Desktop & Home Listening

For listeners who bookmark the 128kbps stream URL in their music player, you will need to confirm that you are using the following stream URL: If your current bookmark is in the form of a numeric IP address, you will need to change it as a result of a recent server migration.

RFA Web Players:

From the main menu at the top of the page, hover over “LISTEN NOW!” and select one of the following:

  • 128kbps MP3 Stream
  • 64kbps AAC+ Stream

You have the option of opening either stream player in a popup window or a full-sized web page.

Web player features include:

  • Compatibility with all browsers and devices (including mobile)
    • some browsers may prevent auto-play, requiring you to click the play arrow
  • Instant-loading live playlist displaying the last 10+ songs played
    • accessible in the popup player by clicking the “last played” icon (left of the mute/volume control)
  • Album artwork
  • Amazon & iTunes purchase links

Our 128kbps MP3 stream offers superior sound quality.  Our 64kbps AAC+ stream sounds nearly the same at half the bit rate, accommodating listeners with limited bandwidth.

Disclaimer:  RFA web players include display ads.  These ads are required by the developer (who is solely responsible for the placement of ads) in order to offset development and maintenance costs.  RFA receives no revenue from these ads nor does RFA endorse any of the advertisers or their products or services.  In any event, ads do not interrupt the audio stream.

3rd Party External Players:

Click to play RFA with an installed player…

Winamp Listen Link Listen via iTunes Listen via VLC Media Player

Need to install one of these players?  Download below…

Download Winamp Download iTunes Download VLC Media Player

RFA on TuneIn:

RFA on TuneIn

More Help / RFA Stream URL:

Still need help tuning in?  Contact us and we’ll help you get it sorted.  For many audio devices, tuning in is as easy as entering the stream URL, which we’re happy to provide on request.

Mobile Listening Help