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Put your hoops brackets aside and check out the newly published RFA Airplay Chart at https://t.co/Pyz1pvUreo. Here's a few of the 270 new recordings on this week's chart:

Tip: All of The Pernice Brothers' Ashmont recordings are now available on Bandcamp. You should own every PB or Joe Pernice record. it's just that simple. @JPernicious

Yours, Mine & Ours, by Pernice Brothers

10 track album


TGIF. Tell the boss to go screw. Take the day off and shop for music using the newly published RFA Airplay Chart (https://t.co/Pyz1pvUreo) as your guide. Includes 270 new recordings. Here's a few of the top spinners...

The RFA Airplay Chart through March 7th has been published at https://t.co/Pyz1pvUreo. Let it be your guide to buy music (and support artists), as it includes 260+ new recordings with links. Here's some of the top spinners for the week...

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