Luther Russell’s “Medium Cool”

2019 Album of the Year Candidate

On his new album “Medium Cool” (dropping February 22, 2019 on Fluff & Gravy), Luther Russell mixes jangly rock ‘n roll chock full of swagger and youthful exuberance with beautiful ballads exuding tenderness and vulnerability, coming as close to capturing the vibe of Big Star’s first two albums (“#1 Record” and “Radio City”) as any album I’ve ever heard.  Like those classics, “Medium Cool” is largely a celebration of rock ‘n roll and, by default, youth.  To boot, the ten originals, masterfully sequenced, clock in at just under 36 minutes — suited for vinyl like it’s 1972.  But, this record is way more than a nostalgic tribute to the legacy of Big Star.  Youthfulness, after all, is a state of mind, and, in that regard, this set is as vital as any release of the last decade.  To those critics inclined to dismiss “Medium Cool” as juvenile or derivative, I say loosen up – don’t be such a fun-sponge.  You may as well dismiss the entire rock ‘n roll canon.  –  Cat

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