Playlist Help


AUTO REFRESH:  ‘Now Playing’ is auto-refreshed every 30 seconds and ‘Recently Played’ is auto-refreshed every 2.5 minutes.  The time it takes to refresh depends on internet connection speed.

PROBLEMS REFRESHING / MANUAL REFRESH:  Auto-refresh can be disrupted (1) by allowing your display/screen/browser to timeout or go to sleep; (2) when switching networks.  To resume, manually refresh your browser window.

OPTIMIZE:  To optimize performance, adjust your device’s display settings so that the screen does not timeout or go to sleep.

AMAZON:  To purchase (or sample) from Amazon, click the album art or the Amazon icon.  The Amazon links are generated in real time based on the stream’s metadata and, in some cases, are unavailable.  Check out our searchable Library for permanent links to purchase music.