Mobile App Help

Update / Uninstall / Reinstall

If you need to update or uninstall/reinstall the Radio Free Americana Mobile App, you can do so at one of the following links:

Google Play Store (Android)

Install Note:  When first opening the app after installing on an Android device, you will be asked:  "Stop optimizing battery usage?"  Select "ALLOW".

If you select "DENY", when your device is not connected to a power source and you allow the screen to go dark, the app will stop playing music after 5 minutes of inactivity.  This is due to a battery-saving feature introduced by Android beginning with Version 6.  Selecting "ALLOW" lets the Radio Free Americana app run in the background, not restricting its battery usage.

Apple iTunes Store (iOS)

Amazon Store (Fire)

Stream Selection

By default, the RFA Mobile App will play our 64kbps AAC+ stream when you click "Listen Now". If you prefer to listen to the 128kbps MP3 stream, you can access it via the app's drop-down box in the bottom right corner of the "Listen Now" screen.

When listening on your mobile device over a cellular network, we recommend the 64kbps AAC+ stream.  Because it requires less bandwidth, (1) it will be the most reliable option on networks with limited capacity, and (2) it will conserve data usage (possibly saving you money if your data plan is limited).  Importantly, an AAC+ stream at 64kbps sounds nearly the same as a MP3 stream at 128kbps.


By clicking the "Contact" icon in the mobile app, you can send us a message.  Please note, however, that the mobile app only provides for one-way correspondence.  We cannot reply via the mobile app.  Therefore, if you seek a reply, please enter your email address in the message.

Need More Help?

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