Search and Filter All Songs Played


SORT:  By default, the database is sorted by Artist in ascending order.  You can re-sort the database by any column.  To sort in ascending order, click the arrow in a given column so that it points upwards.  To sort in descending order, click the arrow so that it points downwards.

SEARCH:  Search by entering text in the SEARCH block.  If you filter the database before searching (see below), only the filtered results will be searched.

FILTER:  Filter the Artist, Title, Album, or Year (+) columns by entering text in the blank space provided in the first row beneath the column headings.

HIDDEN (+) COLUMNS:  If you have a narrow screen display, some columns will be hidden.  Hidden columns cannot be sorted or filtered.  View the hidden columns by clicking the “+” sign for a given row.

PAGE SCROLLING:  100 songs played (rows) are displayed per page.  With thousands of songs played each week, this means there are dozens of pages.  You can scroll through pages manually by clicking back (<< or <), forward (> or >>), or specific page numbers located at the bottom of the table.