Library Tool Tips


HIDDEN (+) COLUMNS:  Some columns will be “hidden” on mobile devices.  View the hidden columns by clicking the “+” sign for a given row.

SORT:  By default, the database is sorted by Release Date in descending order (most recent first).  You can re-sort the database by Release Date, Artist, Title, or Label (if not hidden).  To sort in ascending order, click the arrow in a given column so that it points upwards.  To sort in descending order, click the arrow so that it points downwards.

SEARCH:  Search by entering text in the SEARCH block.  If you filter the database before searching (see below), only the filtered results will be searched.

FILTER:  Filter the Release Date, Artist, Title, or Label (if not hidden) columns by entering text in the blank space provided in the first row beneath the column headings.

PAGE SCROLLING:  Only 50 rows are displayed per page.  With 20,000 database entries, this means there are hundreds of pages.  You can scroll through pages manually by clicking back (<< or <), forward (> or >>), or specific page numbers located at the bottom of the table.