Airplay Chart Tool Tips


GENERAL: The RFA Airplay Chart identifies new releases with 3 or more spins for the week. Adds to the chart are highlighted in green. (Note: Albums with advance singles in rotation may appear as an add on two separate occasions – first, when the single is added; second, when the album is added to rotation.)

HIDDEN (+) COLUMNS: Some columns will be “hidden” on mobile devices. View the hidden columns by clicking the “+” sign for a given row.

ENTRIES (ROWS) PER PAGE: By default, 50 entries are displayed. Use the SHOW __ENTRIES drop down tool to display fewer, more, or all entries.

SORT: By default, the database is sorted by Spins in descending order (highest number first). You can re-sort the database by Rank (if not hidden), Artist, Title, Label (if not hidden), Spins, or Add (if not hidden). To sort in ascending order, click the arrow in a given column so that it points upwards. To sort in descending order, click the arrow so that it points downwards.

SEARCH: Search by entering text in the SEARCH block. If you filter the database before searching (see below), only the filtered results will be searched.

FILTER: Filter the Artist, Title, or Label (if not hidden) columns by entering text in the blank space provided in the first row beneath the column headings.