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2016 A-K Albums  (Click Here to Go To 2016 L-Z)
Release Date Artist


Title Label
2016-11-10 81s with Luella, The Artist homepage   MP3 Big Man 599537
2016-04-29 Above, The Artist homepage   MP3  There Is A Reason Hidden Volume
2016-10-31 Adrian + Meredith Artist homepage     More Than A Little self
2016-01-22 Aimee, Cyrille Artist homepage CD MP3 Let's Get Lost Mack Avenue
2016-09-30 Alguire, Trevor Artist homepage   MP3 Perish in the Light FACTOR
2016-09-09 Allah-Las Artist homepage CD MP3 Calico Review Mexican Summer
2016-09-30 Allen and His Extra Arms, Ryan Artist homepage CD MP3 Basement Punk self
2016-11-04 Allison, Mose   CD   I'm Not Talkin': The Song Stylings of Mose Allison 1957-1971 Ace
2016-03-25 Allyn, Rachel Artist homepage   MP3 Next Year's Girl self
2016-09-09 Ambel, Eric Artist homepage CD MP3 Lakeside Last Chance
2016-06-03 And The Kids Artist homepage CD MP3 Friends Share Lovers Signature Sounds
2016-07-15 Anderson Council, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Assorted Colours Jem
2016-08-19 Andrews, Courtney Marie Artist homepage CD MP3 Honest Life Mama Bird
2016-07-15 Angie and the Deserters Artist homepage   MP3 Blood Like Wine Topanga Canyon
2016-09-16 Angie and the Deserters Artist homepage   MP3 You (single) Topanga Canyon
2016-11-21 American Mars Artist homepage CD MP3 Exposure self
2016-10-07 Angie and the Deserters Artist homepage    MP3 You Topanga Canyon
2016-01-29 Animal Daydream Artist homepage    MP3 Citrus EP Jigsaw
2016-07-05 Armoires, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Incidental Lightshow Black Market Glamour
2016-02-29 Arvidson & Butterflies H   MP3 Arvidson & Butterflies EP self
2016-05-18 Arvidson & Butterflies H CD MP3 Arvidson & Butterflies Ice Cream Man
2016-05-17 Atkins & The Honky
Tonk Kind, Ken
Artist homepage     This Train Sound Job Austin
2016-06-24 Avett Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 True Sadness Republic
2016-09-02 Backtrack Blues Band Artist homepage CD   Way Back Home Harpo
2016-03-17 Bacon, Billy Artist homepage   MP3 High, Wide and Handsome Swine Song
2016-10-28 Baker Combo, Kurt Artist homepage CD MP3 In Orbit Wicked Cool
2016-11-11 Balsam Range Artist homepage CD MP3 Mountain Voodoo Mountain Home
2016-08-19 Barham, BJ Artist homepage CD MP3 Rockingham self
2016-01-11 Barnett, Courtney Artist homepage   MP3 Three Packs a Day (single) Milk!
2016-06-14 Bataan, Joe       Afro-Filipino King of Latin Soul indie
2016-04-15 Batture Boys, The Artist homepage    MP3 Muddy Water self
2016-08-26 Beach Boys, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Becoming The Beach Boys: The Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions Omnivore
2016-04-15 Beam, Sam; Jesca Hoop Artist homepage  CD MP3 Love Letter for Fire Sub Pop
2016-06-01 Beat Parade, The Artist homepage   MP3 Rainy Day (single) self
2016-11-05 Beatifics, The Artist homepage V MP3 How I Learned To Stop Worrying (20th Anniversary Remaster w/ bonus tracks) Grandma Camp
2016/1965 Beau Brummels, The   CD MP3 Introducing The Beau Brummels (reissue) Rarity
2016-09-09 Beckley, Gerry Artist homepage CD MP3 Carousel Blue Elan
2016-03-24 Beebe Gallini Artist homepage   MP3 Need All The Help I Can Get Travis Ramin
2016-04-15 Bell, Glenna Artist homepage   MP3 Lone Star: Songs and Stories Straight from the Heart of Texas self
2016-06-17 Bell, Luke Artist homepage CD MP3 Luke Bell Bill Hill
2016-11-01 Bell, Nathan Artist homepage CD MP3 I Don't Do This For Love, I Do This For Love Stone Barn
2016-06-03 Bell, William Artist homepage CD MP3 This Is Where I Live Stax
2016-10-14 Big Star Artist homepage CD MP3 Complete Third Omnivore
2016-05-27 Big Thief Artist homepage CD MP3 Masterpiece Saddle Creek
2016-03-25 Binion, Terri Artist homepage     The Day After The Night Before self
2016-02-19 Birds Of Chicago Artist homepage CD MP3 Real Midnight Five Head Entertainment
2016-10-21 Birds Of Paradise Artist homepage   MP3 Beehive State / Please Stay (single) Hidden Volume
2016-05-27 Bishop, Bonnie Artist homepage CD MP3 Ain't Who I Was Plan BB
2016-01-01 Black Market Trust, The Artist homepage CD MP3 II self
2016-10-14 Blackberry Smoke Artist homepage CD MP3 Like an Arrow 3 Legged
2016-10-07 Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Artist homepage CD MP3 Kings and Kings File Under: Music
2016-05-13 Blau, Karl Artist homepage CD MP3 Introducing Karl Blau Raven Marching Band
2016-03-04 Blind Lemon Pledge Artist homepage    MP3 Pledge Drive Ofeh
2016-06-17 Blind Owls, The Artist homepage CD MP3 All Day and Night 588986
2016-08-12 Blind Pilot Artist homepage CD MP3 And Then Like Lions ATO
2016-08-05 Block, Porter     MP3 Hard to See Beautiful Team Mensch
2016-11-18 Block, Rory Artist homepage CD   Keepin' Outta Trouble: A Tribute to Bukka White Stony Plain
2016-05-20 Blue Ash Artist homepage CD   15 Number Ones In A Perfect World You Are The Cosmos
2016-09-09 Blue Highway Artist homepage CD MP3 Original Traditional Rounder
2016-11-11 Blue Rodeo Artist homepage CD MP3 1000 Arms TeleSoul
2016-04-29 Bo-Keys, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Heartaches By The Number Omnivore
2016-03-15 Bolger, Chris Artist homepage CD MP3 No Promises self
2016-03-04 Borges, Sarah Artist homepage CD MP3 Good and Dirty Dry Lightning 
2016-05-16 Boys On The Beach Artist homepage   MP3 Addiction EP self
2016-07-08 Boyz and the Beez Artist homepage   MP3 Jukebox self
2016-01-22 Brace, Eric; Peter Cooper Artist homepage  CD MP3 C&O Canal Red Beet
2016-04-01 Bradley, Charles Artist homepage  CD MP3 Changes Daptone
2016-09-23 Bragg, Billy; Joe Henry Artist homepage CD MP3 Shine A Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad Cooking Vinyl
2016-09-30 Bramhall II, Doyle Artist homepage CD MP3 Rich Man Concord
2016-01-22 Brennan, Cait Artist homepage  CD MP3 Debutante Black Market Glamour
2016-02-20 Broken Promise Keeper     MP3 Broken Promise Keeper Dizzy Dog
2016-10-14 Bromberg Band, David Artist homepage CD MP3 The Blues, The Whole Blues, and Nothing But The Blues Red House
2016-01-05 Bronco Bullfrog Artist homepage   MP3 (She's Having) An Existential Crisis (single) Sunstone
2016-05-20 Brookings and the Average Lookings, David Artist homepage   MP3 David Brookings and the Average Lookings self
2016-03-04 Brothers Comatose, The Artist homepage CD MP3 City Painted Gold self
2015-12-11 Brown, Donny Artist homepage    MP3 Donny Brown 571278
2016-04-01 Bruntnell, Peter Artist homepage CD   Nos Da Comrade Domestico
2016-02-19 Bryson, Jim Artist homepage CD MP3 Somewhere We Will Find Our Place Fixed Hinge / Fontana North
2016-05-20 Bucaro, Clarence Artist homepage CD MP3 Pendulum Twenty Twenty
2016-08-18 Buffalo Ruckus, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Peace & Cornbread Shiner
2016-07-25 Building Rockets Artist homepage   MP3 Galapagos Just Like
2016-02-26 Burch, Paul Artist homepage CD  MP3 Meridian Rising Plowboy
2016-06-03 Burcham, Wink Artist homepage CD   Cleveland Summer Nights Horton
2016-06-24 Bush, Sam Artist homepage CD MP3 Storyman Sugar Hill
2016-11-12 Buzzelle and The Academy, Peter Artist homepage CD MP3 Devil Love self
2016-01-22 Cactus Blossoms, The Artist homepage CD MP3 You're Dreaming Red House
2016-08-11 Cain & The Ables, Ryan Artist homepage   MP3 Cupid and the Devil self
2016-11-11 Candles, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Matter + Spirit The End
2016-02-26 Cannon, Toronzo Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Chicago Way Alligator
2016-02-12 Canteri, Cat Artist homepage CD MP3 Late at Night Mountain King Music
2016-07-29 Cantina Artist homepage CD MP3 Sea of Keys We Know Better
2016-05-27 Cantrell, Laura Artist homepage CD MP3 At the BBC: On Air Performances and Recordings 2000-2005 Spit & Polish
2016-09-30 Caper Clowns Artist homepage   MP3 The Buca Bus Gateway Music
2016-05-20 Car Seat Headrest Artist homepage CD MP3 Teens of Denial Matador
2016-04-08 Carll, Hayes Artist homepage  CD MP3 Lovers and Leavers Hwy 87
2016-06-24 Carlos, Bun E. Artist homepage CD MP3 Greetings From Bunezuela! eOne
2016-01-18 Carousels, The Artist homepage   MP3 Lord Speed My Hurricaine / Like a Loaded Gun (single) You Are The Cosmos
2016-05-06 Carpenter, Mary Chapin Artist homepage CD MP3 The Things That We Are Made Of Lambert Light
2016-05-16 Carpenter and The Cuban Heels, Michael Artist homepage CD MP3 Ain't Nothing Left To Say self
2016-10-01 Carpenter, Michael Artist homepage   MP3 SOOP #6 - Songs Of Other People self
2016-01-15 Carrack, Paul Artist homepage CD MP3 Soul Shadows self
2016-09-30 Carroll, Rorey Artist homepage   MP3 Love Is An Outlaw Lo Hi
2016-02-26 Carter, Bill Artist homepage  CD MP3 Innocent Victims and Evil Companions Forty Below
2016-03-07 Cartoon Spirits Artist homepage   MP3 Crustacean self
2016-06-17 case/lang/veirs Artist homepage CD MP3 case/lang/veirs ANTI
2016-06-24 Castle, Jerry Artist homepage   MP3 Not So Soft Landing... My World
2016-01-07 Catbirds, The Artist homepage   MP3 You Still Rule (The Thank You Song) (single) self
2016-02-26 Caudle, Caleb Artist homepage   MP3 Carolina Ghost This Is American Music
2016-10-14 Cauthen, Paul Artist homepage CD MP3 My Gospel Lightning Rod
2016-04-15 Cave States Artist homepage    MP3 True Life self
2016-03-04 Chapell Artist homepage   MP3 The Redhead's Allegations self
2016-03-15 Charlene Artist homepage   MP3 #HoodLove / Mercy (single) Q-Sounds Recordings
2016-09-02 Chatham County Line Artist homepage CD MP3 Autumn Yep Roc
2016-02-27 Cheap Star Artist homepage   MP3 Songs for the Farrelly Brothers Z & zoe
2016-04-01 Cheap Trick Artist homepage CD MP3 Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello Big Machine
2016-09-09 Chicago Farmer Artist homepage   MP3 Midwest Side Stories self
2016-06-03 Ciggie Witch Artist homepage   MP3 Classic Connection Lost and Lonesome
2016-05-20 Clapton, Eric Artist homepage CD MP3 I Still Do Bushbranch/Surfdog
2016-09-16 Clarke and the Wooltones, Rob Artist homepage CD   Are You Wooltoned? Kook Kat Musik
2016-08-19 Coal Men, The Artist homepage   MP3 Pushed to the Side Vaskaleedez
2016-09-16 Coal Porters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 No. 6 Prima
2016-10-07 Cobb, Brent Artist homepage CD MP3 Shine On Rainy Day Low Country Sound
2016-10-21 Cohen, Leonard Artist homepage CD MP3 You Want It Darker Columbia
2016-11-04 Collins & The Beat, Paul H   MP3 One Night Frodis
2016-07-04 Colorworks Artist homepage   MP3 Dreams of Mangoes 592308
2016-06-10 Colvin & Earle Artist homepage CD MP3 Colvin & Earle Fantasy/Concord
2016-07-15 Community Radio Artist homepage CD MP3 Look Now You're Cursed Novella
2016-12-16 Connection, The Artist homepage   MP3 Just for Fun Stop Talking Music
2016-03-25 Convergers, The Artist homepage    MP3 Hang-Dog Hymns Drag Snake
2016-06-17 Cook, Elizabeth Artist homepage CD MP3 Exodus of Venus Agent Love
2016-08-19 Cool Ghouls Artist homepage CD MP3 Animal Races Empty Cellar
2016-10-03 Co-pilgrim Artist homepage   MP3 Ever so well (single) self
2016 Cotton Mather Artist homepage     Child Bride / The Book of Too Late Changes (single) self
2016-07-29 Cotton Mather Artist homepage CD MP3 Death of the Cool Star Apple Kingdom
2016-12-30 Cotton Mather & Nicole Atkins Artist homepage   MP3 Cotton Mather with Nicole Atkins Star Apple Kingdom
2016-08-19 Country Lips Artist homepage   MP3 Till The Daylight Comes self
2016-04-29 Craft, Kyle Artist homepage CD MP3 Dolls of Highland Sub Pop
2016-07-15 Crozer, Mark Artist homepage   MP3 Broken Bones Manifestation Music
2016-09-12 Crozer and The Rels, Mark Artist homepage CD MP3 Sunny Side Down Manifestation Music
2016-02-26 Cullman, Brian Artist homepage CD MP3 The Opposite of Time Sunnyside
2016-05-17 Cupid's Carnival Artist homepage CD MP3 Everything Is Love Cherry
2016-03-25 Currys, The Artist homepage   MP3 West of Here self
2016-08-26 Darling West Artist homepage CD MP3 Vinyl and a Heartache Vestkyst
2016-02-26 Daves, Michael Artist homepage CD MP3 Orchids and Violence Nonesuch
2016-09-09 Davis, Elise Artist homepage CD MP3 The Token Make The Kill
2016-04-01 Dawson, Steve Artist homepage CD MP3 Solid States and Loose Ends Black Hen
2016-09-16 Dayton, Jesse Artist homepage CD MP3 The Revealer Blue Elan
2016-09-26 Dead Horses Artist homepage CD   Cartoon Moon self
2016-05-20 Deadbeat Poets Artist homepage LP   El Camino Real 101 (The Best Of) You Are The Cosmos
2016-05-06 Deck, Jared Artist homepage CD MP3 Jared Deck RED
2016-07-22 Dee and the Snakehandlers, Ruby Artist homepage CD   Little Black Heart Catty Town
2016-05-14 Deer, The Artist homepage   MP3 Tempest & Rapture Owl Bum
2016-06-15 Del Zorros, The H   MP3 Singles self
2016-01-25 Delancey, Violet Artist homepage   MP3 When the Clock Strikes Midnight self
2016-08-19 Delevante, Bob Artist homepage CD MP3 Valley of Days Relay
2016-05-20 Dennen, Brett Artist homepage CD MP3 Por Favor New Elektra
2016-08-26 Devil Makes Three, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Redemption & Ruin New West
2016-12-09 Devine and The Hi-Beams, Gerry H   MP3 Fire Lane (remastered with bonus tracks) P.O.J.
2016-10-19 Diamond Hands Artist homepage LP MP3 Diamond Hands You Are The Cosmos
2016-02-05 Dickinson, Luther Artist homepage  CD MP3 Blues & Ballads (A Folksinger's Songbook), Vol. I & II New West
2016-03-04 DiFebbo, Justin Artist homepage   MP3 Skin and Bones self
2016-07-15 DiLego, Don Artist homepage CD MP3 Magnificent Ram A Velvet Elk
2016-02-12 Dissard, Marianne Artist homepage  CD MP3 Cibola Gold: Best of 2008-2015 self
2016-10-14 Doc Vinegar Artist homepage   MP3 Live at Lollipop self
2016-09-13 Doctorow, Caroline Artist homepage   MP3 Dreaming in Vinyl Narrow Lane
2016-09-02 Dodgy Artist homepage CD MP3 What Are We Fighting For Cherry Red
2016-04-29 Doe, John Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Westerner Cool Rock
2016-02-05 Doillon, Lou Artist homepage CD MP3 Lay Low Verve
2016-09-27 Dots, The Artist homepage   MP3 Island In The Sun self
2016-03-15 Doucet, Michael; Tom Rigney Artist homepage CD MP3 Cajun Fandango Parhelion
2016-04-20 Doughboys, The Artist homepage      Rock On (single) Ram Records
2016-10-14 Down Harrison Artist homepage   MP3 Down Harrison Rootsy
2016-03-18 Downtown Mystic Artist homepage    MP3 Downtown Nashville Sha-La Music
2016-07-22 Downtown Mystic Artist homepage    MP3 Rock 'n' roll Romantic Sha-La Music
2016-02-05 Dr. Dog Artist homepage  CD MP3 The Psychedelic Swamp Anti
2016-04-29 Draper, Linda Artist homepage   MP3 Modern Day Decay self
2016-01-29 Draper, Terry Artist homepage   MP3 Searching self
2016-06-10 Dreaming Spires (& friends), The Artist homepage   MP3 The Dreaming Spires & At The Helm Records Present Paisley Overground At The Helm
2016-02-05 Dressy Bessy Artist homepage  CD MP3 Kingsized Yep Roc
2016-11-04 Driftwood Artist homepage     City Lights self
2016-02-26 Driscoll, Joe; Sekou Kouyate Artist homepage   MP3 Tokira (single) Cumbancha
2016-09-30 Drive-By Truckers Artist homepage CD MP3 American Band ATO
2016-01-18 Dropkick Artist homepage   MP3 Balance The Light Bonus EP self
2016-03-25 Dropkick Artist homepage CD MP3 Balance The Light Rock Indiana
2016-05-06 Drucker, Jonny Artist homepage   MP3 Jonny Drucker Bandit Susan
2016-11-18 Dryer Artist homepage   MP3 Bright Moon, Bright Sun EP self
2016-12-23 Drywall Heels, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Drywall Heels EP self
2016-12-05 Dublin City Rounders, The Artist homepage CD MP3 It Used To Be About The Money BeardFire Music
2016-09-23 Dustaphonics, The Artist homepage   MP3 Johnny & Bo Dirty Water
2016-04-17 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage     Melancholy Mood EP Columbia
2016-05-20 Dylan, Bob Artist homepage CD MP3 Fallen Angels Columbia
2016-07-15 Earls Of Leicester, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Rattle & Roar Rounder
2016-09-02 Easton, Tim Artist homepage CD MP3 American Fork Last Chance
2016-09-16 Edison Artist homepage CD MP3 Familiar Spirit Rhyme & Reason
2016-06-06 Egge & The Sentimentals, Ana Artist homepage   MP3 Say That Now Grace
2016-06-24 Eggs Over Easy Artist homepage CD MP3 Good 'N' Cheap: The Eggs Over Easy Story Yep Roc
2016-05-15 El Palacio De Linares Artist homepage   MP3 Ataque de Amor Pretty Olivia
2016-05-06 Eldred Trio, Mike Artist homepage CD MP3 Baptist Town Great Western
2016-04-01 Elephant Revival Artist homepage CD MP3 Petals Itz Evolving
2016-09-16 Elephant Stone Artist homepage CD MP3 Ship of Fools Elephants on Parade
2016-06-03 Ellis, Robert Artist homepage CD MP3 Robert Ellis New West
2016-04-08 Erelli, Mark Artist homepage   MP3 For a Song self
2016-02-05 Escondido Artist homepage    MP3 Walking with a Stranger Kill Canyon
2016-10-28 Escovedo, Alejandro Artist homepage CD MP3 Burn Something Beautiful Fantasy
2016-01-15 Escovedo, Javier Artist homepage  CD MP3 Kicked Out Of Eden Saustex
2016-05-19 Estepa, & The Tempe Two, Bryan Artist homepage CD MP3 Every Little Thing Lilystars
2016-07-22 Et Tu Bruce Artist homepage   MP3 Et Tu Bruce self
2016-10-07 Etheridge, Melissa Artist homepage CD MP3 Memphis Rock and Soul Concord
2016-08-18 Evans, John Artist homepage CD MP3 Polyester Splice
2016-08-12 Evening Bell Artist homepage   MP3 Dying Stars self
2016-05-03 Everydays, The Artist homepage     When It's All Over self
2016-09-30 Evian, Sam Artist homepage CD MP3 Premium Saddle Creek
2016-06-24 Explorers Club, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Together Goldstar
2016-09-30 EZTV Artist homepage CD MP3 High in Place Captured Tracks
2016-05-20 Fallon Cush Artist homepage CD MP3 Bee in Your Bonnet self
2016-09-09 Farewell Milwaukee Artist homepage   MP3 FM self
2016-04-22 Farmington Hill Artist homepage   MP3 More Rock Than Eagle Block self
2016-09-23 Favorite Things, The Artist homepage   MP3 Coming Clean self
2016-06-10 Fay, Kalyn Artist homepage CD MP3 Bible Belt Horton
2016-06-10 Faye & The Fayettes, Charlie Artist homepage CD MP3 Charlie Faye & The Fayettes self
2016-04-25 Feddersen, Robert Rolfe Artist homepage     My Terri Ann self
2016-06-24 Felice Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Life in the Dark Yep Roc
2016-11-04 Fields & The Expressions, Lee Artist homepage CD MP3 Special Night Big Crown
2016-05-13 Figgs, The Artist homepage   MP3 On The Slide Stomper 
2016-10-14 Flat Five, The Artist homepage CD MP3 It's A World Of Love And Hope Bloodshot
2016-09-02 Fleshtones, The H CD MP3 The Band Drinks For Free Yep Roc
2016-07-18 Floor Models, The Artist homepage   MP3 Live from Liverpool POJ
2016-11-23 Flywheels, The Artist homepage CD MP3 I'm For The Flowers Mystery Lawn
2016-05-27 FootFall Artist homepage   MP3 Whiskey Soaked Heart self
2016-09-16 Ford, Elijah Artist homepage CD MP3 As You Were Nine Mile
2016-10-14 Ford and the Neptune Blues Club, Marc Artist homepage   MP3 The Vulture self
2016-08-05 Forlorn Strangers Artist homepage     Forlorn Strangers self
2016-03-27 Forresters, The     MP3 The Forresters self
2016-06 Forresters, The       EP self
2016-04-15 Forty Nineteens, The Artist homepage     Rebooted self
2016-06-24 Forz, The Artist homepage   MP3 Running From The Past self
2016-10-05 Foster, Radney Artist homepage   MP3 All That I Require (single) Devil's River
2016-01-01 Four Chords, The Artist homepage   MP3 The Four Chords self
2016-10-15 Franco, Paulo Artist homepage CD MP3 The Last Card self
2016-02-01 FrazierBand Artist homepage    MP3 Some People Change self
2016-02-05 Freakwater Artist homepage CD MP3 Scheherazad Bloodshot
2016-02-05 Freeman, Dori Artist homepage  CD MP3 Dori Freeman Free Dirt
2016-01-22 Friedberger, Eleanor Artist homepage  CD MP3 New View French Kiss
2016-09-02 Frightnrs, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Nothing More to Say Daptone
2016-01-29 Frisell, Bill Artist homepage  CD MP3 When You Wish Upon A Star Okeh
2016-10-14 Fritz, Jonny Artist homepage CD MP3 Sweet Creep ATO
2016-05-13 Fruit Bats Artist homepage CD MP3 Absolute Loser Easy Sound/Welk
2016-04-22 Fruition Artist homepage CD MP3 Labor of Love Randm
2016-04-01 Fulks, Robbie Artist homepage  CD MP3 Upland Stories Bloodshot
2016-06-10 Fuller, Wesley Artist homepage   MP3 Melvista 1965
2016-11-04 Gale, Mike; Ilona V Artist homepage   MP3 Dream Pool Battle Worldwide
2016-07-22 Gallardo, Don Artist homepage CD MP3 Hickory Southern Carousel
2016-09-23 Gerner, Liam Artist homepage CD   Land Of No Roads Creative Victoria
2016-04-01 Gibson, Laura Artist homepage CD MP3 Empire Builder Barsuk
2016-11-04 Girls Guns & Glory Artist homepage   MP3 Love And Protest self
2016-06-17 Glaspy, Margaret Artist homepage CD MP3 Emotions and Math ATO
2016-05-20 Gleasons Drift Artist homepage   MP3 Gleasons Drift Blind Pigeon
2016-04-05 Gleeson Artist homepage   MP3 Curse My Lucky Stars Almost There
2016-01-29 Golden Bloom Artist homepage    MP3 Searching for Sunlight Rhyme & Reason
2016-04-18 Gota, Colman Artist homepage   MP3 Tape Buchipluma
2016-10-02 Gow, Matt Joe Artist homepage CD MP3 Seven Years Essence Group
2016-03-25 Grahams, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Glory Bound Deluxe Edition CEN
2016-10-14 Granger, Courtney Artist homepage CD   Beneath Still Waters Valcour
2016-10-07 Grant, Tyler Artist homepage   MP3 Earth and Wood Grant Central
2016-04-08 Great American Canyon Band Artist homepage CD MP3 Only You Remain Six Degrees
2016-04-26 Great Outdoors Artist homepage   MP3 Dad's Oasis Popfrenzy
2016-07-15 Green Pajamas, The Artist homepage   MP3 If You Knew What I Dreamed...Play The Jeff Kelly Songbook Green Monkey
2016-07-08 Green, Travis Artist homepage   MP3 A Little Too Late self
2016-06-17 Greenberger, David; Keith Spring; Dinty Child Artist homepage CD   Take Me Where I Don't Know I Am PelPel Recordings
2016-09-23 Greensky Bluegrass Artist homepage CD MP3 Shouted, Written Down & Quoted Big Blue Zoo
2016-10-28 Grelle, Jack Artist homepage CD MP3 Got Dressed Up To Be Let Down Big Muddy
2016-05-13 Gretchen's Wheel Artist homepage CD MP3 Behind the Curtain self
2016-08-26 Gros, John Papa Artist homepage CD MP3 River's On Fire Funky Krewe
2016-02-08 Grushecky, Joe Artist homepage  CD MP3 It's In My Song Schoolhouse
2016-01-22 Gunther Brown Artist homepage    MP3 North Wind self
2016-04-15 Hackensaw Boys Artist homepage CD   Charismo Free Dirt
2016-01-22 Half Japanese Artist homepage  CD MP3 Perfect Joyful Noise Recordings
2016-04-08 Halfway Artist homepage   MP3 The Golden Halfway Record ABC / Plus One
2016-08-22 Hamblin, Chase Artist homepage   MP3 Fools (single) self
2016-10-07 Hammond, John Artist homepage CD   Mirrors Real Gone
2016-10-28 Hancock, Wayne Artist homepage CD MP3 Slingin' Rhythm Bloodshot
2016-07-01 Handle, The Artist homepage   MP3 Last Stop, Scroadsville! self
2016-09-16 Handsome Family, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Unseen Milk & Scissors
2016-03-11 Hanging Stars, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Over The Silvery Lake Crimson Crow
2016-08-01 Happiless Artist homepage   MP3 Happiless self
2016-05-13 Hard Working Americans Artist homepage CD MP3 Rest in Chaos Melvin
2016-10-21 Harmed Brothers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 A Lovely Conversation Fluff and Gravy
2016-04-08 Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Ben Artist homepage CD MP3 Call It What It Is Stax
2016-03-04 Harris, Brett Artist homepage CD MP3 Up in the Air Hit The Deck
2016-08-19 Hayes, Sean Artist homepage CD MP3 Low Light self
2016-05-20 Hazzard, Tony Artist homepage LP   Tony Hazzard Sings Tony Hazzard (reissue) You Are The Cosmos
2016-03-25 Healey, Jeff Artist homepage  CD MP3 Heal My Soul Provogue
2016-01-12 Hector and the Leaves Artist homepage   MP3 Little Bee self
2016-06-14 Herington, Jon Artist homepage   MP3 Adult Entertainment self
2016-10-21 Hickoids Artist homepage CD MP3 The Out of Towners Saustex
2016-01-22 High Llamas, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Here Come the Rattling Trees Drag City
2016-04-22 Higher State, The Artist homepage   MP3 Volume 27 13 O'Clock
2016-09-01 Hill, Arty Artist homepage CD MP3 Live: Church on Saturday Night self
2016-03-18 Hillis, Cliff Artist homepage   MP3 Love Not War TallBoy
2016-02-15 Hinely, Donal Artist homepage CD MP3 Dark Horse Days Scuffletown
2016-04-22 Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers Artist homepage CD   Ugly Mobile Dirty Water
2016-10-07 Hiss Golden Messenger Artist homepage CD MP3 Heart Like A Levee Merge
2016-07-29 Hoey, Gary Artist homepage CD MP3 Dust & Bones Provogue
2016-04-22 Hoke, Derek Artist homepage   MP3 Southern Moon Little Hollywood
2016-02-12 Holcombe, Malcolm Artist homepage  CD MP3 Another Black Hole Gypsy Eyes Music
2016-10-07 Holk & The Sequins, John Artist homepage   MP3 Where You Going self
2016-01-16 Holland, Royal Artist homepage   MP3 Volume Three: Program self
2016-08-26 Hollis Brown Artist homepage   MP3 Cluster of Pearls Alive
2016-05-20 Honeycutters, The Artist homepage CD MP3 On the Ropes Organic
2016-04-15 Honeydogs, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Love & Cannibalism Simon
2016-10-28 Hoots & Hellmouth Artist homepage     In The Trees  
2016-06-14 Humphreys Electric Trio, Greg Artist homepage   MP3 Lucky Guy Phrex
2016-09-16 Hunter & The Rant Band, Ian Artist homepage CD MP3 Fingers Crossed JJM
2016-02-05 Hunter Six, The James Artist homepage  CD MP3 Hold On! Daptone
2016-08-12 Hymn For Her Artist homepage CD MP3 Drive Til U Die self
2016-01-22 I Don't Cares, The [P. Westerberg / J. Hatfield] Artist homepage CD MP3 Wild Stab Dry Wood
2016-02-26 Idle Talk Artist homepage    MP3 Reaction EP Detour
2016-03-18 Iggy Pop Artist homepage  CD MP3 Post Pop Depression Loma Vista Recordings
2016-06-02 Inbetween Days, The Artist homepage   MP3 Stranger Than Strangers self
2016-10-29 Inbetween Days, The Artist homepage   MP3 Have You Seen Her? (single) self
2016-02-05 Infamous Stringdusters, The Artist homepage  CD MP3 Ladies & Gentlemen Compass
2016-08-26 Ingram, Jack Artist homepage CD MP3 Midnight Motel Rounder
2016-04-26 Insley, Dave Artist homepage   MP3 Just The Way That I Am DIR
2016-06-10 Isakov, Gregory Alan Artist homepage CD MP3 Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony Suitcase Town
2016-03-04 Ivers, Eileen Artist homepage  CD MP3 Beyond the Bog Road eOne
2016-11-04 James, Jim Artist homepage CD MP3 Eternally Even ATO
2016-10-07 Jamestown Revival Artist homepage CD MP3 The Education of a Wandering Man Universal
2016-10-12 Jamison, Henry Artist homepage   MP3 The Rains EP Akira
2016-04-15 Jane Lee Hooker Artist homepage  CD MP3 No B! Ruf
2016-03-01 Jangle Band, The Artist homepage   MP3 Edge of a Dream Pretty Olivia
2016-04-01 Japanese Breakfast Artist homepage   MP3 Psychopomp Yellow K
2016-06-17 Jarosz, Sarah Artist homepage CD MP3 Undercurrent Sugar Hill
2016-09-02 Jay, Dennis Artist homepage   MP3 Western & Country Linkhorn
2016-04-29 Jayhawks, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Paging Mr. Proust Thirty Tigers 
2016-10-07 Jenny O. Artist homepage   MP3 Work Holy Trinity
2016-08-05 Jeremy & The Harlequins Artist homepage CD MP3 Into The Night Yep Roc
2016-08-12 Jinks, Cody Artist homepage CD MP3 I'm Not The Devil self
2016-12-16 John Sally Ride, The Artist homepage   MP3 Not Taking Credit (single) self
2016-01-26 Johnny Flame and the Jaws of Victory Artist homepage   MP3 Be Good To Me (single) self
2016-02-03 Johnny Flame and the Jaws of Victory Artist homepage   MP3 Cobalt and Chrome self
2016-10-14 Jonas, Karen Artist homepage CD MP3 Country Songs self
2016-07-01 Jones & The Indications, Durand Artist homepage CD MP3 Durand Jones & The Indications Colemine
2016-10-07 Jones, Norah Artist homepage CD MP3 Day Breaks Blue Note
2016-08-19 Jones & The Dap-Kings, Sharon Artist homepage CD MP3 Miss Sharon Jones! (Soundtrack) Daptone
2016-08-26 Joseph Artist homepage CD MP3 I'm Alone, No You're Not ATO
2016-01-01 Junebug Artist homepage CD MP3 Pongo Vs Corporate Vampires self
2016-01-01 Junebug Artist homepage CD MP3 Power Pop Compilation Album self
2016-06-27 Junipers, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Red Bouquet Fair self
2016-09-09 Juvenilia Artist homepage   MP3 Juvenilia Pretty Olivia
2016 Karch, Adam Artist homepage     Moving Forward Disques Bros
2016-03-18 K-Doe, Ernie   CD   Don't Kill My Groove: The Complete Duke Singles 1964-1970 Playback
2016-02-26 Keel, Larry Artist homepage   MP3 Experienced self
2016-11-18 Keen, Robert Earl Artist homepage CD MP3 Live Dinner Reunion Dualtone
2016-04-23 Kelly, Paul Artist homepage CD MP3 Seven Sonnets & A Song Cooking Vinyl
2016-10-07 Kelly, Paul; Charlie Owen Artist homepage CD MP3 Death's Dateless Night Cooking Vinyl
2016-04-29 Kenney, Mo Artist homepage   MP3 In My Dreams self
2016-11-04 Kentucky Headhunters, The Artist homepage CD   On Safari Plowboy
2016-05-16 Kerosene Stars Artist homepage   MP3 A Million Little Trees self
2016-02-05 Kershaw, Doug   CD  MP3 Anthology: Rare Masters 1958 to 1969 Goldenlane
2016-08-13 Kickstand Band, The Artist homepage   MP3 Summer Dream EP self
2016-02-27 King In Mirrors, The Artist homepage   MP3 Talk About Today self
2016-10-07 King Band, The Marcus Artist homepage CD MP3 The Marcus King Band Concord
2016-09-09 King Cuddy Artist homepage   MP3 Self-Titled self
2016-06-18 King Mixer Artist homepage CD MP3 Hang On Soothing Throat Discs
2016-06-03 Kinks, The Artist homepage CD MP3 Everybody's in Show-Biz (Legacy Edition) Legacy
2016-08-26 Kirchen, Bill; Austin DeLone Artist homepage CD MP3 Transatlantica Red House
2016-01-22 Kitchell, Sonya Artist homepage CD MP3 We Come Apart Rockwood Music Hall / Thirty Tigers
2016-09-26 Klauder, Caleb; Reeb Willms Artist homepage   MP3 Innocent Road self
2016-10-14 Knight and The Lakers, Sonny Artist homepage     Sooner or Later Secret Stash
2016-03-22 Kraft Trio, Robert Artist homepage   MP3 Gotta Have You (single) self
2016-09-23 Kweskin, Jim; Geoff Muldaur Artist homepage CD MP3 Penny's Farm Kingswood
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