Mobile Listening

Get the RFA Mobile App (free):

Google Play Store (Android)

Apple iTunes Store (iOS)

Amazon Store (Fire)

For proper function, please select “ALLOW” if prompted for any permissions during app installation.

Following are screenshots (resized for display purposes) of the RFA Mobile App:

RFA Mobile App Screenshot 1   RFA Mobile App Screenshot 2

By default, the RFA Mobile App will play our 64kbps AAC+ stream when you click “Listen Now”. If you prefer to listen to the 128kbps MP3 stream, you can access it via the app’s drop-down box (see illustration above).

When listening on your mobile device over a cellular network, we recommend the 64kbps AAC+ stream.  Because it requires less bandwidth, (1) it will be the most reliable option on networks with limited capacity, and (2) it will conserve data usage (possibly saving you money if your data plan is limited).  Importantly, an AAC+ stream at 64kbps sounds nearly the same as a MP3 stream at 128kbps.

IMPORTANT:  By clicking the “Contact” icon in the mobile app, you can send us a message.  Please note, however, that the mobile app only provides for one-way correspondence.  We cannot reply via the mobile app.  Therefore, if you seek a reply, please enter your email address in the message.

RFA Web Players:

From your mobile device, click the web player link below…


Once opened, you will see a drop-down arrow at the top of the player which allows you to toggle between the RFA 64kbps AAC+ Stream or the RFA 128kbps MP3 Stream depending on your preference.  Please note that some browsers may prevent auto-play, requiring you to click the play arrow.

Important note:  if you experience buffering with one stream, try the other stream.  One stream (64kbps AAC+ or 128kbps MP3) may perform better than the other, depending on your browser, your network, or the current RFA server status.  As for sound quality, 64kbps AAC+ and 128kbps MP3 are nearly identical, even though the 64kbps AAC+ stream requires half the bandwidth.

Web player features include:

  • Instant-loading live playlist displaying the last 10+ songs played
    • accessible in the popup player by clicking the “last played” icon (left of the mute/volume control)
  • Album artwork
  • Amazon & Apple Music purchase links

Disclaimer:  RFA web players include display ads.  These ads are required by the developer (who is solely responsible for the placement of ads) in order to offset development and maintenance costs.  RFA receives no revenue from these ads nor does RFA endorse any of the advertisers or their products or services.  In any event, ads do not interrupt the audio stream.

TuneIn Users:

TuneIn users can listen via the TuneIn app HERE.

More Help:

Still need help tuning in? Contact us and we’ll help you get it sorted.

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