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2015 L-Z Albums  (Click Here to Go To 2015 A-K)
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2015-03-03 La Nena, Dom Artist homepage  CD MP3 Soyo Six Degrees
2015-07-06 Labradors, The Artist homepage    MP3 Hate Summer self
2015-04-07 LaFarge, Pokey Artist homepage CD MP3 Something In The Water Rounder
2015-05-12 LaFave, Jimmy Artist homepage CD MP3 The Night Tribe Music Road
2015-06-09 Landreth, Sonny Artist homepage CD MP3 Bound By The Blues Provogue / Mascot
2015-03-03 Landry, Gill Artist homepage CD MP3 Gill Landry ATO Records
2015-08-07 Langhorne Slim & The Law Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Spirit Moves Dualtone
2015-03-24 Langston, Grant Artist homepage     Hope You're Happy Now California Roots Union
2015-08-28 Latham, Jacob Artist homepage     Burn self
2015-10-16 Latham, Jon Artist homepage    MP3 Real Bad News self
2015-09-25 Lauderdale, Jim Artist homepage CD MP3 Soul Searching: Vol. 1 Memphis / Vol. 2 Nashville Sky Crunch
2015-04-07 LaVere, Amy; Will Sexton Artist homepage CD MP3 Hallelujah I'm a Dreamer Archer
2015-01-27 LaVette, Bettye Artist homepage CD MP3 Worthy Cherry Red Records
2015-03-09 Lawrence, Richie Artist homepage   MP3 Rue Sanxay Big Book
2015-04-28 Lawson, Jerry Artist homepage CD MP3 Just a Mortal Man Red Beet Records
2015-04-04 Le Fits Artist homepage     Fisticuffs self
2015-07-15 Le Mat     MP3 Lucidly Experiencing Magic and Truth Industrias WIO
2015-02-24 Lead Belly Artist homepage CD MP3 Lead Belly: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection Smithsonian Folkways
2015-04-14 Leaf Rapids Artist homepage CD MP3 Lucky Stars Black Hen Music
2015-02-17 Leaphart, Mac Artist homepage   MP3 Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth self
2015-02-24 Lee, Ben Artist homepage   MP3 A Mixtape from Ben Lee self
2015-10-02 Lee, Frankie Artist homepage CD   American Dreamer Loose Music
2015-04-14 Lee Harvey Osmond Artist homepage  CD   Beautiful Scars Latent
2015-08-01 Lee, Phil Artist homepage    MP3 Some Gotta Lose Palookaville
2015-06-16 Lee, Sam Artist homepage CD MP3 The Fade In Time The Nest Collective / Thirty Tigers
2015-03-06 Lee 3, Tim Artist homepage CD   33 1/3 self 
2015-09-11 Legendary Shack Shakers Artist homepage CD MP3 The Southern Surreal Alternative Tentacles
2015-07-17 Legends Of Country Artist homepage  CD MP3 Talk About Country Talk About Country
2015-11-20 Leigh, Brennen Artist homepage    MP3 Sings Lefty Frizzell self 
2015-04-28 Leisure Society, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Fine Art of Hanging On Full Time Hobby
2015-03-20 Lekites, Jared Artist homepage   MP3 Five Separate Lives self
2015-05-11 Les Playboys Artist homepage     New EP Ave the Sound
2015-10-09 Les Revenants Artist homepage CD MP3 Epouvantails Costume
2015-09-11 Levinger, Lowell "Banana" Artist homepage CD MP3 Get Together: Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics Grandpa Raccoon 
2015-10-23 Levy, Adam Artist homepage CD MP3 Naubinway Think Piece
2015-05-28 Lew, Cameron Artist homepage    MP3 Welp. self
2015-10-02 Lewis, Arwen Artist homepage    MP3 Arwen Omad
2015-09-18 Lewis, Linda Gail Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hard Rockin' Woman! Lanark
2015-04-21 Lewis, Sam Artist homepage CD   Waiting On You Brash
2015-10-07 Lie Detectors Artist homepage   MP3 Pinchalo (single) FOLC
2015-02-21 Lindberg, Grant Artist homepage     Super Mega self
2015-06-23 Linden Artist homepage  CD MP3 Rest and Be Thankful Slumberland
2015-09-25 Linden, Colin Artist homepage CD MP3 Rich in Love Stony Plain
2015-02-14 Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys Artist homepage   MP3 Ionia self
2015-06-09 Lines West Artist homepage CD MP3 Two of a Perfect Pair nunya
2015-07-01 Link Montana Artist homepage     Redneck Beach (reissue edition) Rhythm Dog
2015-07-08 Link Montana Artist homepage     Link Montana (reissue edition) Rhythm Dog
2015-07-22 Link Montana & The Roamin' Catholics Artist homepage     Way Out East (reissue) Rhythm Dog
2015-08-05 Link Montana and the Rough Riders Artist homepage     Joe's (reissue) Rhythm Dog
2015-03-03 Link, Ryan Artist homepage    MP3 Reverberations EP What Kinda Records
2015-05-26 Lipton & His Orchestra, Ethan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Raw Milk Muckraker
2015-04-10 Little Clara & Les Chacals Artist homepage     Un pas apres l'autre Q-Sounds Recording
2015-01-21 Livingstone Daisies Artist homepage      Loose Fries in the Bag Popboomerang Records
2015-07-22 Lloyd, Bill Artist homepage    MP3 Miracle Mile EP Whole-In-One
2015-03-03 Local Strangers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Take What You Can Carry self
2015-04-07 London Souls, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Here Come the Girls Feel
2015-01-27 Lone Bellow, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Then Came the Morning Descendant Records
2015-01-27 Lonesome Heroes, The Artist homepage   MP3 Can't Stand Still self
2015-06-16 Lonesome Trio, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Lonesome Trio Sugar Hill
2015-08-07 Long, Bobby Artist homepage   MP3 Ode to Thinking Compass
2015-03-17 Longely, Liz Artist homepage CD MP3 Liz Longely Sugar Hill
2015-03-24 Loons, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Inside Out Your Mind Bomp!
2015-05-18 Lopez Band, Christian Artist homepage  CD MP3 Onward Blaster
2015-04-07 Lord Huron Artist homepage CD MP3 Strange Trails IAmSound
2015-06-04 Lord, Mary Lou Artist homepage CD MP3 Backstreet Angels self
2015-01-01 Lorente & La Cavalerie, Tommy Artist homepage     Live: Amanita Sessions Yaourt Productions
2015-01-13 Los Breakdowns Artist homepage CD MP3 Rock 'n' Roller Skates Rum Bar
2015-09-04 Los Colognes Artist homepage    MP3 Dos self
2015-08-15 Los Deltonos Artist homepage    MP3 Salud! FOLC
2015-09-25 Los Lobos Artist homepage CD MP3  Gates of Gold 429
2015-06-18 Lost Ragas, The Artist homepage    MP3 Trans Atlantic Highway Stovepipe
2015-03-24 Love Axe Artist homepage CD MP3  South Dakota New Granada
2015-09-18 Love, Darlene Artist homepage CD MP3 Introducing Darlene Love Columbia
2015-07-23 Loveless, Lydia Artist homepage   MP3 Folkadelphia Session 9/25/14 Folkadelphia
2015-09-08 Loveless, Lydia; Cory Branan Artist homepage   MP3 I Would Die 4 U / Under the Cherry Moon (split single) Bloodshot
2015-09-11 Low Artist homepage CD MP3 Ones and Sixes Sub Pop
2015-04-21 Low Cut Connie Artist homepage CD MP3 Hi Honey Ardent / Contender
2015-07-27 Lowe, Nick Artist homepage    MP3 I Read a Lot (single) Yep Roc
2015-11-27 Lowe & Los Straitjackets, Nick Artist homepage  V MP3 The Quality Holiday Revue (live) Yep Roc
2015-02-24 Lowest Pair, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Sacred Heart Sessions Team Love
2015-07-24 Lowest Pair, The Artist homepage CD MP3 I Reckon I'm Fixin' on Kickin' Round to Pick a Little Team Love
2015-02-26 Lowlands Artist homepage    MP3 The Whale self
2015-05-05 Lowrey, Levi Artist homepage   MP3 My Crazy Head self
2015-09-18 Lucero Artist homepage CD MP3 All A Man Should Do ATO
2015-05-01 Lunar Laugh, The Artist homepage    MP3 Apollo Lekites Music
2015-10-09 Lund, Corb Artist homepage  CD MP3 Things That Can't Be Undone New West
2015-07-31 Lush, Kate     MP3 Kate Lush self
2015-04-10 Lynn, Jami Artist homepage   MP3 Fall Is a Good Time to Die self
2015-06-16 Lynn, Lera Artist homepage    MP3 The Only Thing Worth Fighting For / This Is My Least Favorite Life (from HBO's True Detective] Harvest
2015-11-13 Lynne's ELO, Jeff Artist homepage  CD MP3 Alone in the Universe Columbia
2015-05-05 Lynne, Shelby Artist homepage  CD MP3 I Can't Imagine Rounder
2015-10-23 Maclean, Bruce Artist homepage   MP3 Kathi self
2015-10-30 Maclean, Bruce Artist homepage   MP3 Kathi 2 self
2015-03-30 Madcaps, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Madcaps Howlin' Banana Records
2015-06-30 Maddock, James Artist homepage CD MP3 The Green Casa del Fuego
2015-10-10 Mae, Kenna Artist homepage   MP3 Blue Darlin self
2015-09-04 Magnetic Mind, The Artist homepage   MP3 ...Is Thinking About It Heavy Soul
2015-07-24 Maharajas, The Artist homepage    MP3 Just Let Him Go (single) Moody Monkey
2015-03-31 Malin, Jesse Artist homepage CD MP3 New York Before the War One Little Indian
2015-10-09 Malin, Jesse Artist homepage CD MP3 Outsiders One Little Indian / Velvet Elk
2015-05-25 Mallonee & The Big Sky Ramblers, Bill Artist homepage     Lands & Peoples self
2015-05-19 Malpass Brothers, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Malpass Brothers Organic
2015-07-24 Mandell, Eleni Artist homepage CD MP3 Dark Lights Up Yep Roc
2015-05-05 Mandolin Orange Artist homepage CD MP3 Such Jubilee Yep Roc
2015-01-20 Manning, Terry Artist homepage CD MP3 Heaven Knows Lucky Seven
2015-10-16 Mantles, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 All Odds End Slumberland
2015-07-30 Maple Woods, The Artist homepage     From West Harwich With Love (reissue) Rhythm Dog
2015-08-18 Marble, DL Artist homepage   MP3 Hard To Quit self
2015-10-02 Mark & The Van Dorens, Paul Artist homepage  CD MP3 Stowaways Radiation
2015-09-18 Market East Artist homepage    MP3 Orange & Me / Our Love Will Always Win (single) La-Ti-Da
2015-03-24 Marling, Laura Artist homepage CD MP3 Short Movie Ribbon
2015-04-27 Martin, Ryan Artist homepage CD   For All The Beautiful Losers self
2015-10-30 Martin, Steve; Edie Brickell Artist homepage CD MP3 So Familiar Rounder
2015-10-23 Matt The Electrician Artist homepage    MP3 The Bear / Never Had A Gun (single) self
2015-04-21 Mathus, Jimbo Artist homepage CD MP3 Blue Healer Fat Possum
2015-05-22 Maureens, The Artist homepage    MP3 Heartbreak (single) self
2015-08-28 Maureens, The Artist homepage    MP3 September (single) self
2015-09-18 Maureens, The Artist homepage   MP3 Bang The Drum Kool Kat Musik
2015-02-17 Mavericks, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Mono The Valory Music Co.
2015-09-04 Mayall, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Find a Way to Care Forty Below
2015-05-12 Mayes, Romi Artist homepage CD MP3 Devil on Both Shoulders Manitoba
2015-02-10 Maynard and the Musties Artist homepage   MP3 Fall On In Troublefield Music
2015-02-24 McCollum, Parker Artist homepage CD MP3 The Limestone Kid indie extreme
2015-03-10 McCrary Sisters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Let's Go MC Records / Thirty Tigers
2015-01-26 McCue, Anne Artist homepage CD   Blue Sky Thinkin' self
2015-04-24 McGlashan, Don Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lucky Stars Doncorp Ltd
2015-06-16 McIver, Jimm Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sunlight Reaches Green Monkey
2015-05-16 McKee, Beth Artist homepage CD MP3 Sugarcane Revival Swampgirl
2015-03-23 McKenzie, Brian Artist homepage   MP3 Looking Over Yesterday self
2015-02-24 McMurtry, James Artist homepage CD MP3  Complicated Game Complicated Game
2015-02-10 McPherson, JD Artist homepage CD MP3 Let The Good Times Roll Rounder
2015-01-27 McRae, Kelley Artist homepage  CD MP3 Easy On My Mind self
2015-09-18 McRae, Linda Artist homepage  CD MP3 Shadow Trails True North
2015-12-10 Meadow, Paul Artist homepage   MP3 Cheap and Easy self
2015-06-19 Meadows Brothers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Won't Be Troubled self
2015-03-28 Meech, Sarah Gayle Artist homepage CD MP3 Tennessee Love Song self
2015-05-27 Megira & The Beth She'an Valley Hillbillies, Charlie Artist homepage   MP3 Boom Chaka Boom Boom self
2015-01-01 Men & Volts Artist homepage     Honeymoon Luggage (4 LP Box Set) Wigwax
2015-07-06 Mendoza y sus Poetas del Ritmo, Alex Artist homepage    MP3 Cumbealo! (single) Names You Can Trust
2015-01-31 Mendoza, Amy Artist homepage   MP3 Suicide on the AM Dial Desideratum Publishing
2015-09-07 MFC Chicken featuring Sister Cookie Artist homepage   MP3 DMAF b/w Tea For Two FOLC
2015-10-24 MFC Chicken Artist homepage CD MP3  It's MFC Chicken Time! Dirty Water
2015-12-16 Midwest Beat, The Artist homepage   MP3 Carol Anne (single) Wild Honey
2015-10-10 Migliorelli and the Dirt Nappers, Frank Artist homepage    MP3 City Eastern Serenade Rave-On
2015-06-02 Mike + Ruthy Band, The Artist homepage CD   Bright As You Can Humble Abode Music
2015-07-24 Milagro Saints Artist homepage     Tupelo Moon Caravan
2015-05-19 Milk Carton Kids, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Monterey ANTI / Epitaph
2015-10-12 Milk Carton Kids, The Artist homepage     Wish You Were Here (single) ANTI
2015-07-01 Miller, David Michael Artist homepage   MP3 Same Soil Food For The Soul
2015-05-12 Miller, Rhett Artist homepage CD MP3 The Traveler [feat. Black Prairie] ATO Records
2015-07-30 Milnes, Jesse; Emily Miller Artist homepage     Deep End Sessions, Volume II Deep End Sessions
2015-07-31 Milltown Brothers Artist homepage   MP3 Long Road Stanley
2015-11-27 Mini-Mekons and Robbie Fulks Artist homepage   MP3 Jura Bloodshot
2015-03-03 Minky Starshine Artist homepage   MP3 Pop Jewelry Lovestruck
2015-03-10 Minus 5, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Dungeon Golds Yep Roc
2015-10-02 Mipso Artist homepage CD MP3 Old Time Reverie Robust
2015 Miriam Artist homepage     The Hand Don't Fit The Glove b/w Take Me For A Little While (45) Norton
2015 Miriam / Sam Elwitt Orchestra Artist homepage     Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind / In Another Land (split 45) Norton
2015-10-09 Miriam Artist homepage CD  MP3  Down Today Norton
2015-06-13 Miss Marcy & her Texas Sugardaddy's Artist homepage    MP3 Deep Ellum CSP
2015-04-18 Miss Tess & The Talkbacks Artist homepage     One Match Fire (single) Signature Sounds
2015-05-11 Mitra, Sara Artist homepage   MP3 Losing You Impossible Ark
2015-09-28 Mo' Mojo Artist homepage CD   We All Got The Same self
2015-05-25 Moa Bones Artist homepage    MP3 Spun Inner Ear
2015-11-20 Modulators, The Artist homepage CD   Try Try Try Kool Kat Musik
2015-11-18 Mono Sideboards Artist homepage    MP3 The Pains of Being Frank Lamb Monkey finger
2015-04-14 Monophonics Artist homepage CD MP3 Sound of Sinning Transistor Sound
2015-08-14 Monophonics Artist homepage     Trip To The Stix (single) self
2015-07-24 Monroe, Ashley Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Blade Warner
2015-10-09 Mooner Artist homepage    MP3 Masterpiece Aerial Ballet
2015-02-10 Moore, Dallas Artist homepage   MP3 Dark Horse Rider Sol Records
2015-01-18 Moore, R. Stevie; Jason Falkner Artist homepage     Make It Be self
2015-03-17 Moorer, Allison Artist homepage CD MP3 Down to Believing Entertainment One
2015-01-01 Moors & McCumber Artist homepage CD MP3 Pandemonium self
2015-04-21 Moreland, John Artist homepage CD MP3 High on Tulsa Heat Old Omens
2015-05-19 Morgan and the 78's, Whitey Artist homepage    MP3 Sonic Ranch self
2015-02-03 Morlix, Gurf Artist homepage   MP3 Eatin' at Me Rootball Records
2015-03-18 Morris and the California Stars, Danny Artist homepage    MP3 Danny Morris and the California Stars self
2015-06-23 Morris, T. Hardy Artist homepage CD MP3 Hardy & The Hardknocks: Drowning On A Mountaintop Dangerbird
2015-03-24 Morrison, Van Artist homepage CD MP3 Duets: Re-Working the Catalogue Exile / RCA
2015-08-28 Morrison, Van Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Essential Van Morrison Legacy
2015-10-30 Morrison, Van Artist homepage  CD MP3 Astral Weeks (Expanded & Remastered) Warner Bros.
2015-10-30 Morrison, Van Artist homepage  CD MP3 His Band and The Street Choir (Expanded & Remastered) Warner Bros.
2015-07-17 Morrissey, Flo Artist homepage  CD MP3 Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful Glassnote
2015-06-15 Morton, Ken Will Artist homepage   MP3 All's Fair In Love & War ra-ra-a-vis
2015-10-09 Most, The Artist homepage    MP3 Invasion Completed CopaseDisques
2015-02-20 Mottet, Ken [with Scott Ligon, Casey McDonough & Alex Hall] Artist homepage CD MP3 Showmen's Rest self
2015-04-07 Mountain Goats, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Beat The Champ Merge Records
2015-08-14 Muffs, The Artist homepage  CD   The Muffs [Remastered & Expanded] Omnivore
2015-01-20 Mulligan Brothers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Via Portland self
2015-10-23 Mullins, Shawn Artist homepage CD MP3  My Stupid Heart Sugar Hill 
2015-05-04 Mumford & Sons Artist homepage CD MP3  Wilder Mind Glassnote
2015-02-03 Murder By Death Artist homepage CD MP3 Big Dark Love Bloodshot Records
2015-02-03 Murnane, Rick Artist homepage     Building the Railroad self
2015-12-05 Murnane, Rick Artist homepage   MP3 Two Acoustics (single) self
2015-06-23 Musgraves, Kacey Artist homepage  CD MP3 Pageant Material Mercury
2015-05-18 Musselwhite, Charlie Artist homepage     I Ain't Lyin' Henrietta
2015-05-04 My Morning Jacket Artist homepage CD MP3 The Waterfall Capitol Records
2015-03-23 Myhr, David Artist homepage   MP3 Veronica / Oh Susie (single) Monogram Recordings
2015-09-25 Myles, David Artist homepage CD   So Far Little Tiny
2015-11-13 Mystic Braves Artist homepage CD MP3 Days of Yesteryear self
2015-08-14 Nada Surf Artist homepage   MP3 Live at the Neptune Theatre Mardev
2015-07-10 Nap Eyes Artist homepage  CD MP3 Whine of the Mystic Paradise of Bachelors
2015-10-09 Nash, Israel Artist homepage CD MP3 Israel Nash's Silver Season Loose Music
2015-09-18 Nash, Leigh Artist homepage  CD MP3 The State I'm In One Son
2015-04-02 National, The Artist homepage   MP3 Soundshine on My Back (single) self
2015-08-04 National Parks, The Artist homepage   MP3 Until I Live Groundloop
2015-08-03 Ned Van Go Artist homepage     The Dirt and The Sun self
2015-07-24 Needy Sons, The H   MP3 The Swimmer / Superficial Kid (single) self 
2015-08-20 Needy Sons, The H   MP3 Too Thin / Red Line (single) self 
2015-10-30 Needy Sons, The Artist homepage   MP3 Lost Against the Twilight / White Spider Bites self
2015-02-06 Neilson, John Artist homepage   MP3 Tomorrow Comes the Spring Lounge Side
2015-03-11 Nelson Band, Raelyn Artist homepage    MP3 Raelyn Nelson Band self
2015-03-10 Nelson, Sarah Bethe Artist homepage CD MP3 Fast Moving Clouds Burger
2015-06-02 Nelson, Willie; Merle Haggard Artist homepage CD MP3 Django and Jimmie Legacy
2015-01-05 New Dylans, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Meta Caveat Emptor
2015-01-27 New Trocaderos, The Artist homepage     The Luckiest Man In The World (single) Kool Kat
2015-02-10 New Trocaderos, The Artist homepage CD   Frenzy in the Hips Uncle Mike's RnR / Kool Kat Musik
2015-08-20 New Trocaderos, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Thrills & Chills self
2015-12-03 Nikki Corvette and the Stingrays     MP3 Back To Detroit  
2015-03-10 Nicole, Danielle Artist homepage CD MP3 Danielle Nicole (EP) Concord
2015-09-25 Nicole, Danielle Artist homepage  CD MP3 Wolf Den Concord
2015-04-21 Nighthawks, The Artist homepage CD   Back Porch Party Ellersoul
2015-09-04 Nines, The Artist homepage    MP3 Night Surfer and the Cassette Kids Tas Gold
2015-11-02 Nines, The Artist homepage   MP3 Circles In The Snow (tapes and transcripts Vol. 1) self
2015-02-17 North Mississippi Allstars & Anders Osborne Artist homepage   MP3 Freedom & Dreams NMO Records
2015-06-30 Nourallah, Salim Artist homepage   MP3 Skeleton Closet self
2015-03-02 Novatones, The Artist homepage     Sunday Romance self
2015-09-22 O'Brien, Ryan Artist homepage   MP3 Brown Line self
2015-10-30 O'Brien, Tim Artist homepage CD MP3 Pompadour Howdy Skies
2015-06-30 Ocean Carolina Artist homepage CD MP3  Maudlin Days Old Hand Record Co.
2015-06-16 O'Connor, Michael Artist homepage  CD MP3 Bloodshot Vagabond Bare Knuckle
2015-03-23 O'Donovan, Aoife; Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz Artist homepage   MP3 Crossing Muddy Waters (single) Sugar Hill
2015-03-03 Of Montreal Artist homepage CD MP3 Aureate Gloom Polyvinyl Records
2015-05-04 Oh! Gunquit Artist homepage  CD  MP3 Eat Yuppies and Dance Dirty Water
2015-07-10 Old Ceremony, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Sprinter Yep Roc
2015-02-17 Old Crow Medicine Show Artist homepage   MP3 Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer EP ATO Records
2015-07-24 Old Man Luedecke Artist homepage  CD MP3 Domestic Eccentric True North
2015-01-15 Old Wave Artist homepage   MP3 Old Wave self
2015-07-17 On and Ons, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 It's the On and Ons Calling Citadel
2015-07-14 One Like Son Artist homepage    MP3 Classic Body Thief
2015-05-22 Orange Humble Band, The   CD MP3 Depressing Beauty Citadel
2015-05-04 Orange Peels, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Begin the Begone Minty Fresh
2015-07-07 Original Artyfacts Artist homepage     Put In Wave Cool Ghost
2015-03-10 Ortega, Lindi Artist homepage    MP3 Tell It Like It Is (single) Last Gang
2015-05-26 Ortega, Lindi Artist homepage    MP3 To Love Somebody (single) Last Gang
2015-08-07 Ortega, Lindi Artist homepage CD MP3 Faded Gloryville Last Gang
2015-10-09 Os Drongos Artist homepage    MP3 Out of the Box Bleeding Gold
2015-06-09 Outlaw, Sam Artist homepage  CD MP3 Angeleno Six Shooter / Thirty Tigers
2015-10-09 Outryders, The Artist homepage   MP3 Over The Scars / Look At What You've Done (single) self
2015-02-01 Overbaugh, Tad Artist homepage   MP3 Beauty & Barbed Wire Peeled Label
2015-05-27 Owens, Christopher Artist homepage     Chrissybaby Forever self
2015-02-10 Owl Country Artist homepage   MP3 Owl Country self
2015-06-02 Pacifics, The Artist homepage    MP3 EP Mistkafer
2015-06-19 Palominos, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sweet Misery Randm
2015-11-07 PAN Artist homepage   MP3 Six Feet Under / Too Much On My Mind (single) Q-Sounds Recordings
2015-12-08 Paperboys, The Artist homepage   MP3 At Peace With One's Ghosts self
2015-05-19 Parker and the Rumour, Graham Artist homepage CD MP3 Mystery Glue UMe
2015-04-28 Parr, Charlie Artist homepage CD MP3 Stumpjumper Red House
2015-10-27 Pasadena '68 / Dakota Shakedown Artist homepage     Split EP self
2015-09-25 Paterson, Clark Artist homepage CD MP3 The Final Tradition self
2015-02-24 Paxton, Tom Artist homepage   MP3 Redemption Road Pax
2015-08-01 Peacock, Luke Daniel Artist homepage   MP3 Dreambox (single) Plus One
2015-08-21 Pepper & His Problems, Gregory Artist homepage   MP3 Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! Fake Four
2015-02-24 Perkins, Elvis Artist homepage CD MP3 I Aubade Ingrooves
2015-11-10 Pero Lua [Pete Donnelly] Artist homepage   MP3 Sobrecarga Colonial Way
2015-02-10 Peters, Gretchen Artist homepage CD MP3 Blackbirds Scarlet Letter
2015-11-29 Petersson, Torbjorn Artist homepage   MP3 Kool as a Kat Futureman
2015-06-05 Pfrang, Will Artist homepage    MP3 All Figured Out Hit or Miss
2015-02-18 Phantom Sound, The Artist homepage   MP3 Get to Me (single) Spinnup
2015-02-17 Phosphorescent Artist homepage CD MP3 Live at The Music Hall Dead Oceans
2015-08-14 Picott, Rod Artist homepage CD MP3 Fortune Welding Rod
2015-11-06 Pilgrim Artist homepage CD MP3 Easy People Horton
2015-02-04 Pinder Brothers, The Artist homepage  CD   Melancholy Sea self
2015-03-17 Pine Hill Project, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Tomorrow You're Going Signature Sounds
2015-05-26 Pines, Woody Artist homepage   MP3 Woody Pines Muddy Roots
2015-03-21 Pinnell, Jeremy Artist homepage CD MP3 Oh/Ky Sofaburn
2015-03-14 Piunti, Nick Artist homepage CD MP3 Beyond The Static self
2015-09-11 Plaine, Austin Artist homepage CD  MP3 Austin Plaine Washington Square
2015-07-07 Plott Hounds, The Artist homepage    MP3 Living Free self
2015-09-25 Pollies, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Not Here Single Lock
2015-08-14 Pop 4 Artist homepage     Summer self
2015-04-17 Pope, Greg Artist homepage CD MP3 Fanboy Octoberville
2015-05-15 Popovic, Ana & Milton Artist homepage  CD MP3 Blue Room ArtisteXclusive
2015-02-17 Porter Draw, The Artist homepage   MP3 More Trouble self
2015-05-12 Porter & The Tucos, Jeremy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Above The Sweet Tea Line New Fortune
2015-06-02 Porter, Mason Artist homepage   MP3 Key to the Skyway self
2015-02-16 Porter, Willy Artist homepage     Human Kindness Weasel Records
2015-08-21 Potty Mouth Artist homepage    MP3 Potty Mouth EP Planet Whatever
2015-05-30 Pountney, Mark Artist homepage     Mark II self
2015-07-24 Pousette-Dart, Jon Artist homepage CD MP3 Talk BFD
2015-08-07 Powell & The Messengers, Leroy Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Overlords of the Cosmic Revelation Cleopatra
2015-01-27 Pratt, Jessica Artist homepage  CD MP3 On Your Own Love Again Drag City 
2015-10-30 Presley with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Elvis Artist homepage CD MP3 If I Can Dream RCA
2015-07-24 Primer and Special Friends, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Muddy Waters 100 Raisin' Music
2015-05-05 Proclaimers, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Let's Hear It For The Dogs Compass / Cooking Vinyl
2015-02-13 Promise Artist homepage     Promise (remastered) Guerssen Records
2015-10-02 Promised Land Sound Artist homepage  CD MP3 For Use and Delight Paradise of Bachelors
2015-10-09 Pruitt, Luke Artist homepage    MP3 Songs of Home, Pt. 2 self
2015-02-12 Pseudonym Artist homepage     Revolving Door Trivial Pop Songs
2015-03-10 Pug, Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Windfall Lightning Rod
2015-09-04 Pugwash Artist homepage  CD MP3  Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) Omnivore
2015-01-27 Punch Brothers Artist homepage CD MP3  The Phosphorescent Blues Nonesuch
2015-02-22 Quakers On Probation Artist homepage     Love & Distance self
2015-06-12 Qirko's Imaginary Band, Hector Artist homepage  CD MP3 Field Notes self
2015-08-18 Rabin, Jared Artist homepage  CD MP3 Something Left to Say self
2015-08-14 Ragpicker String Band, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Ragpicker String Band Yellow Dog
2015-05-21 Railsplitters, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Faster It Goes self
2015-04-21 Rainyard, The Artist homepage    MP3 A Thousand Days (reissue) Pretty Olivia
2015-08-28 Ramirez, David Artist homepage  CD MP3 Fables Thirty Tigers
2015-08-21 Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Nathaniel Artist homepage  CD MP3 Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Stax
2015-01-20 Rave and the Governors, Dave Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sweet American Music Raebeat
2015-08-28 Ravines, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Everything's Fine self
2015-08-21 Raving Beauties, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Raving Beauties At The Helm
2015-09-18 Rawlings Machine, Dave Artist homepage CD MP3 Nashville Obsolete Acony
2015-04-02 Rawls, Casper Artist homepage CD MP3 Brave World Helotes Music
2015-11-24 Real Gone, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Real Gone self
2015-07-24 Rebel Light, The Artist homepage     Strangers (single) self
2015-03-23 Red Idle Rejects Artist homepage   MP3 Where The Lonely Reside self
2015-09-18 Redding, Otis Artist homepage  CD   Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul (Collector's Edition) Atlantic
2015-12-11 Reed, Andy Artist homepage     Relay Vol. 1 Futureman
2015-04-15 Reno Jack The Bear Artist homepage   MP3 Lightning Fried Hwy 11
2015-03-02 Revel Switch Artist homepage     At Night We Sleep in the Trees self
2015-05-12 Revelers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Get Ready self
2015-02-14 Reverberations, The Artist homepage     The Way I Want You (single) self
2015-05-06 Reverend Freakchild Artist homepage   MP3 Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues self
2015-02-17 Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, The Artist homepage CD MP3 So Delicious Shanachie
2015-07-17 Revivalists, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Men Amongst Mountains Wind-Up
2015-10-29 Richards and the Subtractions, Chris Artist homepage   MP3 3Peat - That Covers That (3) self
2015-09-18 Richards, Keith Artist homepage  CD MP3 Crosseyed Heart Republic
2015-04-18 Rite Flyers, The Artist homepage    MP3 Electromode Flak
2015-10-16 Ritter, Josh Artist homepage CD MP3 Sermon On The Rocks Pytheas
2015-10-23 Roaring 420s, The Artist homepage    MP3 You Can't Get Out Alive It's A Gas
2015-02-26 Roaring Juniors, The Artist homepage     Sweet Marie (single) self
2015-05-02 Roaring Juniors, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Perennials self
2015-08-20 Roaring Juniors, The Artist homepage   MP3 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (single) self
2015-09-10 Roaring Juniors, The Artist homepage   MP3 Gotch Yew self
2015-11-13 Roaring Juniors, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Fool of Frenchtown self
2015-09-25 Robillard, Duke Artist homepage CD MP3 The Acoustic Blues & Roots of Duke Robillard Stony Plain
2015-04-20 Robinson, Steve; Ed Woltil Artist homepage    MP3 Cycle self
2015-07-15 Rocket Bureau Artist homepage     Choozy Suzy (single) self
2016-01-01 Rocket Bureau Artist homepage CD MP3 Phantoms Ringing 67-73 Kool Kat Musik
2015-09-18 Roger Lion (Joe Pernice & Budo) Artist homepage  CD MP3 Roger Lion Team Love
2015-06-09 Rolling Stones, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sticky Fingers (Super Deluxe) Promotone
2015-07-31 Romano, Daniel Artist homepage CD  MP3 If I've Only One Time Askin' New West
2015-03-12 Romero, Pharis and Jason Artist homepage   MP3  A Wanderer I'll Stay Lula Records
2015-08-21 Rose, Whitney Artist homepage CD MP3  Heartbreaker of the Year Cameron House
2015-06-19 Roseline, The Artist homepage    MP3 Townie self
2015-09-07 Rosellys, The Artist homepage   MP3  The Granary Sessions Clubhouse UK 
2015-08-01 Rosenthal, Tokyo Artist homepage   MP3 Afterlife Rock & Sock
2015-11-13 Ross, Sim Artist homepage  CD MP3 Ohio City Songs self
2015-04-07 Rouse, Josh Artist homepage CD  MP3 The Embers of Time Yep Roc
2015-04-24 Routes, The Artist homepage     Meant To Be EP Hidden Volume
2015-02-14 Rover, Hendrik Artist homepage     en La Burbuja (Castellon) self
2015-03-17 Ruby & The Rhythm Runners, Greg Artist homepage CD MP3 Washington Hall Stomp self
2015-07-10 Runner Of The Woods Artist homepage  CD MP3 Thirsty Valley Twinpost
2015-02-06 Running Young Artist homepage     We Are The Sons EP self
2015-05-12 Sainte-Marie, Buffy Artist homepage CD MP3 Power In The Blood True North
2015-11-24 Satin Cowboy & The Seven Deadly Sins, The Artist homepage    MP3 Duel self
2015-10-27 Saucy Jacks, The Artist homepage    MP3 You Make Your Own World Chocolate Covered
2015-05-19 Saun & Starr Artist homepage CD MP3 Look Closer Daptone Records
2015-03-31 Scaggs, Boz Artist homepage CD MP3 A Fool To Care 429 Records
2015-04-15 Scanlan, Martha Artist homepage   MP3 The Shape of Things Gone Missing, The Shape of Things to Come Up On The Divide
2015-01-01 Scarpa, Malcolm Artist homepage    MP3 Something Like That! Sunthunder
2015-05-19 Schmidt, Danny Artist homepage  CD MP3 Owls Live Once
2015-06-01 Schneider, Roy Artist homepage     Ten from the Pen Shiny Gnu
2015-09-04 School, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Wasting Away and Wondering Elefant
2015-05-18 Scott, Darrell Artist homepage CD MP3 10 - Songs of Ben Bullington Full Light
2015-02-10 Screen Door Porch Artist homepage   MP3 Modern Settler self
2015 Sean, Timmy Artist homepage     Songs of the Week self
2015-04-27 Seasongs, The Artist homepage    MP3 Buscando el Sol Clifford
2015-01-30 See See, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Once, Forever & Again Dell'orso Records
2015-06-23 Sekhani, Kevin Artist homepage CD MP3 Day Ain't Done Louisiana Red Hot
2015-01-30 Sergeant Buzfuz Artist homepage CD MP3 Balloons for Thin Linda Blang
2015-04-01 Session Americana Artist homepage    MP3 Pack Up The Circus self
2015-03-31 Sexsmith, Ron Artist homepage CD MP3 Carousel One Compass Records
2015-02-10 Sexton, Martin Artist homepage CD MP3 Mixtape of the Open Road Kitchen Table
2015-04-13 Sha La La's, The Artist homepage   MP3 Your Blind Soul EP Detour Records
2015-09-04 Shahan, Red Artist homepage   MP3 Men and Coyotes Magnolia
2015-10-15 Shambles, The Artist homepage   MP3 Radio Daze: The Pyles Sessions Bickerton
2015-09-04 Shelley, Joan Artist homepage  CD MP3 Over and Even No Quarter
2015-05-15 Shelley, Michael Artist homepage   MP3 Jimmy's Corner Confidential Recordings
2015-10-30 Sheppard, T.G. Artist homepage  CD MP3 Legendary Friends & Country Duets Cleopatra
2015-06-08 Sherwood, Michael; Christian Nesmith Artist homepage     Groovy Lemon Pie self
2015-10-16 Shifting Sands, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Cosmic Radio Station Fishrider
2015-04-21 Shinyribs Artist homepage    MP3 Okra Candy Mustard Lid
2015-03-17 Shoebox Letters Artist homepage   MP3 Buckle Up self
2015-06-18 Shondikes, The Artist homepage  CD   Psychotic Make Out Music self
2015-10-16 Shook & The Disarmers, Sarah Artist homepage   MP3 Sidelong self 
2015-11-20 Shovels & Rope Artist homepage CD MP3 Busted Jukebox Volume 1 Dualtone
2015-01-20 Sidekicks, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Runners In The Nerved World Epitaph
2015-05-05 Sideshow Tragedy, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Capital self
2015-04-21 Sinatra, Frank Artist homepage  CD MP3 Ultimate Sinatra UME
2015-04-30 Sipos, Dana Artist homepage CD MP3 Roll Up The Night Muddy Roots
2015-02-17 Sir Lord Von Raven     MP3 The Age of Machines Guitars & Bongos
2015-01-09 Sistak, Tommy Artist homepage CD MP3 Short Songs self
2015-01-09 Sistak, Tommy Artist homepage   MP3 Yeah She Said So / You Can Have Your Way With Me (single) self
2015-07-20 Sistak, Tommy Artist homepage   MP3 A New Day (single) self
2015-10-16 Sistak, Tommy Artist homepage    MP3 A Better Time (single) self
2015-05-19 Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Artist homepage CD MP3 The Weather Below Party Fowl / Thirty Tigers
2015-09-13 Skillet Licorice Artist homepage CD MP3 Skillet Licorice self
2015 Skylarks, The Artist homepage     The Skylarks self
2015-01-20 Sleater-Kinney Artist homepage CD MP3 No Cities To Love Sub Pop
2015-03-30 Sleepwalkers, The Artist homepage     Mortimer b/w Choose Your Own Ending (single) self
2015-06-29 SloBeats featuring Kenny Vaughan Artist homepage   MP3 Shark Country/Burton's Move (single) Sundazed
2015-07-20 Slocan Ramblers, The Artist homepage   MP3 Coffee Creek self
2015-07-31 Small Square, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Small Square LMR Music
2015-10-02 Smash Palace Artist homepage CD MP3 Some Kind of Magic Zip 
2015-04-03 Smile Factory Artist homepage   MP3 There She Is (single) Futureman
2015-08-05 Smith, Hannah Elizabeth Artist homepage    MP3 Moon Sugar self
2015-12-15 Smith, Tex Artist homepage CD MP3 Pink and Black Whippoorwill
2015-01-26 Smokey Angle Shades Artist homepage     Shades of Joy Impossible Ark
2015-09-25 Sneakers Artist homepage  CD MP3 Sneakers (reissue) Omnivore
2015-03-10 So, Kevin Artist homepage   MP3 Countryside Wingbone
2015-04-17 Soap Opera, The Artist homepage     The Soap Opera Howlin Banana Records
2015-03-17 Sol Driven Train Artist homepage     Dance self
2015-06-02 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Artist homepage  CD MP3 The High Country Polyvinyl
2015-10-30 Son Volt Artist homepage CD MP3 Trace (2-CD Expanded) Rhino
2015-04-21 Songs From The Road Band Artist homepage CD MP3 Traveling Show Lucks Dumpy Toad
2015-10-16 Sonicbouquet Artist homepage CD   Secret Garden Blackberry Way
2015-03-31 Sonics, The Artist homepage CD MP3 This Is The Sonics Revox
2015-02-17 Sonny and The Sunsets Artist homepage CD MP3 Talent Night at the Ashram Polyvinyl Records
2015-02-13 Sons Of Morning Artist homepage CD MP3 Sons Of Morning Stereo-Sonic
2015-02-23 Sorry Kisses, The Artist homepage   MP3 Play Along Desert Mine Music
2015-12-19 Soul Gestapo Artist homepage CD MP3 Point of No Return FOLC
2015-02-10 Southern Culture On The Skids & Fred Schneider Artist homepage   MP3 Party At My Trouse Yep Roc
2015-08-28 Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes Artist homepage CD MP3 Soultime Leroy 
2015-03-03 Speace, Amy Artist homepage CD   That Kind of Girl Wind Bone Records
2015-12-07 Speedlights, The Artist homepage    MP3 EP self
2015-03-03 Spence, Caroline Artist homepage   MP3 Somehow self
2015-04-14 Spirit Family Reunion Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hands Together Ingrooves
2015-12-04 Springsteen, Bruce Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Ties That Bind: The River Collection Columbia
2015-03-14 Spuyten Duyvil Artist homepage   MP3 The Social Music Hour Vol. I self
2015-11-13 Squeeze Artist homepage  CD MP3 Cradle to the Grave Love / Virgin EMI
2015-02-17 Stahl & The White Russians, Jackie Artist homepage     Used self
2015-10-30 Stahl and The White Russians, Jackie Artist homepage     Time self
2015-10-09 Stalling, Max Artist homepage  CD MP3 Banquet Blind Nello
2015-06-02 Stamey, Chris Artist homepage CD MP3 Euphoria Yep Roc
2015-11-13 Staple Singers, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Faith and Grace: A Family Journey 1953-1976 [box set] Stax
2015-04-21 Staples, Mavis Artist homepage CD MP3 Your Good Fortune EP Anti
2015-02-17 Staples, Pops Artist homepage CD MP3 Don't Lose This ANTI
2015-05-04 Stapleton, Chris Artist homepage CD MP3 Traveller Mercury Nashville
2015-10-30 Star Trip Artist homepage   MP3 Star Trip Pretty Olivia
2015-03-31 Starr, Ringo Artist homepage CD MP3 Postcards From Paradise UMe
2015-08-07 Statesboro Revue, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Jukehouse Revival Shalley
2015-03-23 Steel Wheels, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Leave Some Things Behind self
2015-06-16 Steeldrivers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Muscle Shoals Recordings Rounder
2015-07-10 Steelism Artist homepage     The Drawing Room Vol. 1 Intoxicating Sounds
2015-06-16 Stelling, Christopher Paul Artist homepage  CD MP3 Labor Against Waste Anti
2015-05-23 Stereo Tiger Artist homepage    MP3 Two Weeks self
2015-03-31 Stevens, Sufjan Artist homepage CD MP3  Carrie & Lowell Asthmatic Kitty
2015-11-06 Stoltz, Kelley Artist homepage CD MP3 In Triangle Time Castle Face
2015-03-17 Stone Jack Jones Artist homepage CD MP3 Love & Torture Western Vinyl
2015-03-17 Stone's Lomax Project, Jayme Artist homepage CD MP3 Jayme Stone's Lomax Project Borealis
2015-01-31 Stoplight Roses, The Artist homepage     The Stoplight Roses self
2015-09-28 Strahan and the Good Neighbors Artist homepage   MP3 Strahan and the Good Neighbors Blood Chili
2015-09-11 Strange Faith Artist homepage  CD MP3 Love & Poverty Tru Thoughts
2015-01-13 Strickland, Lyal Artist homepage CD MP3 Balanced on Barbed Wire self
2015-03-23 Striking Matches Artist homepage CD MP3  Nothing But The Silence Crush / IRS
2015-01-26 Struthers & The Party Line, Nora Jane Artist homepage CD   Wake Blue Pig Music
2015-06-23 Sugar & The Hi Lows Artist homepage    MP3 High Roller Ready Set
2015-04-28 Sugarcane Jane Artist homepage CD MP3 Dirt Road's End ArenA
2015-08-07 Summer Children Artist homepage     Summer Children Karma Frog
2015-06-16 Summer Fiction Artist homepage    MP3 Himalaya self
2015-09-25 Sumner Brothers, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Hell in Your Mind self
2015-08-24 Sunchymes, The Artist homepage    MP3 Present Calliope
2015-10-16 Supersuckers Artist homepage CD MP3 Holdin' The Bag Acetate
2015-03-06 Supertonic Sound Club Artist homepage   MP3 Cracked Up Over You / Love Is A Four Letter Word (single) AMTY Records
2015-05-26 Supraluxe Artist homepage    MP3 Morphine Creek self
2015-03-31 Surf School Dropouts Artist homepage   MP3 Second Nature self
2015-10-22 Surfin' Burritos, The Artist homepage   MP3 King Of The Party self
2015-09-18 Surreal McCoys Artist homepage   MP3 The Howl & The Growl self
2015-09-18 Sweany, Patrick Artist homepage CD MP3 Daytime Turned To Nighttime Nine Mile
2015-05-11 Sweet Spirit Artist homepage    MP3 Sweet Spirit Nine Mile
2015-10-09 Syms, Sara Artist homepage    MP3 Way Back Home Rusted Ruby
2015-10-02 Tages Artist homepage  CD   Go! The Complete Singles RPM
2015-08-10 Tallent Brothers, The Artist homepage     Back On The Old Stuff self
2015-06-02 Talley, Nikki Artist homepage     Out from the Harbor self
2015-10-02 Tarmac Adam Artist homepage   MP3 In Place self
2015-10-16 Taylor, Chip; Carrie Rodriguez Artist homepage  CD MP3 Red Dog Tracks (expanded edition) Train Wreck
2015-11-27 Taylor, Chip; John Prine Artist homepage V   Sixteen Angels Dancing 'Cross the Moon (Vinyl EP) Trainwreck
2015-09-25 Taylor and Friends, Dulcie Artist homepage CD MP3 Wind Over Stone Mesa / Bluemoon
2015-06-16 Taylor, James Artist homepage CD MP3 Before This World Concord
2015-03-31 Taylor, Rachel Artist homepage   MP3 Magnetic self
2015-03-03 Teich, Jessi Artist homepage CD MP3 Twisted Soul Madame Freak
2015-02-03 Temperance Movement, The Artist homepage CD MP3 The Temperance Movement (U.S. release) Fantasy
2015-09-16 Temple 4, The Artist homepage    MP3 The Temple 4 Q-Sounds
2015-04-21 Terry & Louie Artist homepage     Can Ya Tell Me (How Life Goes On) single Tuff Break
2015-12-09 Terry & Louie Artist homepage   MP3 Rebel Ways (single) Tuff Break
2015-02-24 Texas Never Whispers Artist homepage    MP3 Texas Never Whispers self
2015-09-11 Texas Tornados Artist homepage CD   A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada: Prime Cuts 1990-1996 Real Gone
2015-05-12 The Tallest Man On Earth Artist homepage CD MP3  Dark Bird Is Home Dead Oceans
2015-05-26 Theatre Royal Artist homepage    MP3 You Sleep Medlar
2015-04-21 They Might Be Giants Artist homepage CD MP3 Glean Idlewild Recordings
2015-02-10 Thomas, Jefferson Artist homepage CD MP3 Come Alive self
2015-07-29 Thomas & The Volcanos, Jr. Artist homepage    MP3 Get A Hold Of You (single) Truth & Soul
2015-06-23 Thompson, Richard Artist homepage  CD MP3 Still Fantasy
2015-06-19 Those Pretty Wrongs (Jody Stephens & Luther Russell) Artist homepage   MP3 Lucky Guy b/w Fool of Myself (single) Burger
2015-10-30 Three Hour Tour Artist homepage  CD   Action and Heroes Martian
2015-08-21 Thunderbitch (feat. Brittany Howard) Artist homepage   MP3 Thunderbitch self
2015-09-21 Timbs, Seth Artist homepage    MP3 New Personal Record self
2015-02-20 Timmy The Teeth Artist homepage CD MP3 Just Another Day self
2015-03-31 Tingstad, Eric Artist homepage CD MP3 Mississippi Cheshire
2015-10-28 Tor Guides, The Artist homepage   MP3 Honeybees and Tangerines Futureman
2015-10-23 Townson, Greg Artist homepage CD   My Friend The Night self
2015-12-01 Toxic Melons Artist homepage   MP3 Four Play self
2015-07-17 Travel Lanes Artist homepage   MP3 Let's Begin To Start Again self
2015-03-05 Travis, Chandler; David Greenberger Artist homepage CD MP3 Bocce & Bourbon Iddy Biddy
2015-07-10 Triptides Artist homepage  CD MP3 Azur Requiem pour un Twister
2015-06-02 Trooper, Greg Artist homepage CD MP3 Live at the Rock Room 52 Shakes
2015-03-26 Trout Steak Revival Artist homepage   MP3 Brighter Every Day self
2015-10-15 True Stories Artist homepage   MP3 Pop Bickerton
2015-09-25 Turmes, Jeff Artist homepage CD   Wreckage self
2015-10-02 Turnback, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Are We There Yet? self