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'Sings for the King' by @GlenCampbell (Capitol/Ume) ***** Ridiculously fab demos recorded by the Wrecking Crew stalwart from 1964-1968 specifically for Elvis Presley to hear, with the hopes of finding hits. Out today @ https://t.co/szpmcAfiWr

The RFA Airplay Chart for the 7 days ending November 15, 2018 has been published at https://t.co/Pyz1pvUreo and includes over 250 new recordings with links to sample/purchase.

I saw Mitch McConnell issued a plea for bipartisanship??!?? At first I thought it was a joke - an article from @TheOnion or a bit from @StephenAtHome. Then I realized the English language needs a better synonym for chutzpah.

Why do we say “Wins-day” (actually, “WINS-dee” in the South) and not “Wed-nes-day”? We solve this and help you over the hump at . Tune in.

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