015-01-20 Jones & The Dap-Kings, Sharon Artist homepage   MP3 Little Boys with Shiny Toys (single) Daptone
2015-10-30 Jones & The Dap-Kings, Sharon Artist homepage CD MP3 It's A Holiday Soul Party Daptone
2015-07-28 June Star Artist homepage    MP3 Pull Awake self 
2015-08-14 Junior League, The Artist homepage    MP3 Also Rans Greenleaves Sound Recordings
2015-06-16 Kater, Kaia Artist homepage CD MP3 Sorrow Bound Kingswood
2015-02-17 Kaukonen, Jorma Artist homepage CD   Ain't In No Hurry Red House Records
2015-01-01 Keating, Annie Artist homepage CD MP3 Make Believing self
2015-02-17 Keating, Matt Artist homepage   MP3 This Perfect Crime Janglewood
2015-02-10 Keen, Robert Earl Artist homepage CD MP3 Happy Prisoner Dualtone
2015-09-04 Keene, Tommy Artist homepage CD MP3 Laugh In The Dark Second Motion
2015-01-27 Kelly, Paul Artist homepage